Elizabeth Wright

“In 2002, I experienced kundalini rising through an energy healing session. This event was my awakening and aligned me with the Beings of Light in the Higher Realms, gifting me with the ability to work with them and channel very high frequency light. The light reminds people of their Divinity, and assists them in becoming their True Selves, whole, free and full of love.  ”  ~ Elizabeth Wright

  • Advanced certified Vibrational Healer – Energy balancing through the Chakras
  • Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher
  • Published Author
  • Energy Healing Workshop Teacher
  • Former Co-Host & Associate Producer, Transitions Radio Magazine
  • Goddess Retreat Leader
  • Spiritual Intuitive & Guide



I was born in India, raised in Turkey and lived in Connecticut, North Carolina and Oklahoma before moving to Colorado where I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism from the University of Colorado, Boulder in 1988. I then moved to Vail, Colorado for 7 years where I became an avid skier, enjoying the amazing mountain life. Next I moved to Sydney, Australia for 11 years where I spent many years working in the media. Growing up all over the world broadened my view and understanding of our global community. From an early age I recognized that all human beings, no matter what their color, social status, religion or beliefs, have the same basic needs and desires; with this knowledge I learned to accept people from all different cultures. I returned to the States in 2006, living in New York for 5 and 1/2 years Santa Fe, New Mexico for 6 years and currently in Upstate New York. In Australia I had a spiritual awakening, after my dark night of the soul, when I received my first energy healing session. It was during this session that the kundalini rose through all my chakras and I had an awakening, connecting me directly with Source.  Following this event, I attended school for 2 years and earned my advanced certification in vibrational healing from the Australian Academy of Applied Parapsychology (AAAP), in Sydney in 2003.  I have been practicing Vibrational Energy Healing for 12 years. I attained my yoga certification in Hatha Yoga from the Sivananda organization in 2010.  I am passionate about helping people connect to their Spirit and live from their heart center. I have written a book about vibrational healing so that everyone can learn to tap into the Divine energy that is available to all of us to become your True Self.

Contact Beth at 505-310-3160