"I have found sessions with Elizabeth Wright to be life-changing. She has clear insight combined with intuitive wisdom, and she uses those in concert to provide her clients with self-awareness and personal transformation. Elizabeth is wise beyond her years, and is a very talented teacher and spiritual coach. Elizabeth’s approach is supportive and non-judgmental; she works with clients as the spiritual beings that they are. I cannot speak highly enough of Elizabeth and my personal sessions with her." ~ Ruth Anderson


"I woke up this morning and I felt lighter. Everything felt lighter...The telephone session was a wonderful new resource and tool for me to have- even when you're far away. I loved how the phone session allowed you to verbalize the steps in the different processes. In person, so much is done in silence- But felt more in depth, and helped me as a student of your Online Energy Healing Course. I appreciate you and your energy sessions with all of my being! Thank you for helping me to broaden my horizons- yet again." ~ Kobie Decker


"I know it’s early, but I wanted to tell you it was the first time in months I have been able to sleep without being awakened by pain from my jaw. Literally months. Thank you!" ~Kim


"Thank you Elizabeth for helping me! When I called you I felt a heaviness in my chest and a very deep sadness that I couldn’t shake. You walked me thru letting it go! I had an amazing experience of feeling that sadness leave…feeling the heaviness lift. It’s been there a while - but it’s GONE! I feel lighter, I feel calmer, I feel a sense of well being that I needed! I am grateful that I have you in my life!!" ~ Victoria Barrata


"I was a mess at my second appointment. I deal with mold allergies and had a mold exposure. My eyelids were extremely swollen along with horrible congestion and intense eyeball pressure. The swollen eyelids and eyeball pressure had become too much. As Beth worked on me the congestion backed off as well as eyelids and eye pressure, such a blessing. I had reached the point where I just wanted to crawl under a rock and be left alone. Upon waking the next morning my eyelids were starting the drying out process which tells me they are healing. Thank you God for placing Beth on my path!" ~Nanci Knox


"Beth has an incredible gift, a vast amount of knowledge and an incredibly loving and kind personality. If you are serious, like I am, about making your WHOLE life amazing, sometimes you need a little help and guidance, and Beth has been my go to for nearly ten years. Recently I asked Beth for an extended session to work through some bagged up emotions that were causing issues in my life, and words cannot even describe the happiness and joy I feel since that work with her. My career is taking off because I feel great and my intuition has reached stellar levels, so I know exactly what my clients want. My self confidence has increased and my personal relationships are flourishing. Don’t hesitate and start making your life amazing too!" ~Heather Walz


"I have been using Beth as my energy healer for close to 15 years. She is amazing! Her knowledge, expertise, gifted abilities and dedication to humanity are second to none. I am blessed to have found her and anyone who receives a healing session will experience for themselves the miracle of her work. " ~Kimberley Hernandez


"Beth is kind, caring, and brilliant at her work. She’s helped me heal during hard times, and I’m SO grateful to have found her. If you’re especially looking for balance, divine connection, help raising your vibration, or healing your chakras, check her out! She has many more talents as well, and Im sure she can lend you a helping hand or listening ear on your journey." ~Nicole LaFebre


"The work we have done together has been so instrumental in my process of self-discovery. I want to thank you so much for providing me a safe container to share my inner thoughts and fears, you are so special! Some of the concepts and practices you introduced to me in the moment felt way over my head (shadow, inner child, I AM), but as time passes I've begun to better understand their significance and am able to see them as they show themselves in my life. I feel that this is just the beginning and there is so much left to explore and expand into. I would love to work with you again in the future" ~Molly Gosson


"As I look back at everything, I've been working with Beth for over a year now. I was guided by a higher power to seek out her healing services. At the time I had no understanding of what vibrational healing was or even what a chakra was. All I knew is something guided me that day to research energy healing and Beth’s website appeared before me on the screen. I made an appointment and the rest has been a journey of growth healing and understanding.

I was in a very dark time in my life experiencing a tremendous amount of change very quickly. Beth listened to me and explained that several of my chakras were either blocked or not flowing energy as they should. After that first appointment I felt lighter than I had in months. During subsequent visits we worked on the underlying issues that were creating the heaviness. I began understanding more and more about energy through researching what I was experiencing personally and realized I was having a spiritual awakening.

I called Beth after about 6 months of attempting to handle things myself and explained what I was going through. We spoke for almost an hour that day and several more times over the following few days. We agreed that the Becoming your True Self Course would provide the most comprehensive healing and coaching I needed at that time.

I have healed in ways I never knew possible and at times Beth needed to push for me to understand my wounding and release it. The most profound healing has involved my inner child and my abandonment fears. Even when she needed to push me, everything was handled in a professional and caring manner. She has always been available for me to ask questions and has truly been a blessing in my life. I cannot thank Beth enough for everything. Beth is a truly gifted healer and an amazing person." ~ Jonathan D.

"During our healing sessions we covered a lot of territory as Beth is very intuitive and gifted in seeing the blocks and releasing them with grace and ease.  I felt so nourished, renewed, energetically balanced and sparkly by the end of our session.  One thing that stood out was the reunion of my masculine and feminine aspects....that was simply glorious ( and long over due). I feel grateful to have received this healing that I know will uplift me for time to come. Beth Wright is highly recommended if you're ready to shift higher."~Michelle Casto, Success Coach, Energy Alignment Expert and Author

“When I first went to Beth, I didn’t know anything about Energy Healing: what it was, what to expect, or how it worked. I went into my first session very curious and very naïve. Beth was very patient with me and answered all of my questions. She explained what was happening, what was next, and what I could expect.

The first session or two I didn’t really notice anything. I learned some new things and felt “good” when I left each session. But I wasn’t aware of the change that was taking place within me. By the third session I felt “lighter”, yet still didn’t fully understand why.  What I did know for certain was that more and more I was looking forward to my sessions with Beth. During my work with Beth, I revealed certain parts of my painful past to her. As we conversed, Beth was very supportive. I felt safe opening up to her.  She revealed what her “team” and my “team” (the guides) were telling her. Some of these revelations were so very important for me to hear. There was a healing that took place not just from the chakra energy standpoint, but also within my heart and soul.

My analogy is this: when your car is making a strange noise, you take it into the body shop. You point to where the noise is coming from, and they grab their tools and get in there and fix it. That’s how it is when I have a session with Beth. She’ll ask me what are we working on today, and then she summons the guides to help her get in there and clear it out. It’s really amazing. And it works. I don’t claim to fully understand it, but I know how I feel – and Beth has helped me heal in ways I never thought possible. I highly recommend Beth Wright’s Energy Healing practice to anyone who needs some “bodywork” done, meaning anyone who is seeking true healing from within.” ~ Christine C.

"I have known Beth Wright for many years. Having worked now over 30 years as a healer, I have come to know when there is someone special in my midst. I recently went to Beth feeling ‘off’. During my session I found out why. Almost immediately, I experienced and saw in my mind's eye my mental, spiritual, and emotional bodies realign with my physical body. I felt that unmistakable core power return that I so enjoy. My mind is clear, I feel connected, calm, and confident. Don’t walk to Beth…run!" ~Greg Joseph

"My sessions with Beth have been my greatest gifts from the Universe. She has done what years of therapy couldn’t do; which is to assist deep emotional healing from childhood trauma, and help me navigate through the complexities of adult life. Her insight and wisdom have been immensely helpful as I am learning to become whole again and ground myself every day. Even after the first session I could physically feel the effects of removing energetic blocks. I felt lighter and more myself. I look forward to every appointment!" ~Cortney, Syracuse NY

"My energy sessions with Beth were very powerful and transformative.  From the start, I became instinctively trusting of her, which enabled me to share deep material, making it available to clear; a true blessing.  I believe this is due to Beth’s Lightworker abilities and guided wisdom. I have seen many practitioners over the years, and Beth’s ability to ‘see’ issues and assist in clearing and raising my essence to a more positive level was very powerful.  I highly recommend Beth Wright as an energy healer." ~ T.C.

"I am the woman who was traveling through Santa Fe and popped in spontaneously for a session.  I received everything that I needed and I can report that I have remained balanced and aligned ever since our session together.  Until then, I did not full realize how completely blocked and shut down I really was.  So significant to me was this healing!  In particular, I have regained my voice in a very real way. And I am working every day to listen to the voice of my Spirit, remembering to tune in and locate my own empowerment.  Thank you sincerely for the blessing I received.  Thank you for being an instrument of healing!" ~ Jacqueline R.

"Thank you for the session today. Something I forgot to mention but my right hip had been hurting for 2 years and I forgot to mention it to you today. You won't believe this but the pain went away after our session." ~ Jennifer

"I just finished your book and wanted to thank you for sharing your story and all the healing information. I feel a huge shift in me toward love since my session with you on Friday. I have done several Chakra balancing meditations since (info from your book) and am continuing to open to self-love and come from my heart. Spirit lead me to you and I am so very grateful for that. I feel I will have another healing session with you soon as it is a continual journey. Many blessings to you and know that your work is healing the world one by one!" ~ Melissa P.

"I recently did a Vibrational Healing Session with you and I wanted to follow up. After I had the session I felt so grounded and at peace with myself. This feeling was absolutely priceless. The things you told me during the session really resonated with me and I feel myself stepping back into my power. I see the things that need to change in my life, it is not going to be easy but your session gave me the sense that I am not alone, I am loved and protected.This stage in my life is so difficult and I understand now that I need to start strengthening my whole being if I want to get past these dark days. I am so thankful and feel blessed to have been guided to you. I finished your book two days ago and I truly enjoyed it. Your book spoke to my soul and I know now this is the work I want to be doing. Again, thank you so much and I am so grateful to know I am sharing this time on earth with someone like you. I wish you well." ~ Sara H.

"I just had one of the most extraordinary energy sessions with a woman named Elizabeth Wright. She is an amazing conduit of light and vibration with an extraordinary gift for healing. My experience of her gift was a tremendous healing. She has exceptional talent for bringing the essences and energies of very, very high vibrational beings. I really encourage you to experience her gifts. She is absolutely wonderful!" ~Lisa Porter

"Beth, thank soooooo much for giving me the blessing of being free again. I can live my life without any negativity holding me down. I appreciate all that you've done for me. I felt an immediate shift in my feelings and most importantly my thoughts. Its so beautiful to find individuals like yourself who are devoted to helping others. You're amazing." ~ Desiree O.

“I have been a practicing Buddhist for thirty years.  My sessions with Beth Wright have taken me to a level of spiritual depth where I can honestly say I have irrevocably changed.  The benefits are immeasurable” ~ Michele Mosca-Wells

“I have personally worked with energy healing of several modalities and many energy healers over many years.  I find that Beth's work is particularly clear and beautiful; her insights have grace and integrity.  The gifts of my work with her have multiplied and I am greatly appreciative of them and of Beth who works ceaselessly to bring blessings of Light, Love and Healing to all who meet and work with her.” ~ Terry Bruneau, Nurse Practitioner, Energy Healer

“Peace, Healing, Clarity; Those are the words I would use to describe the gifts I've been given by Beth through the two vibrational energy appointments I've had with her.  A feeling of peace within me that I've never experienced before, a gentle feeling of love and healing and the clarity to live my best life.  Thank you, Beth!” ~ Jennifer Tom, Founder, Positively Pink Packages

“I have been in the healing profession for over ten years and I know who the real healers are.  Having energy work done by Beth is a profound experience. I felt as if I was having psychic surgery.  I could feel the energy clearing old patterns and being replaced with healing light. She truly is a gift to the planet.” ~ Bonita Shear, Kundalini Yoga Instructor and Wellness Consultant

“I had heard good things, but did not know what to expect when I asked for a vibrational healing with Beth. I have known for some time that I tend to be too much "in my head," and my experience during and for many hours after the healing was one of feeling embodied and centered in my heart. I spent the remainder of the day in a place of deep silence and stillness within myself, which is an experience that I have had for brief moments in meditation, but never sustained. It was one of the most peaceful and divine experiences I have ever had.” ~ Anjanette Cureton, Psychotherapist

“I have been seeing Beth for quite some time now and I have to say that every time I leave her... I feel much more relaxed and calmer, happier, balanced. I feel whole.  I feel like I am walking in the white clouds of a beautiful blue sky with the warm rays of the sun for a guide. I just love her. Beth, thank you so much for helping me in this journey." ~ Flavia Musto

“In the last decade, I have experienced many energy healing modalities.  In the last few months, I have had two treatments with Beth.  The shift in energy that I experienced both times was incredible.  During the first treatment, Beth worked on some of my lower Chakras.  I felt a heaviness in my arms, as if I couldn’t move them without great effort.  Beth explained that this was old energy being released from the body.  Afterwards, I felt lighter and happier, even though I didn’t feel badly going in for the treatment.  It amazes me how much the body holds onto even when we feel that we have done lots of work on ourselves.  The second treatment was very good, although I didn’t experience the heaviness or any major change.  I just felt very relaxed and peaceful.  That feeling has stayed with me for the last several weeks.  I would recommend this work to anyone wanting to experience a great sense of peace and overall wellbeing.  Thank you Beth!” ~ Lori Vashaw, Owner & Nutritionist, Riverview Wellness Center, Oswego NY

“Beth is a beautifully gifted healer. In just one session, I felt myself feeling completely balanced and at peace (with life, myself, everything!) Through vibrational healing I began to realize all of the beauty and strength that lies within me.  I began to open my eyes to a whole new understanding, and was finding connections in ways that I never expected. My joy for life has reached a new level; as I’m beginning to understand my purpose. Anything that has stood in my way is so easily removed. I was amazed at what vibrational healing did for me, what a beautiful healing journey it begins, and how quickly Beth warmed my heart.” After a vibrational healing session, my personal energy vibration was raised. As a result, my perspective started changing.  I began to see myself and the world around me in a whole new light. I began to attract a better life: new inspiring people, opportunities, a new living situation. Since my first vibrational healing session, a complete shift has and is still occurring. It’s almost like watching these little beautiful miracles continue to occur in my own life. I am so deeply grateful, peaceful and joyful!.. As well as excited to see what this journey brings next.  I am so thankful that vibrational healing and Beth, have assisted in bringing about this change." ~ Ashley Cowden, Nutritionist

“Beth has a beauty and a peace around her that brings LOVE and JOY into your body that brings about a balance unlike you have ever experienced before.  Pure Bliss.” ~ Joanne M Bisesi, 
The Healing Palace 
North Syracuse, NY

"In one session, Beth helped set right what had been painfully off for days. She helped me re-ground, re-center and develop a felt sense for what was hurting and what needed to be set right. She did so with care and openness and left me feeling stronger and clearer than I had been in months." ~ Jerry Colonna,, 

“I felt a beautiful presence of love and healing being sent through Beth’s hands affecting my well-being on an energetic level and bringing me gently into a state of ease and balance.” ~ Stephanie Saunders, Artist

“I’ve had two vibrational healing sessions with Beth and both were wonderful experiences.  During the first session, Beth working on opening and clearing my base, sacral, and heart chakras.  I felt my energy moving much more freely afterwards and felt a great sense of calm and well-being.  During the second session, Beth worked on the earth star chakra and I felt an amazing vibration all day. I felt open, happy, free and very light.   Thank you for the work you do.  You are very gifted.” ~ Lisa Jacques, Finance Manager

“Tense from a new full time job, and raising a young family, I was already showing early signs of menopause and I knew I needed help before completely burning out.  Beth Wright's Vibrational Healing tuned my body and raised my spirits. It even returned my menstruation cycle! I plan on returning to her for more Vibrational tune ups in the future.” ~ Sabrina Guadagnino

"Beth Wright’s work helps others improve the quality of their life. I feel grounded, relaxed and have clarified and pursued my sense of purpose for this life I now live. I live it more fully and feel a part of that is due to Beth and her work." ~ Renee C.

"Vibrational healing was something I had never heard of and had no idea what to expect the first time Beth did a session on me. I was looking forward to it not only because of her impressive studies but because she just has such an angelic quality about her and I trusted that whatever her magic was, it would be interesting to experience and would surely benefit from it. It is difficult to describe the sensation. It's like a massage without touch that not only pinpoints and relieves the tense spots in your body but in your mind and soul as well.  So yes, it's like a massage for the soul that frees you and allows you to see through Beth's eyes and through the messages or images she receives, where your blockages are. Somehow she helps you overcome and understand the things that hold you down or cause you tension. I suppose everyone has very distinct and personal experiences through the healing session but mine was very comforting and freeing. For the entire day after the first session I felt as if I were floating. It was a very strange but comforting sensation. In the second session I gained a greater understanding of myself and I can't wait to see what comes from further sessions. Beth has given me a greater understanding of what vibrational healing is about and I swear by her ability to perform it." ~ Cynthia Prado, Skaneateles, NY

“Beth's energy work has been amazingly helpful, counteracting some negative influences in my life which tend to show up as blocks, particularly in my heart and solar plexus chakras.  The process is cool -- you just let the Light work on you as you lie still and her hands float above your body.  I experienced a beautiful Light show, a feeling of release of some toxic tensions, and a very pleasant feeling of floating in a loving pool of Light.  Following her sessions, the good balance and energy lasts for quite some time.  I could feel the differences when she used various crystals and aromatic oils. Well worth her very reasonable fee!” ~ Ellen Fuller

“I went to Beth for an energy balancing session.  It was the first time I participated in anything like this so I had no expectations of what might happen.  So it was with great surprise that after the hour or so session I physically felt like I was 10 pounds lighter.  In the coming days I was better able to cope with all of my life’s issues.”
~ Harvey

“I recall a feeling of almost euphoria after my second session with you.  I had been totally honest with you, (after you began reading me like a book!) and I left with a feeling of pure hope. Hope for me, my future, my place in life.  My co-workers even asked what was up with me, as I was acting differently. I felt lighter and positive that I was doing the right thing...even if I have no clue what that may be!  I joked to you that I needed a tune-up, and left feeling like that is exactly what I got. I was always comfortable and felt "enveloped" in light, as you worked on me.  I was immediately trusting and felt totally safe.  You are the real deal. I truly believe you are the coolest. Thanks for all your goodness.” ~ Peg Sherman

“Beth’s work has helped me to dig into core issues and release them.  I find myself more centered and relaxed in every day.  Beth has helped me radiate my sacred self outward for the benefit of all.  Thank you Beth, I feel lighter and the world sparkles!” ~ Alicia Mooney, Masseuse

“Beth is a multi-talent who I can highly recommend working with. She's very in tune with her clients' lives and how they affect body, mind and spirit.  Her energy work is very powerful and healing, as well as enlightening.  I've come to believe this kind of work is essential for the healing and the progress of the planet, and she's a gifted practitioner -- someone of great abilities you shouldn't miss.” ~ Matthew P., Entrepreneur

"Dear Beth, A session with you is an uplifting experience.  I'm more in tune with my spiritual self when I receive regular treatments from you. You're a true healer, thank you!" ~ Karen J.

"I have believed for a very long time that we are all connected to each other ,to the universe and a higher Source. Therefore it was no coincidence that in a time of real need a friend gave me Beth's name.  Since I have been working with Beth I feel more grounded, more spiritual and I really feel the energy that is within all of us.  Life is continually changing, what we do and say affects everyone and everything in the universe. Thank-you Beth for all that you do, your guidance and wisdom! So glad you are here." ~ Chris G.