Empowering Your Self

Our true source of power is God, emanating directly from the Divine Center. As we connect with Source, the energy of the Universe, we allow it to run through us like a river, energizing and nourishing our entire being.  Imagine that there is a tube of light like an umbilical cord moving outward from your navel and solar plexus (our power center) and connecting to the Divine Center. Now imagine that the Source energy is spiraling down that tube of light and straight into your solar plexus, filling you with the energy of the Universe. Just like the Sun shines on all the plants on the earth, this energy empowers your Self to grow in alignment with the Creator and direct your will in a way that is positive, healthy and strong to create your soul’s highest expression in this lifetime.
We are all created from God and carry that power within in us from the time we are conceived in the womb. When we are born into the world, we are influenced and shaped by our families and society in whatever form that takes. Depending on your childhood and formative years, you may have been encouraged to own and grow your power, or perhaps you learned unconsciously how to give it away. Depending on your soul’s path in this incarnation and the lessons you came here to learn, you may already know that you are powerful and will spend this lifetime learning how to use your power for good. Often times powerful people will abuse their power and exert control over others for personal gain, causing an imbalance of power by harming others. This is similar to a parasite sucking a supply of energy from their host, where the parasite feeds off of it’s victim to grow bigger, while the victim suffers and becomes weaker. Conversely, if you learn how to use your power for good, you can significantly affect the lives of many people by helping them, perhaps as a service worker, a teacher,  a musician, a writer,  a healer or anyone who encourages, supports and uplifts others with their unique gifts they offer to the world and individually.
If events in your life created the perception within your mind that your power comes from outside of yourself, a pattern may be created where you will constantly be seeking power from external sources, because you believe you lack the power within.  This misaligned belief creates a “lack” mentality, and there will never be enough, and your resources will, at some point always run dry. God will always show you that this is not the truth, that indeed your power resides within you.  It is up to us to interpret the messages and the signs that we have the power not the sources outside of ourselves. It is similar to a potted plant that you need to water when the soil runs dry, the plant is separate from the vast earth. On the other hand a plant that is in the forest will always be able to draw water to sustain its life force energy as it is not separate from the earth.  If you are someone who has not yet learned that your power comes from within, from the God self inside of you, your Spirit Team will be working with you throughout your life to help you access and own your power.
Our power is connected directly to our self-worth and self-esteem. When we own our power, we know our value and our worth and we act accordingly. We are Kings and Queens and we deserve the very best, so that is exactly how we treat ourselves and we attract that into our lives!  When we don’t own or know our power we have a feeling of being less than, of not being enough and that is exactly what we will attract, people, places and situations that mirror that belief, which may be unconscious, so that we are constantly treated less than, and we are wounded by those people and events that show up telling us over and over, you don’t deserve the best, you are not worth it!  Nothing could be farther from the truth, but we need to change that subconscious belief before we can begin to attract the opposite. Once we truly know that we are valuable,  our frequency will change and we will emit a different vibration that will attract those people and situations that show us we are worthy and deserving of the very best that life has to offer.
Through a set of events in my own childhood, when my family fell apart in my early teens, I took on the belief that I was not worthy.  The situation with my family caused me to feel embarrassed and humiliated even though that was my perception and not necessarily the reality or the truth.  I spent years attracting to me situations and people that mirror that belief to various degrees. As a young girl, I learned to give my power away to my Father as he was the one who I believed had all the right answers and knew the way. Subsequently I gave my power away to all the male partners in my life and male authority figures, always believing that they knew better than me, that they were the source of power, that I needed them to provide me with what I felt I was lacking, so that I became dependent on them. I was a victim whose behavior was parasitic, always needing something from someone else. My own will power was diminished and I always sought out men who were controlling to provide direction for me in my life.  This was tied into personal responsibility, (again an unconscious belief ), that if someone else was responsible for the situation because they were in charge of making the decisions, then if it all went belly up, it certainly wasn’t my doing. When we don’t take responsibility for the consequences of our actions, we are bound to repeat them over and over.
Recently, I was in a relationship where the inability to own my power put me into a very harmful situation. The situation was so extreme that I was shown the grave consequence of not owning and knowing my power. Once I realized the truth of what was happening, I left the relationship. I had allowed another to make decisions for me, I compromised my knowing of the truth and put myself into dangerous situations, directly in harms way. Although it was scary and painful, it was ultimately an incredible gift!  After leaving the relationship, I spent time healing, finding that single still point within, the one who knows that truth. I allowed myself to receive support and love from those who genuinely care for me and in this space over time, I came to the realization that the power is and always has been in me, that I am intelligent, strong and capable of providing for and taking care of myself.
I learned that I could trust my own feelings when it came to making decisions in my life. I learned that the source of my power is God, I am safe in God and God never abandons me. I learned how to accept my shadow, and all the parts of me I wanted to deny for fear of what I may think of myself and what others may perceive about me. When we don’t accept all of ourselves, we tend to be judgmental of others, looking down on them and recoiling at the aspects and behaviors that we can not bear to admit we have within ourselves. I learned how to call forth the masculine energy within myself to be my protector, to walk hand in hand with my feminine self in a harmonious way to create balance and situations that would not cause shame, embarrassment and humiliation. I attract people, places and situations that help me on my path, empowering me in my growth. The people who do not support or seek to understand me are being quickly revealed and removed from my path.
I know that I am able to manifest all that I need at any given time and even in the most difficult circumstances, God will always provide for me through myself and others. I had known this before, but had forgotten when I went through 6 consecutive years of challenges and difficulties. But ultimately, all of those obstacles and challenges were forging a stronger foundation within, as I was forced to work with my shadow resulting in a deep, personal transformation.
I learned who my real friends are. I learned to become more discerning of the true intentions of people and to see them for who they are and not who I want them to be. I learned that some people will say they have your best interest at heart, but really, they are only self-serving.  I also learned that some people will go to great lengths to help you back up on your feet, that there are those people out there with huge, generous hearts that will only offer a lending hand with grace and courage. I learned that I AM the Master of my destiny. I am incredibly grateful for these people who have supported me, my family and friends and for the learning experience that has changed my life. I will always know that I only need to look within for the guidance, love and care that resides there and I am whole.
Where in your life are you giving away your power? Were you taught to be a people pleaser? Is it hard for you to say no to people? Do you find yourself over-extended trying to help others? Perhaps you are in a relationship with someone who you are trying to fix, rescue or heal?  Do you believe that your life would be better if only you lived in a house like the one your neighbor owns or if you had a job that paid more money? What we can do for ourselves is look at our lives, just as it is on this day and be grateful. Sit outside each morning with your cup of tea and coffee under a tree for 10 minutes, connect with the Earth and the Sun and just say thank you for what you have just like it is, right now. Spend time in silence and close your eyes and connect with your Spirit Team. You will find a vast Universe of wealth in there, that is where the magic happens. The world that we experience on the outside is created from what happens on the inside, so we have to spend time there, using our intention and attention to seek the treasure that lies within.
Navel / Solar Plexus Exercise:
Take your awareness to your your navel. Sit in a chair in the sun and close your eyes. Now take your awareness to this center in your body, notice if you feel energy moving and if the energy moves outward or inward or perhaps it may feel like it is stuck or blocked, hollow or clogged. Be aware of any sensations or feelings you have in this center. Do not judge them, but write down a few words that pop into your head. Now with your eyes close, relax this area and imagine the Light from the Sun moving through an energetic umbilical cord into your belly button and filling this center as well as your Solar Plexus chakra above the navel. Keep relaxing and breathing in this light until you feel this entire center full of warm, yellow light, while affirming to yourself “God is the Source of my Power, I am Powerful.” Keep repeating this mantra and drawing the Light into your abdominal region until you feel a shift in your energy.
God made each of us from scratch, we are these beautiful beings of eternal light cloaked in a human body. We are so loved!  God made all of us beautiful creatures and gave us the power to create. What are you going to use your power to create?
In Love and Truth,