The book is now available as an audio book on Audible and is available in audio & paperback on Amazon for $14.93

Join Elizabeth Wright as she shares her journey from disconnection and self-destruction to her re-connection with Spirit and self-love.  Her powerful story of transformation delivered in an honest, authentic voice will touch your heart as she bares the truth of her soul.

Elizabeth was born in India and raised in Turkey, and moved to the U.S. at 10 years of age. She lived in Australia for 11 years, where she had her spiritual awakening and now resides in New York. With a B.S. degree in Journalism, Elizabeth Wright worked in the corporate world for many years before transitioning to work as a Healer, Yoga Teacher and Spiritual Motivator, affecting many people’s lives for the better.  The book is a combination of her personal story from despair to triumph as well as a beginners “how-to” guide for energy healing.

Now is the time of a massive shift in consciousness for the planet and Elizabeth’s educational and inspirational messages are perfectly suited to guide people into their hearts to support these important shifts.  The information she imparts is pertinent and current to the global scene.  Elizabeth provides tools and guidelines to help the every day person learn what it takes to re-connect to their own Higher Self, the most spiritual and perfect part of each of us, our essence.  She also instructs how to perform energy healing on others as well as how to clear your own energetic field to help raise your vibration.

Energy healing uses an ancient technique of channeling the different colors of “light” or energy into the body to balance the body’s seven major energy centers called Chakras, thereby activating the body’s own self-healing ability.  She provides helpful energetic exercises which explain how to tap into and use the energy to help bring about your own change and healing. This book can really help a large number of people transform their own lives which will, in turn support the new way of living and being in a healthier, holistic and sustainable society, benefiting every living being and the planet.