The Heart Knows the Way

When is the last time you talked to your heart? Do you have a relationship with your heart? Do you know what it wants? Can you hear its voice?

According to the HeartMath Institute, “The heart is the most powerful source of electromagnetic energy in the human body, producing the largest rhythmic electromagnetic field of any of the body’s organs. The heart’s electrical field is about 60 times greater in amplitude than the electrical activity generated by the brain. The magnetic field produced by the heart is more than 100 times greater in strength than the field generated by the brain and can be detected up to 3 feet away from the body, in all directions.”

This shows us just how much more powerful our heart is than our brain. When we use our heart to create, it is that much more powerful! The heart knows the way.

When a person’s heart shuts down through loss, trauma, disappointment, fear or grief, it affects our whole being in a detrimental way. A person may feel like “the life has been sucked out of you”, “depressed”, “unmotivated”, “lack lustre” or “stuck.” A person with a closed heart will often speak in a low, monotone voice and never feel excited about anything or feel joyful. Their eyes will be half-mast and without a spark. They may indulge in addictions to mask the pain. The key to getting the energy flowing again and finding that spark of life is to heal your heart. The way to heal the heart is to identify, feel and release all the emotions that are lodged deep inside the heart to clear it. This takes consistent attention and dedication to tend to one’s heart properly.

My heart was shut down for years and it is so painful! I know I’m not alone. I realized how much I needed a deeply profound heart healing. One morning, I lay in bed upon waking and placed both my hands over my heart to channel energy into it and repeated over and over, “I love you, heart.” When we talk to our heart, it responds.

After about 10 minutes, I could feel my heart coming alive along with the left side of my body, which is the feminine side. After 20 minutes, I felt a spark igniting within that I hadn’t felt in years. Paying attention to our heart and asking it questions like, “What do you need?” or “What do you want to tell me?” helps us create a strong relationship with our heart that is vital to our well-being. We can make connecting with our heart a practice.

Our heart is home to our magnificent soul. During this grand shift on planet earth, we are moving from living from our ego mind to living from our heart and soul. Our conditioned society has programed people to be victims and we are breaking free of that conditioning to embody our Creator Self.

The soul’s plan is so much grander than what we can envision because our God Self is so much greater than our human self. We are multi-dimensional beings which means we have other parts of us that exist on other dimensional planes that we can access. When we surrender and let our God Self take the reins, we can be led into a much larger arena where we live a life of our dreams.

I invite you to join me in Costa Rica this September 1-7 for an all women’s retreat where we will focus on connecting, healing and listening to our beautiful heart.

What is the cost of settling for a life that is less than your dreams and are you willing to pay that price?

No matter what you have endured in this lifetime, you can heal and ignite that spark to come alive not only to your human self again but to your Goddess Self, or God Self. Yes, you! Believe it can happen for you! To know unconditional love of the Self and each other is the greatest gift we can receive.