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Module One – This module is designed for anyone who wants to learn how to practice energy healing. You will learn; how to work with your Higher Self, the chakras (energy centers), how to use a pendulum to assess the chakras, how to safely set up a sacred space, the different colors used in energy healing and how to channel the Divine energy into the chakras to be a facilitator for healing. We will practice energy healing. By the end of the workshop you will know more about energy, how to work with it in your daily life and how to rebalance yourself and others. This is a 12 hour workshop. A basic vibrational energy healing certificate will be issued once this course is completed.

Module Two – We will continue to practice the energy healing so that we become more familiar and adept with clearing blocks in the person’s energy field and raise their vibration, expanding the Light Body. We will delve further into the chakra system as well as learn about the Aura and subtle bodies. We will cover how to incorporate crystals and essential oils to assist us in the rebalancing of the energy centers. In each module, we will spend time in meditation, learning how to clear our own energy field through active light meditation. This 12 hour workshop is designed to provide the time to practice channeling the energy on each other so that we become confident and adept at giving healing sessions for all potential patients / clients.  You will receive an intermediate certification for this class.

Module Three – This workshop is designed to take you further into the practice once you are comfortable with practicing energy healing.You will learn how to work with the Beings of Light, (your Spiritual Team) to affect the healing and how to channel messages. You will learn Long Distance healing, discover how to clear entities and how to work with Sacred Geometry. We will also cover the ethics and procedures involved in your energy healing practice. This is a 12 hour workshop. An advanced Vibrational Energy Healing Certificate will be issued once this course is completed.
You will receive a certificate at the end of each course. You can choose to do 1, 2 or all 3 of the courses, but they must be in consecutive order. Class materials are included. Please bring a pendulum. Cost is $333 per module. Each module is 12 hours. A 10% discount is offered for those who pay for all 3 modules up front.

REGISTER for the Course by calling me at 505-310-3160

There is a non-refundable deposit for the registration fee of $100. Cancellation policy – 72 hours notice and your money will be credited toward the next available course.

Testimonials for Vibrational Energy Healing Course:

“I absolutely loved Beth’s workshop. She is very knowledgeable and a gifted teacher. She has guided us with patience through all the steps of the Energy Healing process and gave us valuable tips on how to make it our own. I was able to feel and channel the energy on my first trial, which was absolutely amazing! You can’t learn that from any books, this process has to be done with one-on-one interaction. If you are considering learning Energy Healing, this is the perfect workshop to take. I feel fully prepared and confident to run a session by myself, thank you Beth!” ~ Lidia I.

“I highly recommend taking Beth’s Energy Healing class! Beth is a wonderful teacher! She is very knowledgable and easy to relate to. She presents the course in a way a keeps you engaged and takes the time to make sure everyone understands. She also is great at working with everyone’s different level of abilities. She has a way of giving you the confidence you need to not feel discouraged and also the guidance to help steer you in the right direction.” ~Kristin Gamble

“I highly recommend taking the Vibrational Healing course with Beth Wright. I had been considering many workshops out of town at Omega Institute or Kripalau when I saw the post for Beth’s class. I decided to take it. We are so fortunate to have such a committed and experienced healer teaching right here in Syracuse. She approaches her teaching with so little ego and is so patient with each of us. Beth is not spending time trying to impress us with what she knows, but rather reaffirming and developing our skills and confidence in what we innately know. We are given techniques on how to access and trust our Higher Selves. She has a very relaxed and kind way of leading us toward our potential. I always left the class feeling energized and amazed at how affirming it felt to me. No matter what you hope to do with this, personal, or professional, spiritually I think it’s a valuable experience. Much love and thanks Beth.” ~Lorraine Koury
“I have worked with energy healing and many other modalities for a few years now. Lots of reiki and other type of energy work with healers. I love Beth’s work and what she gives to her clients and students. She’s giving her whole heart to her practice, her students and YOU on her table. The energy exchange is amazing and beautiful. Very smoothing! I am grateful to have found her!”
~Cassidy Benesch

“Beth is an advanced light worker that knows how to present and train anyone interested in learning energy healing work in a very easy way.  Her understanding of chakras, colors and crystals as well as essential oils are conveyed in a knowledgeable format that makes learning these techniques fun and enjoyable.  Beth is a very experienced energy worker and I highly recommend taking her workshop.  I couldn’t ask for a better instructor.” ~Julia D.

Vibrational Healing releases energetic blocks in your energy system and returns the energetic field and body to a state of well being. Everything in life is energy, or vibration. When your energy field (the energy surrounding your physical body) is congested with energetic blocks, you will keep repeating an old pattern and get the same results. This is how you get stuck. I work with you to uncover what your blocks are and release them from your field, help create a positive new pattern that will allow you to move forward in your life in whatever area you are feeling stuck in such as your marriage, job, relationships, weight, money problems, addictions and self confidence. Experience what it feels like to be unstuck!

Beth Wright is an Advanced Certified Vibrational Healing facilitator and has been practicing since 2007 when she founded her own company, Spirit Works.  Beth began teaching Energy Healing in 2011. Beth was trained in Vibrational healing at the Australian Academy of Applied Parapsychology in Sydney, Australia, graduating in 2003. Beth has successfully trained over 100 people in this energy healing modality around the country.