Creating From Our Heart

This Christmas season is different, can you feel it? Take a deep breath right now and hold it for a moment before exhaling it all out slowly… Now take another deep breath and with the slow and long out breath, feel your body and your mind relaxing… Now take one more deep breath all the way into your belly, and as you exhale, feel yourself releasing any stress you’re holding onto. Now allow your awareness to drop down from your mind into your heart space. Feel yourself move into the present moment. Just focus on the energy in your heart. Feel into it with each breath… in and out…

This place, the present moment, residing in our heart center is the place where we are all birthing our new lives, and a new way of being. The simple breath, in and out, the expansion and contraction, is the key to our rebirth. In every breath we connect with the life force energy, the prana, the chi, the river of light and love that flows in, through and all around us. Imagine if the air / energy we breath in and out has a color and image to it. I want you to visualize rainbow river of energy flowing up from the earth and as you take a deep breath in, feel that energy moving up through your feet and legs and your root chakra into your pelvic area and torso. Keep breathing and move that rainbow river up through your abdomen and chest, up through your throat and out through the top of your head. The rainbow comes up from the heart of the earth through you and up to the heart of the Universe. Three hearts connecting, a Trinity or Creation Code.

I recently had another intense spiritual experience which occurred 19 days after my second kundalini rising. It happened early in the morning on November 18 while I was lying in bed. Having just woken at 6am, I was watching a YouTube video of Gregg Braden talking about the Quantum field. His words triggered something in my mind and heart field and I felt a chain reaction happen in my energy field around my heart which felt like electrical sparks. Then I felt a huge surge of energy rise up from my feet as my body began to shudder. At that moment I felt a shift and I crossed into another dimension and expanded into my full Self. In the new dimension, I knew I was in the Kingdom of God, there were no words, just a knowingness. I felt blissful, peaceful and full of love. I knew that everything I had ever wanted personally; full connection to God, a divine love relationship, wealth, peace of mind and happiness, already existed and I was now accessing it. I couldn’t wait to give my money away to my family and friends! All I wanted to do was to share everything I had. I understood why everything in my life had happened the way that it did. I could “see” for miles in all directions energetically. There was a total absence of fear. I held my body differently, more regally and I felt buoyant and joyous. I was experiencing the All, the complete union of myself with the God. This amazing experience lasted 8 hours. I spent the time doing yoga, singing and dancing to music, journaling and lying in meditation communing with the Universe. I knew I was experiencing Heaven on Earth. This reality is always there, once we match our vibration or frequency to it, it appears. It is the most beautiful reality I can imagine.

I relay my experience to you because I want you to become aware that this state of existence is real and available to anyone who is willing to do the work to clear your karma, energy field, heal your past and surrender into the new paradigm, the new reality of being. It’s as if we are being released from prison. Two of my favorite movies, “Shawshank Redemption” and “The Count of Monte Cristo”, (the 2002 version) are about men who have been wrongly imprisoned. These characters spend years being enslaved but during that time of oppression a deep transformation takes place in their inner world. After many difficulties and obstacles, they successfully escape prison and go onto claim their rightful treasures. I feel as if this is the time for humanity to break free and claim our rightful treasure of living in Heaven on Earth! We have been living in a world that has been controlling us in so many ways and most people are not even aware of how programmed we are. There is so much more to our existence and who we actually are! It’s beyond incredible once you get a glimpse of reality on the God plane. Our true Self is eternal. We have lived thousands of lifetimes.

Imagine you have just escaped from a dark prison and there is a blank landscape in front of you with infinite possibility. Imagine you have super powers of creation so that you just have to breathe and vibrate and think of what you want and …poof, your vision materializes right in front of you. Instant manifestation. If you could have any kind of life you want, what would you choose? What kind of world would you create, not just for yourself, but for all of us? Imagine you are God. What new creations excite you? Imagine how much joy was involved in the creation of our earth, just consider all the varieties of plants and animals. How did a giraffe get a long neck and big brown spots and long eyelashes? Why does a grasshopper take giant leaps and make noise with its legs? Have you seen those orchids that look like monkey faces? Why do fruits and vegetables, when cut open correspond to different organs in the human body? Spend a day snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef and you will marvel at all of the colors and shapes and sizes of fish and coral. Creation is fun! We are meant to have fun creating our new reality.

There is an entire world of these same infinite possibilities residing in our heart. We can dream true our new life. Imagine what the world would be like if we were open to one another in the streets, laughing, talking, dancing and singing. Imagine if the energetic walls we have built between us suddenly collapsed and we felt the oneness of being. Imagine that you could feel all the energy of the Universe coursing through your blood and you felt so alive and in this place all was forgiven, understood, and you felt a deep sense of connection and wholeness. Imagine that every street was lined with fruit trees and you had time everyday to sit with the sunrise and sunset. If you can dream it, you can live it. It’s already here. That’s what I understood when I jumped into the other dimension, it already exists. So incredibly amazing! So the next time you hear yourself say, No, he won’t be impeached, No, the world won’t change, No, it’s going to take forever… don’t. Just don’t say it. Choose another thought. Because it is our thoughts blended with the heart feelings that create reality. Choose to think what you want to experience, not the other thing…We are waiting for the tipping point, the certain number of people to be at that higher frequency, emitting those thoughts. That doesn’t mean we aren’t aware of our current reality, it’s just that we have the power to create a new reality at any time.

I’m super grateful for these experiences of crossing the veil, the light activation and visiting the 5th dimension. I don’t know why I haven’t been able to hold the new vibration to live in that realm 24 x 7. I long to return there. Everyday I set my intention to live in the Kingdom of God. Perhaps we need more people to raise their frequency so it can become our reality. If that’s the truth then please, people, do the work and shift your frequency because I want to live there! You do too, trust me. It all starts with the breath, relaxing, allowing, surrendering and connecting to the vibration of the present moment. In the words of Ram Dass, “At the moment when there’s nothing more to lose, the ego breaks open and then we see who we are behind who we thought we were.” Get to this place of letting go of everything, everyone, all of what you think you know and who you think you are and allow your Higher Self to show you the truth. In the Kingdom of God you need nothing, yet everything is there. God inside of you is everything! It is all the love and power and fulfillment you have ever dreamed of! Now breathe and keep breathing and let it all unfold into the beautiful dream it was always meant to be.