Navigating the Stormy Seas

I don’t know about you but these past couple of months have been super duper challenging. Some days are easier than others but let’s face it, it’s never going to be easy to watch everything fall apart and experience worldwide suffering. There is so much confusion and uncertainty that it has become an intense pressure cooker as we lead up to the U.S. elections. The game is on and we are all being played. I can barely stand to go anywhere with these masks on anymore…7 months is a long time to be masked up. Many have lost businesses, loved ones, purpose, marriages and hope. Feeling helpless to change anything and not being in control of our situation can be really frightening,depressing and frustrating.

We have never been so divided and disoriented as a nation and as a world as we are now. Truly epic times. And yet while all of this is going on, on the spiritual level this is a time of biblical reckonings. The earth and everything on her as well as all of the planets and galaxies in the Universe are all upgrading. We are going to create Heaven on Earth and that going to take time. In the heavens there is much rejoicing for the Ascension of all of God’s creations but down here on earth we have to wade through the muck and the mire and even the most spiritual of us are deeply affected. We are all grieving in one way or another. Do your best to stay elevated in the times when you are not processing your stuff or doing your inner work.

We are all going through big changes and clearings. When a clearing comes on you will recognize it because you will be feeling really uncomfortable and certain memories or issues will rise to the surface and present themselves to gain your attention. If you’re sensitive like me, it may involve many days of releasing through floods of tears. You may see your shadow self more often than you would like. That means that you act like a child or suffer through angry outburst or feeling hopeless or depressed or despondent. Just know that as you are crying and feeling all of the intense emotions, that you are processing current fears as well as old, stored imprints from this lifetime (and others) to be felt and released. The key here is that you must FEEL. When we repress our feelings and push them away with avoidance behaviors such as eating, drinking, smoking, binge watching tv, shopping, sex etc. then we are missing the opportunity to GROW. The only way out is through! That means that you have to look at and feel the issue presenting itself. Ask your Higher Self to help you with understanding these issues at a deeper level. What was the purpose for the event, interaction or trauma? What was the lesson for you? What are you meant to learn? Feel everything fully. Shed every last tear. Scream at the top of your lungs in your car a few times to release that stored emotion. Face the pain because there is no way around it. That saying is true, “What you resist persists.” If you avoid it now you will have to deal with it later so it’s better to just look it square in the eye and say, “Bring it on!” Rather than fearing or dreading the pain, you can see it as something that needs to be set free. It will continue to tug at you until you feel it and let it fly like a bird out of a gilded cage. And remember nothing is happening to punish or hurt you, everything that happens in life (even the difficult and painful stuff), is for you to evolve. It’s not pretty but it’s true.

Had I known what life was really about as I child I would have approached it completely differently. I wish my mom had spoken these words to me, “You are here to grow. You are on your own unique path and it is your undertaking to find the keys that are hidden within you to unlock all of your power and experience the world as a miracle rather than a disappointment. The journey is long, and there are many challenges and twists and turns, but you are never alone and it is really all a dream, so enjoy it. Learn to listen with your heart, for this will always lead you to safe shores. You can create anything you desire, as long as it is aligned with the will of the Creator. That means create something good for everyone. Live for others, learn what it means to love yourself, you are so valuable and your voice matters! Give generously, never stop playing, just love everyone but be discerning on those who want you for selfish reasons and have kick-ass boundaries. You’re in a body in this life time so play guitar, sing, dance, mold pottery, pet your dog, jump around and make some noise. Enjoy the pleasures of life but don’t let them rule you. Learn as much as you can as often as you can and keep kind company. You are never alone, there are loving beings of light here to guide you through your life. Listen to your heart and spend less time thinking and just sit in total awareness. Cultivate harmonious relationships with everything and everyone around you. Figure out what your truth is and live it. You are a miracle.” I know the language and words sounds like something out of a Lord of the Rings movie but wouldn’t it be cool if we were taught the truth of who we are as little children? The good news is that we can teach the children the truth now. It will create a completely different world for the future generations.

I remember my mom telling me, “Life is Not Fair.” I hated when she said this because as a little girl I just wanted everything to go my way. I was pretty feisty as a child so I would put up a real stink if I didn’t get my way, feet stomping and arms crossed with the big pout…to no avail. My mom is no longer here, but the Universe places obstacles in my path so that I may learn what I need to learn and it still seems unfair. However, now I have a greater awareness in realizing that the friction created when working with those grains of sands (our problems) will, over time, produce the pearl (evolution). We are all growing more aware through these hardships and struggles. Struggles create awareness. Awareness is what grows our consciousness. With a greater awareness and higher consciousness we can make better choices because we can better see how everything is interconnected in the web of oneness. Better choices lead to better outcomes that create win-win situations and allows us to live in the flow.

We the people are the stewards of the earth. That means that we are placed here to take care of our lovely planet, our home, and we share it with all beings including animals, plants and minerals. I watched the new David Attenborough movie on Netflix called “David Attenborough – A Life on Our Planet”. When he was born there was 70% of wildlife areas on the planet. Fast forward to 2020, 94 years later and there is only 35% of wildlife regions! That’s frightening. This is our natural world, mankind has taken over to the point of mass destruction. David’s message is to re-wild the planet to save it and everyone and everything on it. I agree with him. This is a time to return to the earth. Turn our attention to cultivating natural habitat. Get your hands in the dirt. Walk on the earth barefoot. Plant trees. Spend as much time in the wilderness as possible. Swim in her lakes and rivers. Watch sunsets. Rescue animals. Plant a garden. Technology and industrial progress has got to take a back seat to living a natural life. How can you unplug and restore? What changes can you make to live a simpler and more peaceful life? Throw it out, don’t buy it, unplug, connect to a loved one. Simplicity will regenerate you. Breathe deeply. Remember who you are.

I think these difficult times have brought up the question; What really matters to me? CONNECTION. Our connection to Source, ourselves, to each other and to all things in nature. Connection is everything. You can’t eat money and it won’t hug you at night. The mindless pursuit of money is part of the old paradigm that is crumbling. We need to be able to truly live our lives instead of running around spending all of our time working working working to the point of ill health and exhaustion. When’s the last time you stood on top of a mountain? Or just sat for the whole morning in a forest to listen to the wind through the trees and to watch and listen for the chipmunks, owls and deer? When is the last time you saw the sunset or sunrise? Do you know what phase the moon is in now? Are you in tune with nature? Are you present in your day to day life? Are you listening? What experiences do you want to have here? You may be so overwhelmed that you don’t even know what you want. If this is the case then slow it down and spend more time with your heart and listening to what it wants. Simplify.

A higher frequency is what will help us all shift to the new world we all want and need. When you release the old stuff you will begin to vibrate higher. Create space for joy and then create it as often as you can by setting an intention each morning. “Today I will live a joy-filled life.” What you focus on grows.

You are loved you are loved you are loved.
Beth WrightSpirit Works

Connect to Source & The Earth

How are you doing? Are you taking the time to connect into yourself and to your Higher Self through your breath and meditation? Are you taking excellent care of your body? Are you getting enough rest? Are you loving yourself? All of yourself? Are you practicing patience and compassion with yourself and checking in to see what your needs are and then giving that to yourself?

In these intense times, self-care is of primary importance. Our physical bodies are being upgraded through the energetic light codes streaming in from the Spiritual Sun. Our DNA is being worked on. We are transforming our bodies in the ascension process and it can make us feel very tired, drained and irritable at times. We are also clearing our karma, and old energy from our cellular memory. You may also be feeling extremely sensitive and feeling grief as we let go of so much and face loss and the deep pain that comes with that. Be kind, patient and loving toward yourself on your journey. Love all parts of yourself, especially the insecure, lonely and frightened aspect of you. This is a long process, it has been happening for years now and everyone is in a different phase. The pandemic is a pattern interrupt, meaning all of our known ways of operating in the world have changed. I urge you to see this time as ultimately beneficial and to work with the energies to move into the flow.

This is the time for all of the children on Earth to unite, to come together as one under the same sun and moon. The purpose of this great shift is to create Heaven on Earth for the next cycle of life on this planet, the Golden Age. Understand that this upheaval is happening for you and for all of us. When you feel your mind going into fear, ground yourself to the earth to discharge the fearful energy and draw up the nurturing energy of Mother Earth. She will hold you in her loving energy and support you. Go to her daily. Sit with her. Her healing frequencies will calm your body.

There are two main energy channels to focus on that will uphold you in this time of deep transition. The first is grounding to the heart, or core of Mother Earth. Earth is our mother, our bodies are made from the physical substance of the Earth, which is called matter. Mater in Latin is “Mother”. She gives us everything we need, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat and she shelters us. She literally supports our every step. Mother Earth is a living, breathing organism that is alive and she has ascended into a higher dimension. We are all along for the ride!

Connecting with the Earth supports your health, energizes your being, and empowers creative living. I recommend connecting to her energy channel daily. Focus on your feet and your tailbone and then close your eyes and send your energy down into the earth, past the tree roots, the layers of soil, the bedrock, the underground streams and caverns and deep into the molten core of her being, her heart. Breathe deeply as you focus on sending and anchoring your energy down into her. As you breathe in, you breathe in her nourishment, visualize the energy as reddish pink, spiraling up like a river of energy into your feet and legs, tailbone and the perineum. Keep inhaling her energy up and exhaling any nervous tension from your body down into her, which she will transmute. Do this exercise for 5-10 minutes until you feel that you have connected fully to her heart center and you can feel the energy coming into your body. It will feel really good, like you are filling up. Any frenetic thoughts will calm and you will feel grounded and supported. Say out loud, “I AM one with the Heart of Mother Earth.” Each I AM statement you speak out loud is made into a reality through the sound creation emitted from your voice. You are speaking your reality into existence through your words. This is true for all of the words you speak.

The next major energy channel to work with is connecting to the heart of the Universe or the Great Central Sun, the spiritual sun. From your Crown chakra on the top of your head, send your energy up into the Universe, through the Earth’s atmosphere, into space, through the stars, galaxies and keep going until you feel that you are connecting to the very heart of the Universe. You do this by stating your intention, “I am connecting with the heart of the Universe.” Once you feel that you are there, say out loud, “I AM one with the Heart of the Universe.” You will feel a higher frequency enter into your energy field and your being. You will feel the lightness of being. Now connect both the earth energy and the Universal energy into your heart center where they will intertwine. Breathe here for about 20 deep breaths.

These two main energy channels supply your body and energy field with the vital life force energy it needs to evolve. These tubes of light or energy spirals feed you. When you feel anxious or fearful, your root chakra is blocked, so you need the grounding exercise. When you feel depressed, your crown chakra is blocked, so practice the Universal energy exercise. Spend 10-15 minutes a day doing this exercise and you will notice a difference! The more you practice, the larger the spirals will become and you will experience greater well-being.

It takes so much to stay balanced in these times. Just keeping a positive mental attitude can sometimes be challenging. Take excellent care of yourself and spend time with those that you love. We will triumph through this.

Everything is in Divine Order

This time of upheaval and uncertainty is causing a lot of stress for many. There is so much loss and rapid change, which can be very disorienting for some. We have had 2 recent eclipses on June 5 and June 21 and the third in the series is due on July 5th. Wow! The astrology of this time is incredible as it portends a new world. We are literally witnessing the birth of a new world….imagine that! I have spoken to many people who are not convinced that anything will change after this “pandemic”. I am here to tell you that so much will change and in the best possible way. First we have to go through the deconstruction process which means loss in all its forms. Grounding to the Earth has never been so important as it is now. Staying balanced and hydrated, aligned and keeping your heart open is necessary for wellbeing. Breathe in the beautiful light energies that are being blasted onto our planet for our upgrade. Connect with your Higher Self, God and the Source of all that is. Know that everything truly is in Divine and Perfect Order. This is all happening FOR you. Trust and let go. Ride that beautiful wave of change!

It is time to know who you really are as a human being and the truth of our existence. It is time to realize your God Self and to recognize that you are connected to everything in the Universe and the cells in your body contain all of the information of the Universe. There is so much more to who you are as a human being than what you have experienced in your life so far. Firstly, it is important for you to know that there are many other species that exist in our Universe and inhabit different stars, such as the Pleiadians, Arcturians, Sirians, and many more that make up the Galactic family. We are not alone and never have been. These beings have been watching us and helping us since we arrived here. Earth is a planet in the Universe that has been inhabited by other species prior to humans being placed here. There have been many wars over this planet and a regime took over Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago and altered the DNA of humans so that they could control us and feed off of the lower emotions such as fear and anger. If this sounds crazy to you I ask you to just keep reading. To change, one must let go of the conditioned beliefs that we have been spoon-fed our whole life.

There is so much mind control on this planet, all designed to tell us what to think, what to buy, how to live and to keep us from knowing and living our power. We are powerful beings and we are in a phase now where we are upgrading our energetic and physical bodies. We are mutating into our original design where all of our DNA will be online. The scientists who located the “junk” DNA simply do not know the truth, that the original design of the human DNA was altered from 12 strands to 2 to create a controllable version of humans. Our bodies can regrow themselves and we will be able to molecularly restructure our bodies to bi-locate, or be in other places at the same time. This information can be overwhelming. You have to be willing to lose the old self and open the mind much wider than you ever imagined to embrace these new understandings. The old system created a “history” that would suit their purposes, but was entirely untrue. If you don’t believe me just think of what is coming to light now about our history and what our schools taught us and what really happened. There is so much more to us, and to our true history that it is mind blowing.

This time is critically important because this is the time that the road splits into two. There are 2 paths available now and this is a prophecy that has been spoken of in many cultures. It was carved into stones thousands of years ago. The doorway is open now for us to choose. The humans on the planet at this time will either stay on the path of fear, sickness and destruction or they will upgrade themselves and choose the path of light and love. Light is information and love is creation. If you are reading this newsletter, you will be on the path of Light for your consciousness has already elevated to the place where one makes the conscious choice to love as a way of life. We are energetically creating Heaven on Earth or the Kingdom of God. This means that we will be able to experience ecstasy, bliss and oneness within our bodies just as it is in Heaven. I have had this experience, so I can attest to its existence. We will be moving into the quantum field which is unlike anything you have ever known or thought possible.

The Hopi prophecy as told by Dr. Robert Ghost Wolf:
“The Hopi Prophecy Rock is on the Hopi Indian Reservation, near Oraibi, Arizona. It clearly depicts two paths.
Path 1 – a 2-hearted path – a 2-hearted person is one who thinks with their head rather than their heart. Modern persons are out of balance because they live in a left-brain dominated society, leading to conflict and imbalance, which will ultimately lead to the destruction to those on this path.
Path 2 – a 1-hearted path – a 1-hearted person is one who thinks with their heart whereby the path leads to harmony and balance.The Prophecy Rock depicts a fork in the journey where the 2-hearted people have the choice of selecting to start thinking with their hearts or continue to think only with their heads. If they continue on the heads-only path, it will lead to self-destruction, symbolized by a lightning strike from a cloud. Those who choose to think with their hearts will return to the 1-hearted path leading to their own survival.”Nothing living will go untouched, here or in the heavens. The way through this time it is said is to be found in our hearts, and reuniting with our spiritual self. Getting simple and returning to living with and upon the Earth and in harmony with her creatures, remembering that we are the caretakers, the fire keepers of the Spirit.”

For many of you on the journey, in recent years you have faced your shadows, those aspects of yourselves that we disown and hide from our self. This is tough work because no one likes to look at the ugly truths about themselves. It’s uncomfortable and downright painful, but once you see and accept all of who you are including your darkness, and integrate these aspects to become whole, you will be ready to take the next step. This is evolution! Do not let the past be your guide to what the future holds. Miracles are available at all times as you open to become your unlimited self. Detach from old beliefs that keep you tied to limitations. We will be able to know ourselves as beings of Light in our lifetimes. This is amazing! I have had experiences that are phenomenal and I know what is available to us because I have been shown. You are multi-dimensional which means you have a Higher Self and I AM presence that move through you and can move you if you allow it. Your job is to clear, open and integrate yourself.
It is all about energy. Keep yourself elevated, joy-filled and connect with your heart. Do the shadow work. I’m available to help you with this if you need assistance.

The times are going to become even more extreme and the loss will increase. There will be chaos. Many people will crossover because they will not be able to handle it. Truths will be revealed that will blow your mind. We are literally experiencing a huge battle between dark and light. We are aligning now with the truth of who we are. Empower yourself with knowledge. Find your joy and practice gratitude and trusting in the Creator’s design for us all. I am including a free guided morning chakra meditation in this newsletter for you to listen to so that you can build your light body. A strong energy field and open, balanced chakras are key to your evolution. Nurture your nervous system by breathing, resting, being in nature, doing yoga or stretching and appreciating your life. Drink pure water and eat clean food. Ingest the beauty of nature all around you. The earth energies are assisting in healing and upgrading us. Live your life in love.

Enjoy your summer and keep opening to each moment as it comes. Here is a mantra for you to speak out loud, “Life is an amazing, magical, blessed journey and I am eternally grateful!”

Becoming Your Higher Self

The Big Shift is upon us. As we are all quarantined in our homes, we are forced to look at and deal with the things about our selves and our lives and our society that we want to change. But to change this world seems so overwhelming, there’s so much that needs to change, where do we start? The answer is….you start with changing YOU. That is all you need to focus on for now. Upgrade your vibration and the world will change.

We have the opportunity now to truly become our Higher Selves. In this world of duality, we are constantly battling between the Ego (material) and the Higher Self (spiritual). But now, in these unprecedented times, because the Earth carries a higher vibration (she has been upgrading herself for years), we have the opportunity to upgrade our selves to a much higher frequency. In this higher vibration, once we integrate all of who we are, we can receive more of our Higher Self into our physical, emotional and mental bodies. To become our Higher Self is the greatest goal we can aspire to. It means we overcome the nature of our lower self and serve on this planet from a place of divine love as we come into alignment with the will of the Creator.

To do this, you have to contend with your shadow. Which means, you begin to study your self in a very honest way, by being the observer of you. You can watch your self as you interact with others. How do you behave? What thoughts are you thinking? What is hiding within you that you do not allow to express itself? This open assessment will show you who your shadow is. For example: I have a “voice” within me that feels very left out, uncared for and who wants what other people have. This aspect of myself is very needy and feels powerless, and she doesn’t believe that she can get the things that other people have. When I hear her small voice within me, I recognize that she needs my love and attention, so I speak to her and say, “I love you, you are valuable and you are powerful. You can do anything and I support you.” I used to just push those thoughts away and ask God for forgiveness for thinking them, saying, that’s not really who I am, but it is my shadow who wants love and affection. The thoughts still come, but I treat them differently and with steady devotion, I am working to integrate that part of me into wholeness. In the meantime, I accept that it is part of me and love myself no matter what. Our shadows are born out of the traumas we incur in our developmental years.

There can be many aspects of your shadow that need to integrate. Take your time to practice loving all of yourself. We also need to balance the masculine and feminine aspects of ourselves. This means that we express both the masculine and feminine qualities within, and marry the two. And then we align each of our energy centers, or chakras and connect to the heart of Mother Earth and the Heart of the Universe. The main components to all of this are love, patience and compassion as we navigate through our inner landscape, coming into alignment as we fine tune our bodies and energy fields.

There is so much in this modern world that can throw a human being off their true path these days. We have to contend with toxins in our air, food and water as well as electromagnetic pollution. Other factors include negative thinking, violence in movies, shows and games, pornography instead of beautiful, connected sexuality and common belief systems that we are not enough. Be very discerning what you allow into your mind. To become a master of oneself, we first have to master our thoughts and emotions. To align with the truth of who we are is the first step in becoming your Higher Self.

We are powerful beings of light in human form! Jesus said, “Even the least among you can do all I have done and more.” Once we become our Higher Selves, we will know what it is like to have super powers. Already many of us already know what it is to manifest our heart’s desires. This manifestation is a super power. It is the Law of Attraction. There is much more that we can do. In the 5th dimension, the energy is so high that the lower energies do not exist there. There is no hatred, greed, lack, depression, hunger, anger, frustration, sadness or fear of any kind. In the 5th world, everyone shares everything with everyone else and loving kindness is the energy of the heart that emanates outward. This is the incentive to doing the inner work. Your Higher Self will work with you to complete this. You have to be willing and really want to change. Surrender to the flow of the Universe that is working with you to upgrade yourself.

There is a way to live on this earth that our ancient ancestors once knew. It is a peaceful and harmonious existence with love at it’s center. To live from our Spirit, from our hearts. To live without fear. The Age of Aquarius has arrived, and so begins the time of peace and harmony on planet earth. The Golden days are here. This is just the beginning. Do your part in this by loving all of yourself and making the inner changes into wholeness. I am available to guide you. This is my divine mission, is to guide others to becoming their Higher Selves and aligning with the truth of who you are. Blessings on your path. Today and every day.

Trust in the Divine Order of the Universe

Welcome to the New Earth, I have much to share with you. Although the world may seemed turned upside down, trust that everything is in Divine and perfect Order. Now is not the time to go into fear, but to surrender completely and trust in the Way of the Universe. I extend my deepest sympathy to those who have lost loved ones because of the virus and are experiencing great loss in one form or another

As of March 10th, 2020, a new beginning is underway on our planet. The astrology of these times has indicated a new era has begun. It presents itself as destruction and upheaval, but underneath it all, Divine intelligence is at play. Trust is the antidote to fear and panic. Whatever comes, we can overcome together. The time has come for us to unite in love.

The phase we are currently experiencing is the dismantling of the old, or “The Tower” card in the Tarot. It is the 16th card in the Tarot which comes directly after “The Devil” card. “The Tower card is commonly interpreted as meaning danger, crisis, destruction, and liberation. It is associated with sudden unforeseen change.” The Tower card follows The Devil card, “[The Devil] It represents being seduced by the material world and physical pleasures. Also living in fear, domination and bondage, being caged by an overabundance of luxury.” The Devil card represents where humanity has been caught up in the material world allowing our egoic minds to lead rather than our hearts and Spirit. As a whole, our priorities have been on money and the material world and in order for us to live instead from our hearts, where our God-Self resides, a complete reorganization needs to take place. The original design for the human being is to listen to and heed the guidance of your Spirit, which is your God-Self that cares about others and the planet. The teachings of Jesus (I am not Christian) teach us The Golden Rule and to “Love Your Neighbor as You love yourself, and Love God Above all Else”. God/Goddess is our North Star, our orientation to take the right course of action and care for everyone on the planet as well as the earth, which is our home.

In this case, the dismantling of the old is occurring in the form of a world-wide pandemic and economic crash. The old structures that are in place which serve the interests of a few, and not the whole, are being destroyed. The world has been grossly out of balance for too long and the victims of this are the children, the elderly, the sick, the poor, the animals and the environment. When the daily focus in on making money to live then the priority is misaligned. And when it goes to the extreme where it is at the expense of others and the planet herself, then a rebalance is called for, and that is what is happening now. It is time to put the world back into balance. It is time for the human race to evolve. Every society that has evolved puts the emphasis on the well being and health of the whole. It is time we learned to consider the whole, all people and animals who live under the same sun are to be treated equally because we are all creating the whole. We know what happens if some people are considered lesser than others because we have lived through it. We know what happens when money is treated as God because we have lived through it. Do you want to continue on with the status quo? What other possibilities exist?

The Star card follows the Tower card. “When the Star card appears, you are likely to find yourself feeling inspired. It brings renewed hope and faith and a sense that you are truly blessed by the universe at this time.” The Star is where we are heading….but first we must journey through all of the consequences and changes that the Tower brings us. This is a time of the Great Awakening on Earth. It is a Reset and it will level the playing field.

The Lightworkers on earth have already experienced The Tower in their personal lives. I am a Lightworker and 3 years ago I lost everything, including my marriage, home, personal stuff and my sweet dog. I have spent the last 3 years recovering. Because I already lost everything, I have nothing to lose at this time (with the big exception of lives of anyone who may die from the virus.) But I have no money or home or pet to lose, because I already lost it and have basically been in training for this time on earth for the past 3 years. Other Lightworkers have also already gone through “The Fall” or “The Tower” period so that they can lead others through it at this time. I know them and we talk and it has been quite a ride. So from experience, I offer you this… Who are you without your job? Who are you without money? Who are you without the material? Who are you without the structure and routine that was in place that kept you feeling safe? Who is the Self that you identify with? This is the question that yogis and gurus have always asked. Who are you?

Now is the golden opportunity for you to discover and claim all of your True Self. You are a Beautiful Being of Light, an incredibly powerful Spirit and Soul who has an amazing heart that will guide you at these times! We are souls that are eternal and reincarnate again and again to learn and experience all aspects of the Self through many lifetimes. Once you learn to identify with the eternal self, the non-dying spiritual essence of who you are that is love energy, then you will be liberated from the bondage of the material world. We are moving into a new Way of being on this earth where we lead with our Hearts and care for one another so that we as the human race may experience a new era known as the Golden Age. This Golden Age looms large ahead of us, and now is the time where we begin to shift into it.

In the past 3 years I underwent a huge process of having to let go of everything I thought I knew once again, to be shown the truth. It requires a great amount of trust and the willingness to open your mind to accept new beliefs and understandings. I felt myself at the edge of insanity at times, I will not lie… and it was frightening. But in the years following the radical, complete and sudden loss came times of Grace. I had my second kundalini experience and on November 19th, 2019, I entered the 5th dimension, the energetic space of Heaven on Earth, or the Kingdom of God. My spirit body now resides on the 5th dimension. When I first had that experience, I was blessed with feeling it in my physical body for 8 hours. In the 5th dimension, fear does not exist, there is no sickness and disease, nor hatred and greed. In the 5th dimension, humans live in love and everyone shares everything and takes care of one another. It is pure grace, an expansive state of love that is incredible! It may sound like a utopian fantasy world based on what we have always known in our lives to date, but it is very real and very possible for us to create. Believe! Once you come to know who you truly are, a multi-dimensional being of Light, then you will know you can create Heaven on Earth. Once you are consciously connected to your Higher Self, your multi-dimensional Self, and are connected to the Heart of Mother Earth, then you can claim all of your Self, the original design of the Human Being, made in the Likeness of God. We have the innate power to manifest on earth what is born in the etheric through our thoughts. It’s a major transformation for the human race! Can you allow yourself to go through this change without clinging to all of your human conditioning? Be brave and let go completely so that you may experience The Way, The Light & The Truth. Learn to build your Light Body or Energy Field to access all of who you are!

As the Tower continues to fall all around us, orient yourself to God or the Universe within you, the Light in your heart. Center yourself to the Earth and know you will always be provided for. Daily practices such as meditation, breath work, prayer, chanting and yoga will help to support your central nervous system to keep you calm and grounded. Practice gratitude and keep yourself elevated with music, dance and conversations with loved ones. Read positive books. Have you noticed the shift in Mother Nature? The earth herself has ascended into the 5th dimension and in order to synchronize with her frequency all humans are being upgraded. Some will choose to leave the earth at this time. Those who cannot hold the higher frequency will transition. The earth is regenerating while the great grinding of the machine slows to a low hum. Her waters are clearing and you may notice a difference in the air quality and the way it feels outside. Tune into the earth and become aware of the peacefulness of her presence without millions of humans scurrying around. Stay open to the present moment at all times! All of the power resides in the present moment.

Many revelations will soon come to the Light that will shock the world about what has been happening behind the scenes. All has not been as it seems. I will not comment on exactly what those revelations are, but it is a great purging of darkness that will free up humanity at a deep level.

I have always spoken about the Beings of Light and our Angels that are available to us at all times. Now is the time to commune with them if you feel afraid, and to ask for guidance. Spend time alone with your own heart and soul and surrender into the new Way of being. The higher frequencies are supporting you in this transformation. Your thoughts and beliefs will determine what you experience, so guard your thoughts! If you find yourself going into fear, you have the ability to choose to reset. Stay positive! Rest assured that everything truly is in Divine and perfect order and that the design of the Universe is leading us in the direction of the Golden era of Love and Peace once again on planet earth. These are amazing times and if you are still here, your soul signed up for this Great Shift. Own it! You are a Powerful Creator!

Creating From Our Heart

This Christmas season is different, can you feel it? Take a deep breath right now and hold it for a moment before exhaling it all out slowly… Now take another deep breath and with the slow and long out breath, feel your body and your mind relaxing… Now take one more deep breath all the way into your belly, and as you exhale, feel yourself releasing any stress you’re holding onto. Now allow your awareness to drop down from your mind into your heart space. Feel yourself move into the present moment. Just focus on the energy in your heart. Feel into it with each breath… in and out…

This place, the present moment, residing in our heart center is the place where we are all birthing our new lives, and a new way of being. The simple breath, in and out, the expansion and contraction, is the key to our rebirth. In every breath we connect with the life force energy, the prana, the chi, the river of light and love that flows in, through and all around us. Imagine if the air / energy we breath in and out has a color and image to it. I want you to visualize rainbow river of energy flowing up from the earth and as you take a deep breath in, feel that energy moving up through your feet and legs and your root chakra into your pelvic area and torso. Keep breathing and move that rainbow river up through your abdomen and chest, up through your throat and out through the top of your head. The rainbow comes up from the heart of the earth through you and up to the heart of the Universe. Three hearts connecting, a Trinity or Creation Code.

I recently had another intense spiritual experience which occurred 19 days after my second kundalini rising. It happened early in the morning on November 18 while I was lying in bed. Having just woken at 6am, I was watching a YouTube video of Gregg Braden talking about the Quantum field. His words triggered something in my mind and heart field and I felt a chain reaction happen in my energy field around my heart which felt like electrical sparks. Then I felt a huge surge of energy rise up from my feet as my body began to shudder. At that moment I felt a shift and I crossed into another dimension and expanded into my full Self. In the new dimension, I knew I was in the Kingdom of God, there were no words, just a knowingness. I felt blissful, peaceful and full of love. I knew that everything I had ever wanted personally; full connection to God, a divine love relationship, wealth, peace of mind and happiness, already existed and I was now accessing it. I couldn’t wait to give my money away to my family and friends! All I wanted to do was to share everything I had. I understood why everything in my life had happened the way that it did. I could “see” for miles in all directions energetically. There was a total absence of fear. I held my body differently, more regally and I felt buoyant and joyous. I was experiencing the All, the complete union of myself with the God. This amazing experience lasted 8 hours. I spent the time doing yoga, singing and dancing to music, journaling and lying in meditation communing with the Universe. I knew I was experiencing Heaven on Earth. This reality is always there, once we match our vibration or frequency to it, it appears. It is the most beautiful reality I can imagine.

I relay my experience to you because I want you to become aware that this state of existence is real and available to anyone who is willing to do the work to clear your karma, energy field, heal your past and surrender into the new paradigm, the new reality of being. It’s as if we are being released from prison. Two of my favorite movies, “Shawshank Redemption” and “The Count of Monte Cristo”, (the 2002 version) are about men who have been wrongly imprisoned. These characters spend years being enslaved but during that time of oppression a deep transformation takes place in their inner world. After many difficulties and obstacles, they successfully escape prison and go onto claim their rightful treasures. I feel as if this is the time for humanity to break free and claim our rightful treasure of living in Heaven on Earth! We have been living in a world that has been controlling us in so many ways and most people are not even aware of how programmed we are. There is so much more to our existence and who we actually are! It’s beyond incredible once you get a glimpse of reality on the God plane. Our true Self is eternal. We have lived thousands of lifetimes.

Imagine you have just escaped from a dark prison and there is a blank landscape in front of you with infinite possibility. Imagine you have super powers of creation so that you just have to breathe and vibrate and think of what you want and …poof, your vision materializes right in front of you. Instant manifestation. If you could have any kind of life you want, what would you choose? What kind of world would you create, not just for yourself, but for all of us? Imagine you are God. What new creations excite you? Imagine how much joy was involved in the creation of our earth, just consider all the varieties of plants and animals. How did a giraffe get a long neck and big brown spots and long eyelashes? Why does a grasshopper take giant leaps and make noise with its legs? Have you seen those orchids that look like monkey faces? Why do fruits and vegetables, when cut open correspond to different organs in the human body? Spend a day snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef and you will marvel at all of the colors and shapes and sizes of fish and coral. Creation is fun! We are meant to have fun creating our new reality.

There is an entire world of these same infinite possibilities residing in our heart. We can dream true our new life. Imagine what the world would be like if we were open to one another in the streets, laughing, talking, dancing and singing. Imagine if the energetic walls we have built between us suddenly collapsed and we felt the oneness of being. Imagine that you could feel all the energy of the Universe coursing through your blood and you felt so alive and in this place all was forgiven, understood, and you felt a deep sense of connection and wholeness. Imagine that every street was lined with fruit trees and you had time everyday to sit with the sunrise and sunset. If you can dream it, you can live it. It’s already here. That’s what I understood when I jumped into the other dimension, it already exists. So incredibly amazing! So the next time you hear yourself say, No, he won’t be impeached, No, the world won’t change, No, it’s going to take forever… don’t. Just don’t say it. Choose another thought. Because it is our thoughts blended with the heart feelings that create reality. Choose to think what you want to experience, not the other thing…We are waiting for the tipping point, the certain number of people to be at that higher frequency, emitting those thoughts. That doesn’t mean we aren’t aware of our current reality, it’s just that we have the power to create a new reality at any time.

I’m super grateful for these experiences of crossing the veil, the light activation and visiting the 5th dimension. I don’t know why I haven’t been able to hold the new vibration to live in that realm 24 x 7. I long to return there. Everyday I set my intention to live in the Kingdom of God. Perhaps we need more people to raise their frequency so it can become our reality. If that’s the truth then please, people, do the work and shift your frequency because I want to live there! You do too, trust me. It all starts with the breath, relaxing, allowing, surrendering and connecting to the vibration of the present moment. In the words of Ram Dass, “At the moment when there’s nothing more to lose, the ego breaks open and then we see who we are behind who we thought we were.” Get to this place of letting go of everything, everyone, all of what you think you know and who you think you are and allow your Higher Self to show you the truth. In the Kingdom of God you need nothing, yet everything is there. God inside of you is everything! It is all the love and power and fulfillment you have ever dreamed of! Now breathe and keep breathing and let it all unfold into the beautiful dream it was always meant to be.

All the Power of the Universe is Inside of You

I have heard the saying that the entire Universe lies within me, but not until recently did I get to experience directly what that actually means in terms of energy.

On October 30th I had my second Light activation where the kundalini life force energy was activated and traveled through my entire body, piercing each chakra from my base upward, exploding in electrical currents out through the crown of my head and uniting with the Heart of the Universe, the Source of all Creation. It was orgasmic as I quite literally had a “Godgasm”. I was writhing around on the floor in ecstatic release, moaning, groaning and gyrating as I felt the union of my body, mind, spirit and soul with my Higher Self, God and the Universe as One. The power that I experienced was overwhelming, my body was experiencing such a tremendous flow of energy that it was scary at first until I realized that resistance was futile and that all I had to do was to surrender and “let go”. Once I surrendered, the force and the Light burst through me into oneness as I felt a radiant and harmonized state of being. The rush was incredible and it was as if I had stuck my finger into a high voltage electrical socket. I felt so ALIVE as if all the Universe was flowing through me! And that’s exactly what was happening.

Do you have any idea how much power we have access to by connecting our energy field and bodies with the flow of the Universal Life force? This river of energy rises up from Mother earth through us connecting our human flesh body with our Higher Selves and God. Unless you have felt it you would not believe how powerful we actually are! I’m talking supernatural! And the power is the force and light of love, it is one and the same energy that makes up all of creation that moves through us and all around us. It is the same substance that creates a nebulous, a dark hole, a shooting comet, the Sun. It is infinity, or forever, boundlessness, there is no quantification for it as it is the All. Once you become aware of the truth of who you are, of your power, of how much you are loved and watched over, you would never worry again. The conditioned mind of the human however, has to practice being fearless, and has to learn the true meaning of trust. Trust is to relinquish control.

Jesus said, “Even the least among you can do all I have done and more.” We absolutely have the ability to manifest miracles. It is awe inspiring and I can see how those that have access to that kind of power have struggled with using it for good because the seduction to use if for personal gains cannot be underestimated. That kind of power, if unleashed within a person who does not have humility at their foundation is extremely dangerous. It reminds me of the movie, “The Lord of the Rings”. Even Cate Blanchette’s character, the fairy queen, Galadriel, who was “good” was tempted by the power of the ring. Only Frodo, whose heart was pure and unadulterated was entrusted with the role of ring bearer because he could not be corrupted. Therefore, purifying our hearts and minds is an essential step to receiving this light activation so that we may direct our actions in alignment with the will of God which is concerned for the good of all and not for our own egoic purposes.

This second Light activation happened for me so that I could step into my role as a Divine Teacher for others to show them the possibilities of what is available in this field of experience. When this union occurs you are activating your full potential of who you are and what you can bring through you as your Divine Self to contribute to the world in this lifetime. This power, this union and this potential is available to everyone.
My first activation occurred in 2002 and that is when I first came to understand who I truly was (a Divine being of Light in a body) and what my role was in this world (Teacher of the Light). The experience was super intense, and it took place after I lost everything including my boyfriend, job, apartment, car (all of my worldly possessions), but at least I had my dogs. It took me 14 years to integrate that activation. Once you receive an activation like that it’s critical to maintain a daily spiritual practice to keep you in alignment with God so you can develop further and go deeper into yourself. I then had a 7 year initiation of one challenge after another and during those difficult years, I perceived that I had been abandoned. This was a misperception but the fact that I had that belief resulted in my losing my faith. The consequence of that false belief was that I created my life from a place of disconnection and from my head rather than fully creating from my heart and with love. When you create your life from a place of fear, from your wounded self, the life you create is not sustainable, it will eventually crumble like the Tower in the Tarot deck. The foundation has to be love, that is the way, the light and the truth. The path of the heart leads you back to oneness. All else will ultimately be revealed as false. The more awareness you have the more you realize there is no wrong path as all water eventually leads to the great ocean. Even years of repeating the same mistakes over and over will bring you back to your truth. Or you are released from the body back to the Light. The lesson here is that you are never abandoned, you are never alone, you are always loved and accompanied by God and those that love you and want the best for you. When you feel alone, rejected, hurt and full of despair, know that you are in a place where you are to utilize what you have learned so far. With a strong and positive mindset, keep your body fit, commune with nature, buoy your faith and keep walking the narrow path. If you lose your faith and fall into victim consciousness, you will experience what feels like a “fall”, or a downward spiral of destruction. You always have a choice. If you keep your faith and put into practice what you know to be true, you will continue to grow your True Self, your Creator self and this requires a tremendous amount of fortitude. These periods of difficulties and challenges have been placed in your path by a loving Universe to strengthen you. You will find out what you are made of in these challenging phases. If you crumble and fall, you will have to reassemble yourself into a better version and it could take some time. Once the new you has emerged you will know your strength which emanates from the center of your being and this will be your empowerment. The definition of the word empowerment from Wikipedia is, “The term empowerment refers to measures designed to increase the degree of autonomy and self-determination in people and in communities in order to enable them to represent their interests in a responsible and self-determined way, acting on their own authority. It is the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights. Empowerment as action refers both to the process of self-empowerment and to professional support of people, which enables them to overcome their sense of powerlessness and lack of influence, and to recognize and use their resources. To do work with power.” When we claim our God-given power we can carry our own weight and give back to the world.

Do you see? It is all for you! Even the really painful and hard shit! Once you come out the other end of the rebirthing tunnel, you can glory in your magnificence, as you claim your power to be all of who you are. Life and everything happening in it is all for you, that is why the saying “Everything is Love” and “Only Love is Real” is true. Love is everything, it is the force that guides your growth back to this place of wholeness and it will do it in unexpected and shocking ways if need be so that you can let go into the Oneness. Good and bad are one and the same, all of it is God. Once you become empowered you can use your powers for good to affect this world by offering your unique gifts that you were born with. We all have them.

These strengthening processes are orchestrated so that you can overcome your fear to bring your gifts out into the world! It was only after I lost everything twice in my life (the second time I lost my dogs too) that I came to know what I’m truly made of. I’m a badass for real. I am strong, resilient and freaking awesome and now I know it because I have lived it. I have transmuted my victim self into my Creator Self and there’s so much more to learn, believe me, but I at least I know this now, and this is what I need to keep growing my true self, every day, with every choice I make.
Most of us are disconnected from this river of life force energy. When that happens, your root chakra is closing off and you may feel fearful and anxious and have a sense of lack. Wherever you are right now, I want you to bring your awareness to your base chakra, at your tailbone, and your perineum, that place between your anus and sex organs (sorry there’s just no other way to say it, lol!) Be aware if you are holding down there, pulling up and clenching. Now just completely relax that whole area including your legs and breathe. It may feel like you need to pee or give you a pleasant sexual feeling. Keep softening and opening that area. Now imagine this shaft, river, pillar, column of light coming up from Mother earth into your body with a warm, pink light flooding into every cell. Breathe it in. Allow it to flow up through your pelvis, low back, abdomen, mid back, chest, upper back, throat, head and out the top of your head all the way up to the heart of the Universe. Keep breathing as you tune into the flow of Universal Life force energy running through you. Relax, breath and visualize this happening in your body. Don’t think about it and then just relax into it and experience it by feeling it. This is also a good exercise to do lying down with your arms and legs open wide in starfish position and meditative music playing. Practice this daily and if you have time, throughout your day. This is the energy that animates your body and nourishes and feeds your entire system. When you do not have this connection you feel fear and anxiety, your body gets sick, your mind gets sick and disease results. You can eat all the best foods, drink the best water, take all the right vitamins, but the number one source of vitality, health and well-being is Source energy flowing through you. Read that sentence again, please and take 3 deep breaths. The breath moves the energy through you. Deep belly breaths, in and out of your nose.

When you live only from your head, you are trying to control everything yourself. Your head is not where you want to be creating from because it is limited by human perception as well as misperception. When you connect with the flow, you let go of control and trust in the Universe to guide you. This is how you create from your Heart for your Highest and your best to realize your full potential. Spend time cultivating this connection. Let go of trying to control because you don’t have the vantage point the Universe does. You most probably are unable to recognize your magnificence and the Universe does so its plan for you and its design for your life will be 5 gazillion times better than the one your mind constructs. By connecting with the Universal flow, you can co-create your amazing life through wisdom, empowerment and intuition and have all of the intelligence and power from the Universe supporting you.
Blessings on your path.

In Peace and Light,
Beth WrightSpirit Works

Real Change is Possible!

Just as every year passes and the seasons change, we change and grow. This is called evolution. Nothing remains the same, change is the one constant in our lives that we can count on. Loved ones close to us pass on and others pass through and new people enter. Life can be like a revolving door at times. New jobs, new locations, new scenery. Babies being born, kids go off to college, we remodel our homes, get new hairdos, buy newer cars, shape new bodies, acquire diplomas, and get upgrades of all kinds. Our physical, outer world is constantly in a state of flux. If we cling tightly to what is leaving or has left us, we will suffer. We have to adapt to our new reality in order to thrive. Change is a process. We are constantly being given opportunities to change our inner world.
Our inner world is the way we perceive ourselves and the world around us. It is our belief systems, our connection to Source, our understanding of who we are and how we fit into the grand scheme of things. Our inner world is where our thoughts and dreams originate, our words and what we create. So often we can get stuck in a rut, thinking and creating the same thing that perhaps we don’t want to and we wonder why that happens. Real change is possible but you have to really want it more than you want the comfort of the familiar. Sometimes we don’t ask for the change, it’s delivered to us from the Universe in what can seem cruel and unforgiving at the time. True change can be a bit scary, but you will know when it’s time for it because you will be so sick of the current reality that you may want to check out. It may even feel like you’re dying or want to die but what’s happening is that your old self is at that place of dying and your new self is waiting for you to let go so it can be born! You’ve got to trust and let go…surrender.
Everyone will go through change slightly differently because we are all having our own experience, unique to who we are and we are all in our own phase. Even so, there are some similarities to the process:

  1. Decision – when the time comes that you just can’t take it any more, you make a decision, which means you make a choice that you are going to go in a new direction and then you actually stick to that choice. Decide comes from a Latin word “cide” which means to cut off or kill. To decide means you literally cut off all other options. You choose a new path.
  2. Self-Image – you create a new image of who you want to be and convince yourself that you can be that person. Who do you admire? What qualities do they possess? What qualities, behaviors and actions will the new you demonstrate? It’s a good practice to visualize how you will look, what you will be doing as this new you. Where will you be? What are your heart’s desires, your heart holds the key to the new you.
  3. Beliefs – when you choose your new path, you are fully invested in believing this is the new path for you and that you are that person who can walk that path and be that version of yourself. This belief is solidified within your mind, heart and energy field. There’s no looking back.
  4. Boundaries – not everyone is going to like it when you change because it may feel scary to them that you are no longer acting like the person they knew before once you re-define your boundaries and stick with them. It’s necessary to draw new lines in the sand that people can’t cross. When you do this, it may cause some waves at first, but ultimately, you will garner respect. Some people may bounce right out of your life. Let them.
  5. New Circle – it will be important to support yourself in this transformation however you need to which means you may change the people you surround yourself with that believe and encourage you to be this new version of yourself. As your frequency raises, you will attract people into your life that are on that new vibrational level as you. Let the old go & embrace what and who is showing up now.
  6. Thoughts, Words & Behaviors – You will literally need to think different thoughts, speak different words and act in different ways to become the new version of you. This takes practice and repetition. If you find yourself reverting to your old patterns of thoughts and behaviors, realign yourself by reminding yourself of who you want to be. You can work with a hypnotist, coach, or energy healer to learn how to transform the patterns that reside in the subconscious.
  7. Connection to Source – By connecting to God, the Universe, your Inner Being…whatever you want to call it, you are empowering yourself and filling yourself with the Light that will help you raise your vibration and reach that next level. This is called alignment and will keep you in the flow of everything that the Universe wants to deliver to you.
  8. Trust – The antidote to fear and anxiety is trust. Trust in the process of the unfolding of your life. It is scary and not easy to change your form. Just ask any caterpillar…but look what comes out on the other side! Be brave, and stay the course. Your heart is where you will find your courage.
  9. Love – Love yourself through all of it, the scary, the letting go, the tears, the uncertainty….all of it. Just keep telling yourself, “I Love You & I believe in You”. Accept all of your past, who you were & what you experienced without judgment. Wholeness requires total self-acceptance.

These are just some guide posts for your transformational journey. The Universe is constantly working with you to help you evolve and it’s happening on a massive scale right now. We are in transformational times and our very existence depends on us changing so that we make better choices for ourselves and this planet.

We are meant to evolve. We know how painful it is to watch loved ones who don’t make the changes that are so obvious to us that we know will make them happier people. Let go of how you think the way things “should” be and open yourself up to receive what is coming in. Raise your vibration so that you create the highest and the best for your self. It is less about striving and more about aligning and allowing.

My friend Jess Holland and I are facilitating a course called “Loving My Life!” for women in Syracuse who could use some support and guidance as they make those changes. It’s wonderful to have someone walk you through the steps and give you the encouragement you need to stick with it until your beautiful wings unfold and you can fly on your own.

Real change is messy. When it’s done right, it will crack you open revealing all the gory guts you’ve tried so hard to repress. It will stir up your most painful memories and feelings and ask you to really look at them, process them and then release them forever. Forever, as in never to come back and haunt you again in the wee hours of the morning when you’re trying to get a some decent sleep.

Real change requires brutal honesty so that you can arrive at a place of your TRUTH. We are so conditioned by everything and everyone around us all the time…how often do you actually drop into your own heart and soul and find out what your true desires are? At some point along your journey you begin to realize that you might be sacrificing your truth for the status quo. I don’t really like working a corporate job that gives me the security that’s supposed to make me feel good but instead I feel like my life is slipping by before my eyes and I’d much rather be a writer. Or why am I living in the woods when my happy place is the beach? Whatever your truth is, it’s your truth and you’ve got to follow it and quit pleasing others because this is your life and yours alone. Imagine you’re lying on your death bed and you look back and find that you did everything so well to make everyone else happy and someone is busy engraving your tombstone to read “best people pleaser ever!”…. It’s your life and you get to do what you want with it. It’s called being authentic and it’s a place that is pure bliss for those who actually make their way there. But getting there is far from blissful.

Real change happens when you’ve reached the last rung of the phase and cycle you’re in and then it’s time to move to the next cycle. Let your truth lead the way. Remember, it may feel like you’re dying, but it’s only what needs to fall away that is dying, let it die, and welcome the new dawn that is rising on your new life.

Blessings on your (new) path!

Claim Your God-given Power

Feeling safe has become a big issue for the people in this country. We are witnessing a lot of people with anxiety who are getting caught up in the fear cycle. Fear and anxiety have become a big problem with children (and adults) as we continue to be faced with mass shootings, racism, sexism, hackers, sex-trafficking, financial inequality as well as being ruled by a fascist government that is bullying, self-serving and lacks basic morals and ethics. This society is designed to keep people fearful, because fearful people are easier to control. This system is designed by a specific few, who are hoarding resources and power over the masses to serve themselves. Imagine if these systems were rearranged to support the people they serve, rather than take from them. Some countries do experience a positive cycle, meaning that their infrastructures and systems are healthy and supporting to the individuals that live there. Iceland, Sweden and Norway are a few countries that come to mind that appear to be a desirable place to live. This is not the case with America and there is a sinister agenda being played out to the detriment of it’s citizens and immigrants.

There is a solution, and that is for each of us to take our power back and not live in fear, but to live in trust and connection to the Universe and (God), knowing that we are powerful beings who cannot be controlled and manipulated by anyone. For true change to happen in this country, each individual needs to know who they are, know they are powerful and to exercise that power with their will in accordance with the Highest good of all. This is how transformation happens. This means that each individual transforms their own inner self and unites with each other to overturn and recreate this system so it works for us, not against us.

To be in your power you must firstly be living in the present moment and be connected to your own heart, spirit and the Source of creation. You must also have very strong boundaries and discernment so you know who to keep out of your circle and who to let in. You must know who you are and feel secure within yourself. You must be concerned with and give to the greater good, not just serve yourself, but serve others, this is true abundance. To be in your true power you spend time cultivating your inner world, or your connection to your Self, with a capital S, meaning your Higher Self, your direct connection to God or the Source of all Creation. To be in your power, you trust your self and the choices that you make. You make the right choices that keep you safe, healthy, joyful, connected, financially secure, and you make these choices consistently. You must also deal with your emotions and allow yourself to feel everything to process it properly. If you are repressing your emotions through addictions or avoidance, they will eventually come out through your shadow self. All of your feelings must be acknowledged and owned, embraced and loved by your core self. This is the integration of the shadow self work that is so necessary to becoming whole.

The opposite of owning your own power is being a victim. You are being a victim if you continue to complain about aspects of your life that you wish to change but you don’t actually take the steps to change them. A victim gives their power to others by seeing in others what they wish to be like and not developing those qualities or traits within themselves. You will not embrace your power if you are living in the past or future or living from your head only. You cannot fully be in your power if you are not connecting to Source energy, because that is where your true power emanates from, the Divine spark within you. The current system in this country produces and supports the victim mentality through fear. This system is a destructive cycle. Being a victim is being caught in the destructive cycle. To destruct something or someone is to cause total ruin and irreparable damage. The opposite of destruction is rebuilding, reclaiming, raising, restoring, protection, salvation. And the definition for creation is the act or process to bring something into existence.

Every single human being is a Divine being. We are spirits inhabiting flesh. God gave us certain rights which we can claim at anytime. Once we know who we are and claim our power, we can create anything we desire. The Universe supports our thoughts and beliefs that we consistently think. It is up to you to direct your thoughts positively toward yourself and others to create a reality that is loving and supportive, healthy and successful. These thoughts must be consistent and connected to positive feelings and visions. Practice visualizing what you wish to see manifest in your world over and over. Repetition is needed to reprogram the subconscious mind.

Abundance is our birthright. The Universe will support your financial needs and once you truly know this truth, that you are always taken care of, you will cease to worry about money. Recognizing that in the present moment, you are safe, secure, and have everything you need, will help you to stay grounded and centered. We create from the present moment. Of course, you have to take the necessary steps on the earth plane to create a system for the abundance to be delivered to you, in other words, you can’t just sit back and expect it to land in your lap, there needs to be a channel for the money to flow to you, such as a job, or business or service that you offer.

Anxiety and fear is a base chakra issue and is the result of stepping out of the present moment. When we look ahead to the future, and we can’t see how a problem will be solved, or where the money will come from for that or how that is going to even work out, for God’s sake, then we are not in the present moment and we are creating from fear. To counter this, become aware that you are completely supported and safe in this moment and then give thanks for everything you have. This practice of gratitude will transform the energy you are sending out to the Universe. By doing this you are telling the Universe you feel secure, safe and are feeling blessed. A good mantra is, “I AM Blessed and Grateful for my life, thank you, Creator.” Then send these blessings out to the world, visualize the planet earth and send the light out from your heart to everyone on the planet including the plants and animals, elementals and all of life. Once you are in this state of gratitude, set your intention for what you wish to create, by stating that intention out loud. This is how to harness your God given power. Now continue to work and play and rest and enjoy your life and then allow yourself to receive that which you have called to you from a state of peaceful relaxation.

There is another simple truth here, and that is that we are all born into these bodies and we are all going to die. When it is your time to go, nothing can stop it, but you cannot live your life as if you are dying, you must live while you are here no matter what pain and difficulty you are faced with, knowing you can survive it. When you see the faces of the random people who were murdered in the latest mass shooting, understand that it was their time to go. Their souls agreed to take part in that event to bring about change on the earth. Of course it’s terrible, and sad and horrific. But let’s not let their deaths be in vain, let’s create the change on this planet so that mass shootings do not occur. We do that by loving ourselves, claiming our power, connecting to Source and loving others. And enacting laws that stop the availability of weapons that can shoot multiple bullets to the public, and having strict background checks, amongst other obvious regulations.

God is more powerful than humans and the love that God has can be expressed through humans is greater than the hatred that comes through humans. Love wins. Own your power and be the loving human you were designed to be, knowing who you truly are and where your power comes from. Take total responsibility for your life, use your intuition and help others. Walk your talk.

Fear will get you no where you want to go. Kick fear to the curb. Trust is the antidote to fear.

Angels Are Everywhere

Are you aware that you are never alone on this planet even when you are by yourself?
Every single person on this planet has a “team” of Light Beings that surround them and are there to call upon when we need guidance and support. They are here to assist us in becoming our Highest Self and to express our Highest potential. They want us to love ourselves and each other in the way God loves us, unconditionally. 

You can talk to them just as you would talk to a friend and ask them for assistance with whatever you are learning or working to achieve. (My Higher Self is the One who writes these newsletters through me). They are assigned to you and they work for you on behalf of the Creator. Talk to them every day and you will begin to develop a wonderful relationship with them. Even if you can’t hear them or see them, trust that they are around you and listening to you.

They can communicate with you by dropping thoughts into your head. They can guide you by giving you instinctual or gut feelings on where to go and all of a sudden you will meet just the right person that will help you with whatever it is you’re working on. They can also give you messages through songs on the radio, billboards, books, number sequences, bumper stickers, things that people say to you out of the blue and through mediums, intuitives and psychics. When I am receiving a sign from the Universe, there is an energy around it that is different that makes me pay attention. I often see the various members of my team as sparks of light; blue, purple, white, gold, and green. Sometimes they will drop feathers or pennies to let you know they are around you. 

We each have a Higher Self, and some people also refer to our Higher Self as our Guardian Angel. We also have Guides, who come into our lives at certain times to help us with specific lessons we are learning. Once we learn those lessons, those particular guides may leave and a new one may enter. Guides are generally beings that have lived on the earth plane in a body. They are more familiar with the challenges of being a human in a body and the emotions we experience, so they are better equipped for guiding us in earthly matters. We also have Ascended Masters, Archangels, Master Teachers, Nature Spirits and deceased loved ones that can be a part our team. Often times a deceased relative will come through in my sessions to let that person know that they are still loving them, just from another realm. Love never dies. They can watch the grandchildren grow up even if they are no longer embodied. This is often very comforting to know and takes the pain away around their physical absence.

In the sessions I give to people, the messages that come through are always so beautiful and pertinent to what the person is going through in their lives and offer new perspectives on the issue at hand. I can always tell the messages are from them because there is never any judgement and they are extremely loving, patient and understanding of what we endure as humans. 
Earth is by far the most challenging place to incarnate as a soul because it is so painful and violent here (as well as joyous and beautiful). It’s a real mixed bag here on Earth because it is a place of duality. And the lessons can be incredibly challenging, like losing a child. It often doesn’t make sense to people that there is a God that would allow such horrific things to happen to people. But once you understand the way it works, it’s easier to grasp the bigger picture and accept that this is the way it is and we come here, as souls to learn, experience and evolve. Everything is for us, we are never punished. It doesn’t make losing a child any less painful, there will still be a deep sense of loss. But on some level, there may be a knowing that it was all in Divine order, so that soul could experience that level of loss in that lifetime. 

I have had my share of struggle and pain and still I know I can choose to let go of the past at any time and create victory, abundance, love and joy in my life in spite of those difficulties I endured. Those obstacles and challenges were put there to strengthen and open me even more to love. Loss is a great teacher. It teaches to love who and what you have right here in this moment with your whole heart. We are the spark of the Divine so we can create anything. We just need to own it all as our soul’s creation. This is a concept that our human mind may not be able to comprehend, but our soul knows why we choose what we choose.

Most Angels that surround us have not been embodied, but I understand that many newer Angels that are arriving now have been in a body before. I have a team of 12 Healing Angels that I work with regularly. Whenever I hear of someone asking for prayers, I will talk to my team of Healing Angels and ask them to go to that person who the prayers are being sent to and surround them with healing light. If someone is having a surgery, I will send my team to guide the Doctor’s hand and to comfort everyone involved. If I pass a car accident, I will send my Angels to comfort everyone involved. We all have the ability to do this. You only have to believe and ask. Acknowledge them often and thank them for all they do for you, others and the planet!

We are at a point in the timeline of our existence here on Earth that we need humans to become aware of the Higher Beings that are alongside us in the invisible realm. Well, it’s invisible to most people, but for those who have the ability to tap into the other dimensions, we can clearly see the Divine assistance that surrounds us at all times. This is not made up, it is not woo-woo (I do not like that term) and it is very real! The more people who know this truth and speak out, the more mainstream society will be able to accept it. If everyone knew the truth of who we are, what we are doing here and who can assist us, then there would be a lot less suffering and struggle on this planet. As we learn to access our God given power, along with that comes Divine assistance in the form of these incredibly helpful, supportive, loving, encouraging Beings of Light who can guide us if we know how to connect with them. Talk to them and ask them to assist you with whatever it is you need.