Online Energy Healing Through the Chakras Course

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This modality is known as vibrational energy healing or chromotherapy where one balances energy by channeling color through the hands into the chakras. When we balance and align our chakras, we can access all of ourselves to create our best life.

In this course you will learn: 

~How to connect with your Higher Self and I AM presence

~About the chakras and subtle body layers

~How to use a pendulum to assess the health of the chakras

~How to channel color and light through your hands to balance chakras

~How to use different colors for healing

~How to set up a sacred space for the healing

~How to cut cords connecting you to others to stop energy leaks

~How to do a long distance healing

~How to rebalance your own energy field to build your light body

~How to work with crystals and essential oils

~How to work with the Beings of Light and your team to heal and more! 

This course comes with 40 online and printable handout lessons, 21 video lessons and 5 guided meditations, which you will have unlimited access to.

The course is designed so you learn all the elements of energy healing step by step. As you are learning, you are also engaging with the meditations to connect to your Higher Self and guidance. Then we put all the elements together by practicing energy healing sessions on our friends and loved ones.

There is a final quiz to test your understanding of the lessons. A certificate of Energy Healing Through the Chakras is awarded upon completion of the course. There are 3 bonus lessons after the quiz.

This course is open to all energy healing levels. If you are a beginner, you will learn all about your energy field, our chakras and auras and how to channel the light to become a healing practitioner. If you are not new to energy healing, you will benefit by learning a new modality of channeling colors into your chakra system to balance the energy field. As we raise our vibration, we raise our consciousness and we become our true or higher self. This is an ongoing process of ascension.

After you learn this modality, I encourage you to begin practicing right away on friends and family to start channeling the light and using your new skills. This is the best way to move forward, just do it! Take your time practicing until you feel you are ready to become a paid practitioner.

If there is anything in this course that is unclear to you, I am available to support you via email at and will return your message with 12-72 hours.

You can also contact me through the Facebook Group, Energy Healing Through the Chakras Course, which has been created to share your experiences, ask questions and learn from other students. Once you enroll in the course, you will be invited to join, if you have a FaceBook account.

To access the pdf handouts of the lessons, simply click on the pink highlighted text where it says handout – lesson title to print the lesson.

As you practice energy healing on others, you are also healing yourself and raising your vibration. It’s a win-win! 

I’ve been practicing Energy Healing for 18 years and teaching for 11 years. This work is my life’s passion and I am honored to share it with you! This course can help change your life for the better in a multitude of ways! Enjoy the journey!