Opening to the Mystery

Can you feel the enormous shift that is taking place during this time?  There is a huge influx of Light on planet

 earth, the time has arrived for us all to forge new and emboldened versions of our selves.  Now is the time to rise up and become who we are meant to be in this world.  In the past few years, we have walked through a time of death, rebirth, rebuilding and now we have arrived at the place of actualizing our new selves. Let me state that many of us are in varying stages, some are still at the place where we are experiencing a figurative death of the old self.  You must surrender completely to get past this stage.  The death is where you let go of all of the disappointments of the past, and accept that you are where you are, ground zero. Once you let go and surrender, your rebirth will begin.  It will take some time to recover and trust that the rebirth is real, in this stage it’s imperative to remain optimistic and affirm your faith in God and then the rebuilding stage begins.  The rebuilding stage is beautiful because many gifts will come and doors will open where once they were closed. Following the rebuilding stage, you will come to the next phase: Actualizing, meaning to step into the new and higher role that you are meant to play on this earth.  At this point you must not turn to look back, you must release old patterns and  you must open to the mystery… 
In this uncertain world, we may spend a lot of time planning what we want to create in our lives.  One motivation around planning everything is the need to feel safe and secure. We make plans with the intention that they  will keep us “on track”.  In truth, “safety” and “security” are an illusion.  Something we think will give us security can be taken away at any moment. We have seen an example of this in recent years, just look at all of the people who lost their retirement funds with the crash of 2008. The real place where safety and security resides is in our inner world, our center, our connection with Source.
Although it’s necessary to plan and work accordingly to bring our dreams to fruition, sometimes we can get too caught up in “our plan” and we don’t allow room for the mystery of life to bring to us its unexpected gifts and treasures.
The dictionary defines mystery as “something not fully understood or understandable.”  “anything that is kept secret or remains unexplained or unknown” and, “any truth that is unknowable except by Divine revelation.”
Often we can get ourselves into a state of fear or anxiety when we think about the uncertainty of our future.  We can imagine the worst case scenarios, perhaps based on some challenges we faced in our past.  I think the key to allowing the mystery of life to bring us her many blessings is to relax and allow and have faith that the best is coming to you.  When we become tense in our bodies and rigid in our minds, we are contracting our energy field and the flow is halted. When we relax, breathe and allow, our energy field expands and joy and the mystery can enter into our lives.  It’s another lesson in trust, always trust…
We all have our personal dreams we want to see become the reality of our lives.  Our desires need to be purified, meaning that they need to be aligned with our true Self, not our ego self.  When our desires are purified, our Higher Self will usher them into our world.  It’s best not to limit our dreams with our ideas of how they will arrive in our lives .  If we are too set in our minds of what we think should show up, oftentimes the right things will show up but they won’t look like what we thought they would so we don’t even let them in.  Give whatever it is that is showing up a chance.  Keep your desires  simple, pure, and true.
Learn to give way to the mystery and trust that the mystery you let in will be exactly what you need for your journey to wholeness.  Open your heart and experience a deep sense of oneness with the unknown.  Cultivate your relationship with your Higher Self and let your Higher Self lead you.  Whichever stage you are currently experiencing, remember that the Supreme energy or Source energy of this Universe we inhabit is based on Love.  Wherever you are in your stage of evolution, remember, Amor Vincit Omnia = Love Conquers All.