Energy Healing

Vibrational Healing activates your body’s ability to heal itself and realigns your energetic field and body to its natural state of well being.

Hatha Yoga

Grow the Divine Light within you by practicing Hatha Yoga with pranayama, asanas, and meditation.

I & Eye, A Guide to Vibrational Healing

“I & Eye, A Guide to Vibrational Healing & My Transformational Journey to the Light” by Elizabeth Wright. 2012

Guided Meditations

Listen to the divinely guided meditations and experience clearing, healing and activations. These meditations rebalance you, connecting you to Source and the Earth.

The nature of vibrational energy healing is to help the body remember its healthy vibrational or “natural” state. The human body is made up of a series of frequencies that form a balanced whole when a person is healthy. Physical or emotional stress alters the body’s vibrational nature.  As a vibrational healer, I channel high frequency light through the person’s energy field and chakras, which removes blocks and raises their vibration so the body can heal itself. As I channel, I share spiritual guidance and messages from your Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Angels and deceased loved ones. Call 505-310-3160

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Book a private session on the phone or in person with Beth Wright. Discover the benefits of working with a healing facilitator to help you raise your vibration to transform your inner and outer world. Call Beth at 505-310-3160 to schedule an appointment.