Change Your Energy, Change Your Life!

When we take the time to examine our life and make the decision to take steps to improve it, we are becoming conscious creators. Rather than just letting life happen to us, we are putting our hands firmly on the steering wheel and choosing which direction we want to go. This starts with our dream, our vision. We may have a prompting from our soul, in the form of desire that propels us forward to realize our aspirations. 

But to create our dream, we must first have one. What if we don’t know what we want? This is when a vision quest is needed. It’s a time to purify and cleanse ourself – a time to detoxify and give ourself space to hear the voice of our soul. When we purify, we are allowing all the vitality of the Universe to flow through our energy channels within our body so we can become attuned to our truth. Ask the Universe to show you your highest path and soul’s calling. And then wait for the opportunity to present itself and trust that it will. Only when we are very clear internally can we access our true path. 

When we are consciously working to change our lives, there are steps and practices that we can use to activate the process of transformation. The first step is to write down our highest vision for our life. Go big! Don’t hold back, the sky’s the limit, because we can have anything we want, we only have to believe that we can have it. The Creator placed us here to enjoy our time here to the fullest, not to suffer. It’s a giant playground! But often what we create feels like anything but fun or playful. 

So much of our life can be caught up in the suffering that our subconscious mind produces. It is up to us to clear the old programming, heal ourselves and release the emotions from our past trauma so that we can generate from our conscious mind – our higher mind, our light. 

I’ve been working on myself 22 years and I’m just now starting to really grasp the process after many years of creating disasters, each one greater than the one before. I learned through direct experience what the term “master of disaster” is all about. Lol. I can laugh at it now because I understand that it’s all a game and I’m the creator of it. I have decided I want to become a “master of the dream.” So it first starts with our highest vision for our life.

Then we begin to change our thoughts to support the new path we are taking. Only the highest positive thoughts will support us in our creations. Negative thinking will keep us stuck in the lower levels. The more we affirm all the positives of who we are and practice gratitude as a way of life, the more we will elevate our frequency. When the internal self-talk is loving and joyful and you’re saying phrases such as “I appreciate you so much, you are amazing, you are awesome and I love you” then you are building yourself up and giving yourself the love you need. 

Learning how to love ourselves completely, even our needy and insecure self is an important step to changing our reality. This acceptance and unconditional love of the self is key to moving to the next level. 

Next, we spend time visualizing and feeling our highest dream as if it has already happened, and we are already living it. Our emotions are an important step in the process of actualization. Feeling these higher emotions sends the energy out into the field, which then manifests in physical form. What would it feel like to have everything you are asking for? That amazing feeling of joy, gratitude, love and bliss is the energy that you are enveloping yourself with. 

“Ask without hidden motive and be surrounded by your answer. All things that you ask straight, directly from inside my name, you will be given.” ~God

This quote from the Bible teaches us that we can ask and receive our highest wishes from within our hearts, when our desires are pure. We merely have to ask and then feel and know it has already been created, it is already ours. God grants us our wishes when they are true and felt from within our sacred hearts. It is up to us to live our lives from that place of receptivity and alignment. 

Our natural state is unconditional love and abundance. Once we clear the limiting beliefs and align with the truth of who we are, we vibrate at the frequency of our true selves and we experience the love and abundance that we are at our core. We literally become what we are thinking and feeling the majority of the time, which is why it is so vital to focus on what we want and who we are rather than what we don’t want and who we aren’t. We create with our consistent thoughts and feelings. Those thoughts and feelings are our energy we are emitting to the world. We attract to us whatever we are putting out. We are powerful vibrational beings!

These are some of the practices and steps we take to transforming our lives. We have to first clear the old conditioning and trauma, which is a process. It’s necessary to delve into the darkness to shine a light there and transform it, but then we come back into the light to make the vital transcendence into our new, whole and multi-dimensional self. If you find that you keep repeating the same old patterns over and over and haven’t been able to move forward, you may consider going deeper with a trusted facilitator.

If you want to work with me, please reply to this email and say Yes, I want to work with you! and we will figure out a package that works best for you. 

We are all capable of overcoming the old programming of the matrix and create a life we love. These times are made for us to triumph and overcome our lower nature to realize our divine self!