I am a certified Consulting Hypnotist. Through a series of hypnosis sessions, I can help to unlock the magic inside your mind and empower your intentions to create the life you were born to live! Re-programming your subconscious mind is the best way to achieve breakthroughs in your life. Do you want to release the underlying cause of self-sabotage? Do you beat yourself up for not being able to make the changes you desire? Habits and self-limiting choices are often created by subconscious patterns learned in childhood. To be successful in real change, we must learn to harness the subconscious mind and direct its power. By bridging the gap between the conscious and subconscious mind, hypnosis supports you in creating your best life.

Hypnosis is used for a variety of problems including building confidence, attaining goals, supporting optimal health and understanding and clearing hidden motives that are in the way of reaching your fullest potential.

I offer 5, 7 & 10 session packages. You can book your online or in-person sessions by calling me on 505-310-3160

Listen to this sample hypnosis recording below.