Aligning With Love Energy

Happy Spring! 2017 is a number 1 year in numerology, which means it’s a year of new beginnings. The world is going through a chaotic period with Trump in the White House, the economies are unstable, the wars rage on and it seems as if we are going backwards, all forward progress toward peace and harmony appears to be reversing as our government focuses on money, power and greed. How many times do you find yourself listening to the news in disbelief as the wolves who no longer bother to put on the sheep’s clothing make decisions that impact us in a harmful way? Remember, Trump is playing an important role at this time. When leaders move in the wrong direction, it ignites all sorts of opposition from those who are aligned with the truth. People are now rising up in large numbers to protest against that which is clearly wrong for humanity and this is how our movement for the new earth is being formed.
The consciousness on this earth continues to rise contrary to what we are seeing in the media. The blatant greed and adversity toward the planet and humanity are contrary to the natural flow of creative energy that is emitted from Source, the oneness of all that is. While there is much that is beyond our control, what we can control is ourselves and how we walk in this world. Be the light that shines the truth and leads the way forward on the good path, whether it’s in the arena of politics, your child’s school system, the community you live in, in your home or your place of work.

We are at the stage of the game where we must not let fear overtake our lives. When we make decisions based from that fear point, we are misaligned with the true creative flow and we end up attracting to us and creating that which we do not want. We are all swimming in the collective consciousness of this fear energy present on the earth at this time. We must not claim that fear as our own. You may feel it passing through you, but do not mistake it for your own fear. Affirm to yourself that you are powerful and aligned with the Creative Love Force Energy of Source. Allow your body to release tension and bring yourself back into a place of total relaxation even if it just means lying down and breathing and letting go of your thoughts until you feel calm. Ask for your Higher Self and Celestial Team to clear all lower vibrational fear energy in, through and around you from your energy field daily. Love is the highest frequency and feels good to us.

When we come out of alignment with the path of love and move into the path of fear, we may find it difficult to meditate and synchronicities may seem to be far and few between and life in general becomes more challenging. Often to learn about this, we may have a direct experience in our life that will teach us this lesson of what happens when we are aligned with the fear energy. We may attract the wrong relationships, have difficulty with money and experience many disappointments. It may feel as though our manifestation abilities are no longer working and that we have lost our magic touch. Rather than walking through open doors with ease, it may feel as if we are running into brick walls, over and over. These are some examples of how the fear alignment can show up in our lives. If this is what you are experiencing then it is time to make a change!

Firstly, remember that you are a Divine Being of Light and that Love Source energy is constantly being showered upon you and you can open to it at any time and let it fill your being. Remember that you are not your mind and that when the mind begins to think negative thoughts, you do not have to listen to them and the momentum of negativity will cease.

If we do not get ourselves out of the fear alignment, the Universe will intervene at some point to change your world for you whether it be through a loss of a relationship, a change in your work, a move or something rather intense and dramatic that will help you get back onto the path of love. Trust that all the upheaval is happening for your highest good (even though it may not feel like it at the time).

As we consistently attune to the Love energy, it becomes a habit and new pathways are created to attract more of that love vibration to us resulting in greater flow and ease in our lives. The morning is the best time to sit quietly and attune to the Love vibration by connecting with the Divine as this creates our intentions and energy alignment for the day ahead. We all have busy lives, but simply sit for 20-30 minutes each morning and bring your awareness to the Divine, focus on your breath, clear your mind of all your chores for the day and you will be creating a much more peaceful and centered life.

A great exercise to do to release fear and attune to the Divine is working with our base chakra and our crown chakra. The root or base chakra (Muladhara) connects us to the earth plane, it is the first chakra and the color is red, it is located at the perineum, the spot between the anus and the genitals. We can hold a lot of fear here. Take your awareness to this center and tune into the physical and subtle energy and see if you can relax this place completely. Once you relax this area, you will find that your body wants to take a deep breath. Feel warm, red energy rising up from the earth and filling this center. Affirm to yourself, “I am safe, I am secure, and all my needs are provided for.” This is a good exercise to release fear.

The crown chakra or 7th chakra (Sahasrara) connects us to the heavenly plane. The color is violet or pure white and when the crown chakra is closed off, we feel disconnected from God and our true selves. Imagine a pure violet light coming down from above and filling your crown chakra with divine energy, pooling until you feel an opening that lifts the lid and connects you with all that is. Affirm “I am a beautiful being of light and the Universe loves me and conspires in my favor at all times.” You can also run white energy between the two chakras using the inhalation of your breath to bring the upward energy from the earth through your base chakra to the top of your head, and the exhalation of the downward energy from the top of the head back down to the root.

We cannot stand in fear and let that be the place where we move from, it is against our natural way of being. Fear contracts, fear divides and separates, fear is scary, fear is harmful. Love is the answer, Love expands, love unites, love is free and joyful, love feels good, love is truth. Infuse yourself and those around you with love, it is the Divine Force and Light and is is what we know to be Right and True.

In Love, Truth & Light,

Elizabeth Wright
Spirit Works