Everything is in Divine Order

This time of upheaval and uncertainty is causing a lot of stress for many. There is so much loss and rapid change, which can be very disorienting for some. We have had 2 recent eclipses on June 5 and June 21 and the third in the series is due on July 5th. Wow! The astrology of this time is incredible as it portends a new world. We are literally witnessing the birth of a new world….imagine that! I have spoken to many people who are not convinced that anything will change after this “pandemic”. I am here to tell you that so much will change and in the best possible way. First we have to go through the deconstruction process which means loss in all its forms. Grounding to the Earth has never been so important as it is now. Staying balanced and hydrated, aligned and keeping your heart open is necessary for wellbeing. Breathe in the beautiful light energies that are being blasted onto our planet for our upgrade. Connect with your Higher Self, God and the Source of all that is. Know that everything truly is in Divine and Perfect Order. This is all happening FOR you. Trust and let go. Ride that beautiful wave of change!

It is time to know who you really are as a human being and the truth of our existence. It is time to realize your God Self and to recognize that you are connected to everything in the Universe and the cells in your body contain all of the information of the Universe. There is so much more to who you are as a human being than what you have experienced in your life so far. Firstly, it is important for you to know that there are many other species that exist in our Universe and inhabit different stars, such as the Pleiadians, Arcturians, Sirians, and many more that make up the Galactic family. We are not alone and never have been. These beings have been watching us and helping us since we arrived here. Earth is a planet in the Universe that has been inhabited by other species prior to humans being placed here. There have been many wars over this planet and a regime took over Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago and altered the DNA of humans so that they could control us and feed off of the lower emotions such as fear and anger. If this sounds crazy to you I ask you to just keep reading. To change, one must let go of the conditioned beliefs that we have been spoon-fed our whole life.

There is so much mind control on this planet, all designed to tell us what to think, what to buy, how to live and to keep us from knowing and living our power. We are powerful beings and we are in a phase now where we are upgrading our energetic and physical bodies. We are mutating into our original design where all of our DNA will be online. The scientists who located the “junk” DNA simply do not know the truth, that the original design of the human DNA was altered from 12 strands to 2 to create a controllable version of humans. Our bodies can regrow themselves and we will be able to molecularly restructure our bodies to bi-locate, or be in other places at the same time. This information can be overwhelming. You have to be willing to lose the old self and open the mind much wider than you ever imagined to embrace these new understandings. The old system created a “history” that would suit their purposes, but was entirely untrue. If you don’t believe me just think of what is coming to light now about our history and what our schools taught us and what really happened. There is so much more to us, and to our true history that it is mind blowing.

This time is critically important because this is the time that the road splits into two. There are 2 paths available now and this is a prophecy that has been spoken of in many cultures. It was carved into stones thousands of years ago. The doorway is open now for us to choose. The humans on the planet at this time will either stay on the path of fear, sickness and destruction or they will upgrade themselves and choose the path of light and love. Light is information and love is creation. If you are reading this newsletter, you will be on the path of Light for your consciousness has already elevated to the place where one makes the conscious choice to love as a way of life. We are energetically creating Heaven on Earth or the Kingdom of God. This means that we will be able to experience ecstasy, bliss and oneness within our bodies just as it is in Heaven. I have had this experience, so I can attest to its existence. We will be moving into the quantum field which is unlike anything you have ever known or thought possible.

The Hopi prophecy as told by Dr. Robert Ghost Wolf:
“The Hopi Prophecy Rock is on the Hopi Indian Reservation, near Oraibi, Arizona. It clearly depicts two paths.
Path 1 – a 2-hearted path – a 2-hearted person is one who thinks with their head rather than their heart. Modern persons are out of balance because they live in a left-brain dominated society, leading to conflict and imbalance, which will ultimately lead to the destruction to those on this path.
Path 2 – a 1-hearted path – a 1-hearted person is one who thinks with their heart whereby the path leads to harmony and balance.The Prophecy Rock depicts a fork in the journey where the 2-hearted people have the choice of selecting to start thinking with their hearts or continue to think only with their heads. If they continue on the heads-only path, it will lead to self-destruction, symbolized by a lightning strike from a cloud. Those who choose to think with their hearts will return to the 1-hearted path leading to their own survival.”Nothing living will go untouched, here or in the heavens. The way through this time it is said is to be found in our hearts, and reuniting with our spiritual self. Getting simple and returning to living with and upon the Earth and in harmony with her creatures, remembering that we are the caretakers, the fire keepers of the Spirit.”

For many of you on the journey, in recent years you have faced your shadows, those aspects of yourselves that we disown and hide from our self. This is tough work because no one likes to look at the ugly truths about themselves. It’s uncomfortable and downright painful, but once you see and accept all of who you are including your darkness, and integrate these aspects to become whole, you will be ready to take the next step. This is evolution! Do not let the past be your guide to what the future holds. Miracles are available at all times as you open to become your unlimited self. Detach from old beliefs that keep you tied to limitations. We will be able to know ourselves as beings of Light in our lifetimes. This is amazing! I have had experiences that are phenomenal and I know what is available to us because I have been shown. You are multi-dimensional which means you have a Higher Self and I AM presence that move through you and can move you if you allow it. Your job is to clear, open and integrate yourself.
It is all about energy. Keep yourself elevated, joy-filled and connect with your heart. Do the shadow work. I’m available to help you with this if you need assistance.

The times are going to become even more extreme and the loss will increase. There will be chaos. Many people will crossover because they will not be able to handle it. Truths will be revealed that will blow your mind. We are literally experiencing a huge battle between dark and light. We are aligning now with the truth of who we are. Empower yourself with knowledge. Find your joy and practice gratitude and trusting in the Creator’s design for us all. I am including a free guided morning chakra meditation in this newsletter for you to listen to so that you can build your light body. A strong energy field and open, balanced chakras are key to your evolution. Nurture your nervous system by breathing, resting, being in nature, doing yoga or stretching and appreciating your life. Drink pure water and eat clean food. Ingest the beauty of nature all around you. The earth energies are assisting in healing and upgrading us. Live your life in love.

Enjoy your summer and keep opening to each moment as it comes. Here is a mantra for you to speak out loud, “Life is an amazing, magical, blessed journey and I am eternally grateful!”