All the Power of the Universe is Inside of You

I have heard the saying that the entire Universe lies within me, but not until recently did I get to experience directly what that actually means in terms of energy.

On October 30th I had my second Light activation where the kundalini life force energy was activated and traveled through my entire body, piercing each chakra from my base upward, exploding in electrical currents out through the crown of my head and uniting with the Heart of the Universe, the Source of all Creation. It was orgasmic as I quite literally had a “Godgasm”. I was writhing around on the floor in ecstatic release, moaning, groaning and gyrating as I felt the union of my body, mind, spirit and soul with my Higher Self, God and the Universe as One. The power that I experienced was overwhelming, my body was experiencing such a tremendous flow of energy that it was scary at first until I realized that resistance was futile and that all I had to do was to surrender and “let go”. Once I surrendered, the force and the Light burst through me into oneness as I felt a radiant and harmonized state of being. The rush was incredible and it was as if I had stuck my finger into a high voltage electrical socket. I felt so ALIVE as if all the Universe was flowing through me! And that’s exactly what was happening.

Do you have any idea how much power we have access to by connecting our energy field and bodies with the flow of the Universal Life force? This river of energy rises up from Mother earth through us connecting our human flesh body with our Higher Selves and God. Unless you have felt it you would not believe how powerful we actually are! I’m talking supernatural! And the power is the force and light of love, it is one and the same energy that makes up all of creation that moves through us and all around us. It is the same substance that creates a nebulous, a dark hole, a shooting comet, the Sun. It is infinity, or forever, boundlessness, there is no quantification for it as it is the All. Once you become aware of the truth of who you are, of your power, of how much you are loved and watched over, you would never worry again. The conditioned mind of the human however, has to practice being fearless, and has to learn the true meaning of trust. Trust is to relinquish control.

Jesus said, “Even the least among you can do all I have done and more.” We absolutely have the ability to manifest miracles. It is awe inspiring and I can see how those that have access to that kind of power have struggled with using it for good because the seduction to use if for personal gains cannot be underestimated. That kind of power, if unleashed within a person who does not have humility at their foundation is extremely dangerous. It reminds me of the movie, “The Lord of the Rings”. Even Cate Blanchette’s character, the fairy queen, Galadriel, who was “good” was tempted by the power of the ring. Only Frodo, whose heart was pure and unadulterated was entrusted with the role of ring bearer because he could not be corrupted. Therefore, purifying our hearts and minds is an essential step to receiving this light activation so that we may direct our actions in alignment with the will of God which is concerned for the good of all and not for our own egoic purposes.

This second Light activation happened for me so that I could step into my role as a Divine Teacher for others to show them the possibilities of what is available in this field of experience. When this union occurs you are activating your full potential of who you are and what you can bring through you as your Divine Self to contribute to the world in this lifetime. This power, this union and this potential is available to everyone.
My first activation occurred in 2002 and that is when I first came to understand who I truly was (a Divine being of Light in a body) and what my role was in this world (Teacher of the Light). The experience was super intense, and it took place after I lost everything including my boyfriend, job, apartment, car (all of my worldly possessions), but at least I had my dogs. It took me 14 years to integrate that activation. Once you receive an activation like that it’s critical to maintain a daily spiritual practice to keep you in alignment with God so you can develop further and go deeper into yourself. I then had a 7 year initiation of one challenge after another and during those difficult years, I perceived that I had been abandoned. This was a misperception but the fact that I had that belief resulted in my losing my faith. The consequence of that false belief was that I created my life from a place of disconnection and from my head rather than fully creating from my heart and with love. When you create your life from a place of fear, from your wounded self, the life you create is not sustainable, it will eventually crumble like the Tower in the Tarot deck. The foundation has to be love, that is the way, the light and the truth. The path of the heart leads you back to oneness. All else will ultimately be revealed as false. The more awareness you have the more you realize there is no wrong path as all water eventually leads to the great ocean. Even years of repeating the same mistakes over and over will bring you back to your truth. Or you are released from the body back to the Light. The lesson here is that you are never abandoned, you are never alone, you are always loved and accompanied by God and those that love you and want the best for you. When you feel alone, rejected, hurt and full of despair, know that you are in a place where you are to utilize what you have learned so far. With a strong and positive mindset, keep your body fit, commune with nature, buoy your faith and keep walking the narrow path. If you lose your faith and fall into victim consciousness, you will experience what feels like a “fall”, or a downward spiral of destruction. You always have a choice. If you keep your faith and put into practice what you know to be true, you will continue to grow your True Self, your Creator self and this requires a tremendous amount of fortitude. These periods of difficulties and challenges have been placed in your path by a loving Universe to strengthen you. You will find out what you are made of in these challenging phases. If you crumble and fall, you will have to reassemble yourself into a better version and it could take some time. Once the new you has emerged you will know your strength which emanates from the center of your being and this will be your empowerment. The definition of the word empowerment from Wikipedia is, “The term empowerment refers to measures designed to increase the degree of autonomy and self-determination in people and in communities in order to enable them to represent their interests in a responsible and self-determined way, acting on their own authority. It is the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights. Empowerment as action refers both to the process of self-empowerment and to professional support of people, which enables them to overcome their sense of powerlessness and lack of influence, and to recognize and use their resources. To do work with power.” When we claim our God-given power we can carry our own weight and give back to the world.

Do you see? It is all for you! Even the really painful and hard shit! Once you come out the other end of the rebirthing tunnel, you can glory in your magnificence, as you claim your power to be all of who you are. Life and everything happening in it is all for you, that is why the saying “Everything is Love” and “Only Love is Real” is true. Love is everything, it is the force that guides your growth back to this place of wholeness and it will do it in unexpected and shocking ways if need be so that you can let go into the Oneness. Good and bad are one and the same, all of it is God. Once you become empowered you can use your powers for good to affect this world by offering your unique gifts that you were born with. We all have them.

These strengthening processes are orchestrated so that you can overcome your fear to bring your gifts out into the world! It was only after I lost everything twice in my life (the second time I lost my dogs too) that I came to know what I’m truly made of. I’m a badass for real. I am strong, resilient and freaking awesome and now I know it because I have lived it. I have transmuted my victim self into my Creator Self and there’s so much more to learn, believe me, but I at least I know this now, and this is what I need to keep growing my true self, every day, with every choice I make.
Most of us are disconnected from this river of life force energy. When that happens, your root chakra is closing off and you may feel fearful and anxious and have a sense of lack. Wherever you are right now, I want you to bring your awareness to your base chakra, at your tailbone, and your perineum, that place between your anus and sex organs (sorry there’s just no other way to say it, lol!) Be aware if you are holding down there, pulling up and clenching. Now just completely relax that whole area including your legs and breathe. It may feel like you need to pee or give you a pleasant sexual feeling. Keep softening and opening that area. Now imagine this shaft, river, pillar, column of light coming up from Mother earth into your body with a warm, pink light flooding into every cell. Breathe it in. Allow it to flow up through your pelvis, low back, abdomen, mid back, chest, upper back, throat, head and out the top of your head all the way up to the heart of the Universe. Keep breathing as you tune into the flow of Universal Life force energy running through you. Relax, breath and visualize this happening in your body. Don’t think about it and then just relax into it and experience it by feeling it. This is also a good exercise to do lying down with your arms and legs open wide in starfish position and meditative music playing. Practice this daily and if you have time, throughout your day. This is the energy that animates your body and nourishes and feeds your entire system. When you do not have this connection you feel fear and anxiety, your body gets sick, your mind gets sick and disease results. You can eat all the best foods, drink the best water, take all the right vitamins, but the number one source of vitality, health and well-being is Source energy flowing through you. Read that sentence again, please and take 3 deep breaths. The breath moves the energy through you. Deep belly breaths, in and out of your nose.

When you live only from your head, you are trying to control everything yourself. Your head is not where you want to be creating from because it is limited by human perception as well as misperception. When you connect with the flow, you let go of control and trust in the Universe to guide you. This is how you create from your Heart for your Highest and your best to realize your full potential. Spend time cultivating this connection. Let go of trying to control because you don’t have the vantage point the Universe does. You most probably are unable to recognize your magnificence and the Universe does so its plan for you and its design for your life will be 5 gazillion times better than the one your mind constructs. By connecting with the Universal flow, you can co-create your amazing life through wisdom, empowerment and intuition and have all of the intelligence and power from the Universe supporting you.
Blessings on your path.

In Peace and Light,
Beth WrightSpirit Works