The Kingdom of God is Within You

For those of you who know me, you know I’m not a religious person. But for someone who has never read the bible, I sure have had my fair share of experiences that are biblical in nature. I remember the day I visited the Kingdom of God within. Here’s a chapter from the book I am currently writing in Costa Rica.

“On October 29, 2019, I was pet sitting two cats in a client’s home. I had been there 5 days and this was my last day. In the living room was a big dictionary on a carved wooden stand. There’s a fun game that I like to play where I ask a question and then randomly flip the pages of a dictionary and allow my finger to land on a word to give me an answer. It’s a form of divination where I can receive guidance from Spirit. I asked the question, “What will my next love relationship be like?” I flipped the pages and my finger pointed to “Monad”. I read the definition. “Divinity, the first being, or the totality of all beings.” It didn’t seem like an appropriate response to my question, but I liked the sound of it!

I had pet sat for this woman once before a few months earlier and she had given me instructions not to use her oven. When I was refreshing my memory and reading over the 3 pages of house instructions, this particular detail was not typed into the list of do’s and don’ts and I had simply forgotten. I turned the oven on to cook my salmon and sat in the living room totally engrossed in an Ayurvedic course on my computer. Twenty or so minutes passed by and when I looked up from my computer, I saw that the entire house was full of smoke! Ooops! I quickly ran and turned off the oven and then began to open all the windows to clear the smoke from the house. I waited till it cleared and closed all the windows again. The house had just received an energetic clearing as smoke absorbs all the negativity and purifies the environment.

I slept well and the following morning, I woke up on November 18th, 2019, at 6:30am and began to scroll through my phone, which was unusual for me. I found a video on YouTube that caught my attention about parallel Universes by Gregg Braden. In the video he was talking about how there is another version of us that exists on an alternate plane, a parallel universe. That version of ourselves is already experiencing everything that we desire at our soul level. The enlightenment of our being, the love partner we are seeking, the fulfillment of our dharma or calling and highest expression of our life is playing out in this Universe. He was explaining that the way we can access that Self is through the combination of thinking the highest thoughts and feeling the feeling as if whatever we are creating has already been created. As soon as he said those words, I had a thought and felt the feeling of being this other version of myself and then I heard a crackling noise like electricity about a foot in front of my body, in my heart field.

Suddenly, it seemed all my cells were activating, and I felt a huge rush of energy flowing up my body and I began to shake uncontrollably and then I slipped into another dimension within myself. I had accessed another world in my Self and it felt amazing, very unlike what I was feeling 2 seconds before. I felt as if I had been plugged into a socket of electricity and now I was so alive! I knew instantly that I had entered the Kingdom of God within me. I had entered the totality of oneness, the Monad. I was in the 7thdimension of God’s Kingdom.

The feeling was incredible! I felt pure bliss, ecstasy, and joy. This state was completely devoid of any fear or anxiety. I had experienced this feeling during my “Godgasm,” and now I was embodying it again. I could see my heart field arcing out all around me for what seemed like miles. I could see the shimmering beings of light all around me with my naked eye and felt their strong presence. Usually, I knew they were there, but I couldn’t see them with my eyes. The feeling was one of unconditional love, which is what we experience when we are on the other side of the veil. It is not a familiar feeling because here on earth we carry the energy of our stored trauma within the body and misaligned thoughts which creates distortions and blocks to the free flow of the God energy. But this feeling was pure Heaven, there were no obstructions, and I was experiencing myself as my soul self in a body.

I danced around the house in total delight. I yoga, danced, sang and relished this state of bliss. My thoughts were of the highest order. I remember at one point I was at the kitchen sink and I started to have a negative thought. I could feel how this negative thought began to take me out of the Kingdom of God, so I pushed that thought away and remained in the state of higher consciousness for a total of 8 hours.

During this event, I became aware that to access the Kingdom of God within is the way to transcend the problems that plague mankind. If we can embody this frequency, we can eradicate all hatred, greed, poverty, sickness, war and live in harmony as unconditional beings of love, our true selves. It was a breakthrough realization. Frequency is the solution. Once we attune the human vehicle to the highest source vibration, we can enter the Kingdom of God within.

I later researched who could enter the Kingdom of God because I remembered that Jesus said if you were childlike, you could enter. To be childlike is to be trusting and open. I’ve never read the bible, I’m not a born-again Christian, and I don’t belong to a religion or a church. None of those are requirements to enter the Kingdom. I have a beautiful relationship with God and Jesus, who see the truth of my heart and mind. My heart is pure and I am open and trusting like a child. I have faith and the willingness to serve others. Even if I veer off the path from time to time, I always return to do the work I came here to do. 

I looked up what the bible says and there are all sorts of rules that don’t apply because if they did, I wouldn’t have been able to enter.

This spiritual experience was perfectly orchestrated by my soul and my team of light: my finger landing on the word Monad to describe my next “love relationship”, the house number added up to the number 5 which, in numerology, carries the vibration of transformation, the house was smudged by the smoke the night before to cleanse and prepare the energy for my shift to occur and I was guided to that specific video to activate my thoughts and feelings to produce the entryway into the alternate dimension. It was all perfect!

While I was in that state, I experienced myself as my true self. We are already enlightened, abundant, love, and perfectly healthy. I knew I already had everything that I was asking for. I saw myself and everyone else as amazing! We are all amazing! I loved everyone. I just wanted to share and give everything I had away. This is our natural state.

In this state of being pure love, we become generators, and our focus is on giving to others without needing anything for ourselves. As a generator, we radiate all energy outward in an abundance cycle. The opposite cycle is parasitic, or consumeristic, and stems from a state of lack. Our personal desires disappear, and we are in total service. We can perceive only love. It’s ecstatic. We are on a journey to remember the truth of who we are. And on this precious day, I was given the gift of knowing and experiencing this truth in the Kingdom of Heaven, at one with the Creator. It was a profound event that I cherish.

When we pray and ask the Universe for something, I learned years ago that to ask for things was not the way. I had asked for material things – a house, a car or a million dollars, none of which showed up. But our pure souls do not truly desire material things, that comes from our ego. And we each have an ego, which we must contend with. When I truly listen to my heart, its highest wish is to merge with God. And I was given that gift. Knowing ourselves as unconditional love is the greatest gift we can receive. It remains my greatest blessing. Words cannot express my gratitude. This is still my highest wish and always will be. Because there is nothing above this. What can be greater than knowing ourself as God?

It was my last day pet sitting and I packed my car and drove to Trader Joe’s. As soon as I entered the store full of people, I descended from the Kingdom of God and re-entered the 3rddimension. I have been asking the Universe to re-enter the 7th dimension and it hasn’t happened yet. I feel at some point I will permanently live in the Kingdom of God within my body and anchor that energy on earth. I believe this will be the state of the new earth human in the Golden Age.”

I share my experience w to illustrate what is possible for us. You are a powerful being of light – an eternal soul, pure consciousness. You have a team of light beings that are around you 24 x 7 to help you with your soul evolution. What do you want to experience? Ask for what you want! may take a while to show up, but that is because you are being prepared for it. So be patient and allow it all to fall into place at the right time.

Every thought you think, every word you speak and every action you take is seen and heard by Heaven. The Universe knows what’s in your heart. Everything you experience is for your soul growth. Even the darkest days. And you are sooooo loved.