Navigating the Stormy Seas

I don’t know about you but these past couple of months have been super duper challenging. Some days are easier than others but let’s face it, it’s never going to be easy to watch everything fall apart and experience worldwide suffering. There is so much confusion and uncertainty that it has become an intense pressure cooker as we lead up to the U.S. elections. The game is on and we are all being played. I can barely stand to go anywhere with these masks on anymore…7 months is a long time to be masked up. Many have lost businesses, loved ones, purpose, marriages and hope. Feeling helpless to change anything and not being in control of our situation can be really frightening,depressing and frustrating.

We have never been so divided and disoriented as a nation and as a world as we are now. Truly epic times. And yet while all of this is going on, on the spiritual level this is a time of biblical reckonings. The earth and everything on her as well as all of the planets and galaxies in the Universe are all upgrading. We are going to create Heaven on Earth and that going to take time. In the heavens there is much rejoicing for the Ascension of all of God’s creations but down here on earth we have to wade through the muck and the mire and even the most spiritual of us are deeply affected. We are all grieving in one way or another. Do your best to stay elevated in the times when you are not processing your stuff or doing your inner work.

We are all going through big changes and clearings. When a clearing comes on you will recognize it because you will be feeling really uncomfortable and certain memories or issues will rise to the surface and present themselves to gain your attention. If you’re sensitive like me, it may involve many days of releasing through floods of tears. You may see your shadow self more often than you would like. That means that you act like a child or suffer through angry outburst or feeling hopeless or depressed or despondent. Just know that as you are crying and feeling all of the intense emotions, that you are processing current fears as well as old, stored imprints from this lifetime (and others) to be felt and released. The key here is that you must FEEL. When we repress our feelings and push them away with avoidance behaviors such as eating, drinking, smoking, binge watching tv, shopping, sex etc. then we are missing the opportunity to GROW. The only way out is through! That means that you have to look at and feel the issue presenting itself. Ask your Higher Self to help you with understanding these issues at a deeper level. What was the purpose for the event, interaction or trauma? What was the lesson for you? What are you meant to learn? Feel everything fully. Shed every last tear. Scream at the top of your lungs in your car a few times to release that stored emotion. Face the pain because there is no way around it. That saying is true, “What you resist persists.” If you avoid it now you will have to deal with it later so it’s better to just look it square in the eye and say, “Bring it on!” Rather than fearing or dreading the pain, you can see it as something that needs to be set free. It will continue to tug at you until you feel it and let it fly like a bird out of a gilded cage. And remember nothing is happening to punish or hurt you, everything that happens in life (even the difficult and painful stuff), is for you to evolve. It’s not pretty but it’s true.

Had I known what life was really about as I child I would have approached it completely differently. I wish my mom had spoken these words to me, “You are here to grow. You are on your own unique path and it is your undertaking to find the keys that are hidden within you to unlock all of your power and experience the world as a miracle rather than a disappointment. The journey is long, and there are many challenges and twists and turns, but you are never alone and it is really all a dream, so enjoy it. Learn to listen with your heart, for this will always lead you to safe shores. You can create anything you desire, as long as it is aligned with the will of the Creator. That means create something good for everyone. Live for others, learn what it means to love yourself, you are so valuable and your voice matters! Give generously, never stop playing, just love everyone but be discerning on those who want you for selfish reasons and have kick-ass boundaries. You’re in a body in this life time so play guitar, sing, dance, mold pottery, pet your dog, jump around and make some noise. Enjoy the pleasures of life but don’t let them rule you. Learn as much as you can as often as you can and keep kind company. You are never alone, there are loving beings of light here to guide you through your life. Listen to your heart and spend less time thinking and just sit in total awareness. Cultivate harmonious relationships with everything and everyone around you. Figure out what your truth is and live it. You are a miracle.” I know the language and words sounds like something out of a Lord of the Rings movie but wouldn’t it be cool if we were taught the truth of who we are as little children? The good news is that we can teach the children the truth now. It will create a completely different world for the future generations.

I remember my mom telling me, “Life is Not Fair.” I hated when she said this because as a little girl I just wanted everything to go my way. I was pretty feisty as a child so I would put up a real stink if I didn’t get my way, feet stomping and arms crossed with the big pout…to no avail. My mom is no longer here, but the Universe places obstacles in my path so that I may learn what I need to learn and it still seems unfair. However, now I have a greater awareness in realizing that the friction created when working with those grains of sands (our problems) will, over time, produce the pearl (evolution). We are all growing more aware through these hardships and struggles. Struggles create awareness. Awareness is what grows our consciousness. With a greater awareness and higher consciousness we can make better choices because we can better see how everything is interconnected in the web of oneness. Better choices lead to better outcomes that create win-win situations and allows us to live in the flow.

We the people are the stewards of the earth. That means that we are placed here to take care of our lovely planet, our home, and we share it with all beings including animals, plants and minerals. I watched the new David Attenborough movie on Netflix called “David Attenborough – A Life on Our Planet”. When he was born there was 70% of wildlife areas on the planet. Fast forward to 2020, 94 years later and there is only 35% of wildlife regions! That’s frightening. This is our natural world, mankind has taken over to the point of mass destruction. David’s message is to re-wild the planet to save it and everyone and everything on it. I agree with him. This is a time to return to the earth. Turn our attention to cultivating natural habitat. Get your hands in the dirt. Walk on the earth barefoot. Plant trees. Spend as much time in the wilderness as possible. Swim in her lakes and rivers. Watch sunsets. Rescue animals. Plant a garden. Technology and industrial progress has got to take a back seat to living a natural life. How can you unplug and restore? What changes can you make to live a simpler and more peaceful life? Throw it out, don’t buy it, unplug, connect to a loved one. Simplicity will regenerate you. Breathe deeply. Remember who you are.

I think these difficult times have brought up the question; What really matters to me? CONNECTION. Our connection to Source, ourselves, to each other and to all things in nature. Connection is everything. You can’t eat money and it won’t hug you at night. The mindless pursuit of money is part of the old paradigm that is crumbling. We need to be able to truly live our lives instead of running around spending all of our time working working working to the point of ill health and exhaustion. When’s the last time you stood on top of a mountain? Or just sat for the whole morning in a forest to listen to the wind through the trees and to watch and listen for the chipmunks, owls and deer? When is the last time you saw the sunset or sunrise? Do you know what phase the moon is in now? Are you in tune with nature? Are you present in your day to day life? Are you listening? What experiences do you want to have here? You may be so overwhelmed that you don’t even know what you want. If this is the case then slow it down and spend more time with your heart and listening to what it wants. Simplify.

A higher frequency is what will help us all shift to the new world we all want and need. When you release the old stuff you will begin to vibrate higher. Create space for joy and then create it as often as you can by setting an intention each morning. “Today I will live a joy-filled life.” What you focus on grows.

You are loved you are loved you are loved.
Beth WrightSpirit Works