Becoming Love

Happy Holy days! Wow, what a year! This year has been all about transformation. No one on this planet can escape the change that is here for us. This is the time of rebirth…. can I get an Amen?! In the coming years I envision how we will be creating balance and rebirthing ourselves and our global community together. But before we can do that we can prepare ourselves and clear all that is not the truth within us. Our souls come from the ocean of love where everything is pure love energy, fully aligned with the Creator, with the Truth and the Light. It is our job to clear away anything that is not love within our minds, emotions and bodies. Once we remember who we truly are, LOVE, we will realize the truth and become enlightened. This is the path to freedom. Not many can or will realize enlightenment, but each of us can upgrade or up level ourselves to the next stage of our evolution.

As children, we have so much natural joy and wonder. You can probably remember your favorite Christmas ever, the anticipation, the excitement, the joy! Think back and find a memory that you cherish from your early days. Whatever is the first happy memory that springs to mind. Go into that memory and feel the feelings you felt back then. Sit with that joy and allow it to permeate your entire being. When we go through life, we can often lose that joie de vivre, we sometimes lose our sparkle. If you have managed to keep your joyful sparkle alive within, congratulations! We can lose it after too many heartaches, struggles, painful experiences and perceived failures. Some people lose it and can’t get it back. You know those people, they are depressed or sick or sad and it’s no fun being around that person or being that person. There is always regeneration available to us. We can recover, heal, renew and replenish ourselves. We can remake, remodel, reboot and restore our lives. We can move out of the pain and into the blissful sweetness again. It can be done. It requires a willingness to change.

One way to look at this change is to pretend you are playing a role in a theatre production. Say, up until now, you’ve played the role of the second lead actress or actor. Perhaps you’ve been a housewife and you’ve raised children, ran the household, attended PA meetings, drove your kids to soccer practice, etc… You played that role and now your kids are gone to college and…. who do you want to be? Maybe it’s time to take the lead role in the play…the starring role! What if you could do anything you wanted to do? What if you wanted to live on an island in the South Pacific and start a seafood restaurant? Or what if you wanted to become an artist, or learn how to cut hair, or become a lounge singer? What if you want to guide young girls to feel empowered. What if you want to work with horses or start an animal rescue sanctuary? What if you wanted to become a full-time activist or philanthropist? What is it that you secretly dream of doing but have never had the guts to do? Life really is a game and you can be anything that you want to be. What role do you want to play next? There’s a lot to choose from!

Figuring out what your soul wants to experience through your body can be the challenging part because we don’t often tune into our hearts. But, if you focus on it and begin to notice what really makes your heart sing, then you know you’ve found a direction. From that direction, a purpose can grow. We all want to live our purpose. We want to know that our lives matter, that our time spent here has significance and meaning. We all want to contribute our soul’s truth in this one precious life we live, (until the next one in another body or form). Even though we reincarnate over and over, each life must be given its all as each life has its distinct purpose. And that may be being a mother of 5 children, or being a caretaker, being a nurse, being a blind person, being a teacher. The purpose doesn’t have to be something huge like becoming a Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King or Ghandi. Each of us is valuable and when we contribute our unique gifts to the world, we are living our purpose.

The energy on earth is so strong right now, it is literally asking us to shift into the next higher version of ourselves. On December 21, 2020, there is a rare astrological conjunction and a huge influx of light that will be blasted onto the planet. My suggestion is to schedule free time during this day. Write down your intentions and sit or lie down in silence and connect to the unified field. This is the field of pure love that we come from. Do this by closing your eyes and setting your intention to connect to love. You can repeat the mantra, “I am love, I am love, I am love” if you wish, or perhaps another mantra that works for you. Set your intention with your Higher Self, & I AM presence to receive and allow this energy into your heart and energy field. Come into a state of total surrender. To surrender means to let go of all outgoing energies so that you don’t think, you don’t direct, you simply receive the energy. Be the vessel and allow the light to pour into you. Playing soft music will help. Breathe, relax and allow.

If nothing happens on this day for you, then at the very least, you’ve given yourself some you time. But if you do have an experience, I would love to hear about it. We are here to evolve and by doing so we can experience higher states of consciousness and access higher dimensions of reality. I can attest to this truth because I have lived it. There is so much more available to us energetically! Do you know that the 7th dimension is pure bliss and free from fear? When you go there you just feel love, nothing else exists! We haven’t been taught the truth of who we are. When we take care of our physical bodies and learn to master our thoughts (mental body) and emotions (emotional body), we can access the higher realms in our physical bodies. How amazing is that? If you want to learn more, please hit reply to this email and let me know.

There is so much loss surrounding us right now. These are really trying times on many levels. But if you go inside of yourself, into your heart, where your beautiful God-self lives, you will find peace. Cultivate this inner peace. You will find an ocean of love and an entire Universe waiting for you. I wish you a love and joy-filled Holiday Season. Know that you are loved and let that truth wrap you in its arms and hold you up when you are weary. You are loved.