Becoming Your Higher Self

The Big Shift is upon us. As we are all quarantined in our homes, we are forced to look at and deal with the things about our selves and our lives and our society that we want to change. But to change this world seems so overwhelming, there’s so much that needs to change, where do we start? The answer is….you start with changing YOU. That is all you need to focus on for now. Upgrade your vibration and the world will change.

We have the opportunity now to truly become our Higher Selves. In this world of duality, we are constantly battling between the Ego (material) and the Higher Self (spiritual). But now, in these unprecedented times, because the Earth carries a higher vibration (she has been upgrading herself for years), we have the opportunity to upgrade our selves to a much higher frequency. In this higher vibration, once we integrate all of who we are, we can receive more of our Higher Self into our physical, emotional and mental bodies. To become our Higher Self is the greatest goal we can aspire to. It means we overcome the nature of our lower self and serve on this planet from a place of divine love as we come into alignment with the will of the Creator.

To do this, you have to contend with your shadow. Which means, you begin to study your self in a very honest way, by being the observer of you. You can watch your self as you interact with others. How do you behave? What thoughts are you thinking? What is hiding within you that you do not allow to express itself? This open assessment will show you who your shadow is. For example: I have a “voice” within me that feels very left out, uncared for and who wants what other people have. This aspect of myself is very needy and feels powerless, and she doesn’t believe that she can get the things that other people have. When I hear her small voice within me, I recognize that she needs my love and attention, so I speak to her and say, “I love you, you are valuable and you are powerful. You can do anything and I support you.” I used to just push those thoughts away and ask God for forgiveness for thinking them, saying, that’s not really who I am, but it is my shadow who wants love and affection. The thoughts still come, but I treat them differently and with steady devotion, I am working to integrate that part of me into wholeness. In the meantime, I accept that it is part of me and love myself no matter what. Our shadows are born out of the traumas we incur in our developmental years.

There can be many aspects of your shadow that need to integrate. Take your time to practice loving all of yourself. We also need to balance the masculine and feminine aspects of ourselves. This means that we express both the masculine and feminine qualities within, and marry the two. And then we align each of our energy centers, or chakras and connect to the heart of Mother Earth and the Heart of the Universe. The main components to all of this are love, patience and compassion as we navigate through our inner landscape, coming into alignment as we fine tune our bodies and energy fields.

There is so much in this modern world that can throw a human being off their true path these days. We have to contend with toxins in our air, food and water as well as electromagnetic pollution. Other factors include negative thinking, violence in movies, shows and games, pornography instead of beautiful, connected sexuality and common belief systems that we are not enough. Be very discerning what you allow into your mind. To become a master of oneself, we first have to master our thoughts and emotions. To align with the truth of who we are is the first step in becoming your Higher Self.

We are powerful beings of light in human form! Jesus said, “Even the least among you can do all I have done and more.” Once we become our Higher Selves, we will know what it is like to have super powers. Already many of us already know what it is to manifest our heart’s desires. This manifestation is a super power. It is the Law of Attraction. There is much more that we can do. In the 5th dimension, the energy is so high that the lower energies do not exist there. There is no hatred, greed, lack, depression, hunger, anger, frustration, sadness or fear of any kind. In the 5th world, everyone shares everything with everyone else and loving kindness is the energy of the heart that emanates outward. This is the incentive to doing the inner work. Your Higher Self will work with you to complete this. You have to be willing and really want to change. Surrender to the flow of the Universe that is working with you to upgrade yourself.

There is a way to live on this earth that our ancient ancestors once knew. It is a peaceful and harmonious existence with love at it’s center. To live from our Spirit, from our hearts. To live without fear. The Age of Aquarius has arrived, and so begins the time of peace and harmony on planet earth. The Golden days are here. This is just the beginning. Do your part in this by loving all of yourself and making the inner changes into wholeness. I am available to guide you. This is my divine mission, is to guide others to becoming their Higher Selves and aligning with the truth of who you are. Blessings on your path. Today and every day.