Energy Healing & Chakra Balancing

In person or long distance (over the phone).

The initial consultation uncovers where you are experiencing problems, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. During this assessment we uncover what you wish to change. I create an individualized healing program specifically for you. It can be 1 – 9 sessions or more. I offer packages which include a combination of energy healing, guided meditations and hypnosis recordings to listen to at home.

A session in person looks like this: You relax on a massage table, fully clothed while I connect with my Higher Self, your Higher Self and our teams. I direct the source energy through my hands into your chakras (energy centers) and subtle bodies (layers of energy around your body). During the session, I am channeling the highest unconditional love energy through me to transform the energy in your energy field by clearing out the old energy that is imprinted at a cellular level to raise your vibration so you can flow with the Universal energy.

This clearing activates the body’s own ability to heal itself on many levels as disease forms in the subtle layers of the energy field before it manifests in the dense matter of the physical body. During the session I am also using my intuitive abilities to channel any impressions that are stored in your energy system as well as messages and spiritual guidance from Spirit that I receive. These messages can come from your Spirit Guides, Higher Self, Angels, Ascended Masters, Master Teacher, Master Angels, Nature Spirits or Loved Ones to help guide you and bring you greater clarity and peace. I also use crystals and essential oils to assist with raising your frequency.

The sessions release many (blocks) negative emotions (including anger, fear, frustration, anxiety, restlessness, grief, self-doubt and depression) and instill deep serenity and peace of mind. Most of my clients report that they feel less stressed, energized, lighter, happier and able to cope with whatever life throws at them, and are more tuned in to their body’s needs. Once a person has a higher vibration, you are able to manifest that which you desire to create, as it is in alignment with one’s Higher Self to fulfill one’s purpose here on earth with joy and feeling fully connected to your heart center.  Continued sessions will help you move forward more easily in life and maintain a happier, healthier existence as you incorporate your new understanding of your needs into your daily life. I also teach you how to maintain your own energy field and keep your vibration high.

A single session is $150 for 80 minutes

A Phone session is $125 for 80 minutes

I accept PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, and Credit Cards as well as cash.