The Path to Creating Your Dream Life

Welcome to the new year of 2024! This is a powerful 8 year, symbolizing abundance, empowerment and strength. The energies are intensifying to assist us in our continued awakening to embody our true selves.

The process of empowerment requires us to go inward to meet our own soul – to know ourselves at our deepest level – not just our body, not our mind, not our personality and desires, but our SOUL – the part of us that is eternal. The part of us that is pure love. The part of us that has experienced thousands of lifetimes. Once we have met ourselves at this level and shed the old story about who we thought we were, heal and transform ourselves, we can create a whole new life from our heart…our DREAM LIFE!

Awakening is instigated through hardship and suffering. If you are suffering, see it as a good sign that you are on the right track for your soul’s evolution! The whole world is in an initiation, so you are not alone in your suffering. Everything is happening for you. Always remember this, even in the darkest hour, because it’s the truth.

It’s helpful to understand the way things work down here on planet earth. Earth is a planet of opposites. As souls, we choose to incarnate into bodies to experience these opposites, it is the depth of experience which provides the greatest opportunity for our soul to evolve. Both the darkness and the light are used on earth. We must learn to accept the dark because it is half of the whole. We could not know the light without the darkness.

I have been on my soul journey and have experienced extreme loss, death, betrayal, financial hardship and poor health. I am transcending all of those challenges to rise once again and create my dream life from my beautiful heart. I know the way because I have walked it. It was difficult and I remember wondering how I was going to get to where I wanted to be. On the darkest days I would pray to God to take me home. But he didn’t…so I just kept putting one foot in front of the other, doing the internal work.

On the path of healing, I met and integrated my shadow self, healed my inner child, released repressed emotions from an entire lifetime, overcame addictions, examined and changed old patterns of thought and behavior, healed my family lineage, created new boundaries within myself and all my relationships, healed past lives, repaired my fields, re-defined my self image, healed and balanced my body and surrendered to the will of the Universe. That’s all…lol!

It has been no walk in the park – it is very difficult work and it’s not complete – there’s still more to do and there always will be. I have had help along the way. The Universe will always send support for us as we put in the hard work to transform ourselves. The key is to keep showing up for ourselves every day. Little by little, step by step is how we transform. We can only do so much and at some point, the Universe steps in to bestow blessings and grace upon us. The hand of God is extended to pull us up to the next level. We have to really, really want it.

As of January 1st, I have begun a whole new cycle stepping onto my soul path of living my dream life in my new home of Costa Rica. This place was made for me. I have the ocean and sun and I’m immersed in divine nature. Life in the tropics is blissful. Not perfect, but sweet.

During the two months prior to leaving NY, I kept hearing the song, “Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles. It was leading me into the SUN after a harsh spiritual winter that lasted more than a decade. And now I’m back in the SUN again, where everything just FEELS GOOD and life flows. What a blessing! The cage door opened and I flew out! I opened the cage door and I took flight. Now, after a long period of loss and limitations, I value the blessings way more than I used to when I just took them for granted. I am so grateful and I will always count my blessings and live my life from this place of deep humility. Gratitude is a way of life that is centered in the heart space and opens doors to receive more of what we want.

Once we purify ourselves and clear the old trauma, heal and transform, we come into alignment with creating the dream that our soul wants us to experience. We came here to realize our best and most cherished dreams. We are so loved, God wants us to know true happiness on earth.

Seven years ago, after I lost everything, I made a decision to create Heaven on Earth. I have been affirming that intention for years and I am now beginning to see the consequences of that intention unfolding in my life.

Everything begins with our intentions. I have a vision for my life. I see it and feel into it often. This is how I’m creating my life. I saw myself living here in Costa Rica and now it’s a reality. And that’s just one part of my dream. There’s so much more to come… it’s so exciting!

I know I deserve the best and I am going to have it. We all do…every one of us! That knowing is what brings us into alignment with what God wants for us. It’s when we settle for scraps that we are out of alignment. But even when we are picking at scraps, we are learning, so nothing is a waste of our time. Then we dismantle the subconscious programming and focus on all the steps I listed above and replace it with our conscious intentions to step into our role as creators.

Ask yourself, if you could experience anything, what would it be? Dream big! Erase all the limitations that you have placed on your self and your life for just a minute and create a vision of the highest version of your reality. Don’t be shy or embarassed or think that you’re not good enough or worthy of it. Don’t use the excuse of being too old or you can’t have it because of family. It’s your life and you deserve the best! All those people who are already living their dream life aren’t better or smarter or more talented than you, they just decided that they could have it and then let the Universe bring it to them.

Is there someone you know who you think, wow, I wish I could have their life? If yes, then this is a clue as to what you want to be doing. And if you already know what it is but it hasn’t manifested yet, just be patient and keep visualizing and putting in the work because it is all about divine timing. I had to be super patient – I waited years, but I never gave up. When I was at the bottom of a hole and nobody wanted to be me. the pain was extraordinary. Now there are a lot of people who wish they were me. If it’s possible for me, then it’s possible for you too. One hundred percent.

Since I moved, people have been saying “you’re so brave, I wish I had the courage that you have to make a move like that.” To be honest, I was terrified! The last two months while I was selling my stuff and saying my goodbyes, there was a real fear that somehow it wouldn’t work out and I wouldn’t be able to go. I felt that anxiety right up until I got on that plane. I left before the sun rose on the first day of the new year. And by the grace of God, the trip over was easy, enjoyable and stress-free.

I faced my fears head-on because I know that the cost of not moving was too great. To not give myself the gift of my best life isn’t an option. I’ve lived hell on earth and now I want to know what heaven on earth feels like. I do not want to leave this body without making my biggest dreams come true! I’m not willing to pay that price. Decide for yoursel if you want to settle for less than the magnifcent life you deserve? Or would your rather trust yourself and the Universe and take that risk knowing that you will be supported in your decision? You are a beloved child of the Creator who wants you to live in joy and abundance! The path to getting there is through the inner clearing, healing and transformation.

I am a Soul Guide and invite you to work with me to discover the untapped potential within you so that you can hear the voice of your heart and allow it to guide you to create your best life. Visit my bookings page and get started on your journey of empowerment.