Energy Healing Training with Certificate – Channel Light and Color into the Chakras

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In ancient Egypt, the healers channeled light and color through their hands to heal people.

This online Energy Healing training course is for anyone who wants to know more about energy and how to work with it, raise your vibration, and heal yourself and others. It can be accessed anytime once you register and you can go through the course at your own pace.

Energy healing can be used on your children, pets, parents, friends and loved-ones as well as clients, if you choose to become a practitioner. It works with everything from headaches, stomach aches, sore knees, painful periods and back aches to dementia, cancer and more. You can also use it on yourself to open your own chakras or support organs and meridians. Learning how to channel energy will serve you for the duration of your life.

“Working with energy will raise your vibration so you can create the life of your dreams.”

Do you want to become an energy healing practitioner? Are you ready to transform your life and help others on their healing journey? This Energy Healing Training course provides a certificate upon completion so that you can start your own practice to serve others.

This modality is known as vibrational energy healing or chromotherapy where the practitioner balances the chakras, or energy centers, by channeling color and light through the hands. When we balance and align our chakras, we can access all of ourselves to create our best life.

This course can change your life for the better – by linking you with your Higher Self. We connect with our Higher Self and Team of Light and allow them to guide us in our healing practice. We become conduits for healing light to flow through us.

Channeling energy raises our vibration which changes our DNA and RNA, builds our light body and aligns us with the truth of who we are. When we learn to communicate with our soul and the beings of light in the higher realms, we open ourselves up to our higher path of service.

In this course you will learn:

  • How to Connect with your Higher Self and Team of Light
  • About our chakras and subtle body layers
  • About your energy fields and aura
  • How to use a pendulum to assess the health of the chakras
  • How to channel color and light through your hands to balance chakras
  • Which colors to use for healing
  • How to set up a sacred space
  • How to protect your field
  • How to cut cords connecting you to others to stop energy leaks
  • How to do a long distance healing
  • How to clear non-beneficial entities
  • How to rebalance your own energy field to build your light body
  • How to work with the Beings of Light and your team to heal
  • How to work with crystals and oils

This course offers 40 online and printable handout lessons, 22 video lessons and 5 guided meditations, which you will have unlimited access to.

The course is designed so you learn all the elements of energy healing step by step. As you are learning, you are also engaging with the meditations to connect to your Higher Self and guidance. Then we put all the elements together by practicing energy healing sessions on our friends and loved ones.

There is a final quiz to test your understanding of the lessons. There are 3 bonus lessons after the quiz and the certificate at the end.

This course is open to all energy healing levels. If you are a beginner, you will learn all about your energy field, chakras and auras and how to channel the light to become a healing practitioner. If you are not new to energy healing, you will benefit by learning a new modality of channeling color into your chakra system to balance the energy field. As we raise our vibration, we raise our consciousness and we become our true or higher self. This is an ongoing process of ascension.

After you learn this modality, I encourage you to begin practicing right away on friends and family to start channeling the light and using your new skills. This is the best way to move forward, just do it! Take your time practicing until you feel you are ready to become a paid practitioner.

If there is anything in this course that is unclear to you, I am available to support you via email at and will return your message with 12-72 hours.

To access the pdf handouts of the lessons, simply click on the pink highlighted text where it says handout – lesson title to print the lesson.

As you practice energy healing on others, you are also healing yourself and raising your vibration. It’s a win-win! 

I’ve been practicing Energy Healing for 18 years and teaching for 11 years. This work is my life’s passion and I am honored to share it with you! This course can help change your life for the better in a multitude of ways!

I took this course 20 years ago for $3300 over a 2 year period. I have included all the information from this course and added what I have learned in the past 20 years for a fraction of the cost. Enjoy the journey! Financing plans are available.


ON SALE from May 14 – 31, 2024 for 20% off or $557. Regularly $697


Monthly payment plans of $90 / month for 7 months is available – please contact me for this option at 315-352-3352 or


“This course is awesome! It’s very packed with information so I am going quite slow and digesting all I can, sometimes going back in a lesson when I don’t feel ready to keep progressing. I already see some changes in me and I’m enjoying them. For example, connecting to spirit guides. It’s interesting the way I thought I would get messages was totally wrong as I am discovering mind blowing coincidences and events. It’s overwhelming at times but I am appreciative and grateful for being in this course!”

~ Sara D.

“I loved this course! I was always so curious about how Beth managed to change my life through energy healing. I’ve been so thankful for the way it’s transformed the way I live and I knew I had to know more!

The course was extremely thorough and gave me all the answers I was looking for. I’ve now been able to practice on people myself, and have been able to help my mom manage her arthritis pain!

The course adapts to all kinds of learners. I personally liked to read each chapter and take notes, then watch the videos of Beth explaining the topic more in depth.

The course has opened a new world of possibility for me! I would highly recommend taking this course to expand your mind, improve your way of living, and help others if you feel guided to.”

~ Jordyn Werfelmann

“I loved the course. I just wanted to say thank you so much! I had my first professional session yesterday and it went so amazing! I got great feedback. I’m so thankful for you and your guidance! ❤️

~ Kira Axtell

Elizabeth Wright has been practicing this form of energy healing since 2003. She started her business, Spirit Works, in New York in 2007. Elizabeth has 20 years of experience with this modality and has taught workshops in New York, Florida, New Mexico and Texas. She wrote a book about this energy healing modality, published in 2012 called “I & Eye – A Beginners Guide to Vibrational Healing and My Transformational Journey to the Light” which is available on Amazon. Elizabeth created her online course in 2021.