Navigating the Shift from Victim Consciousness to Self-Empowerment

Colorful Chameleon on branch closeup

September is a great month for transformation! Things are really getting moving now, the energy is revving up and all you need to do is look to where in your life you are feeling the most pressure to understand what will be changing for you, if you allow it to happen and stop resisting. This is also an eclipse month, with a partial solar eclipse in Virgo this coming Sunday the 13th followed by a total lunar eclipse on September 27th in Aries. As always, eclipses help us to shift to where we need to go and with whom, they are great game changers!

The energies of the Earth are supporting our shift from a place of fear, or victim-consciousness into a place of Self-Empowerment, knowing that we are powerful Creative Beings or Co-Creators.

The Earth herself has a higher vibration now and the frequency that is being emitted from her core is affecting all beings that live on our Mother. Light is being channeled to the Earth, which is also affecting our vibration. Basically, vibrating, thinking, speaking and acting with a lower vibration is just not going to work for people anymore, and anyone who stays in that lower consciousness place of self-defeating thoughts, damaging words and harmful behavior will feel their own suffering more significantly.

It is about aligning to our Highest potential. When we are aligned with our highest self, we think, speak and act in ways that are beneficial to all of life on earth including ourselves, each other, animals, plants, the land, the waters and the sky.

If you are having thoughts and feelings that are born of victimization, you are being asked to denounce that way of thinking. You will recognize those thoughts because they will make you feel crappy, you will probably feel bad about yourself and you may cry. Thoughts such as:

1. I’m not good enough.
2. No one cares about me.
3. I don’t feel loved.
4. I’m a loser.
5. Nothing good ever happens to me.
6. I don’t feel supported in my life.
7. What is the point?

Ok, that should be enough examples to illustrate what we don’t want to be thinking. Now, you may feel those feelings from time to time, but what humans tend to do is take a small feeling of unworthiness or loneliness and make it really big so that it becomes something significant and then turn it into a belief to live by whether on a conscious or unconscious level. And beliefs create our lives. So we need to dismantle those beliefs by looking at the thoughts that have created them and then every time that thought shows up, we say, no to that thought.

For example, say you are an entrepreneur and someone has made an appointment with you for your business and you are excited to be working with them because you enjoy your business and you feel purposeful when you are doing your work and it brings immense joy and meaning into your life because you like helping others and sharing your gifts with the world. Now, say that person calls and cancels the appointment at the last minute. Feelings of rejection or disappointment may bubble up and a thought such as, “Maybe I’m not good enough” forms in your head. Then let’s say other things go wrong that day, you get a parking ticket, a friend says something hurtful, your favorite sweater gets a stain on it or a check you were expecting doesn’t show up. A snowball effect takes you into a downward spiral. This is a perfect storm for “having a bad day” and your thoughts support that belief that you are not good enough so then you honk at the driver who cut you off, you yell at your husband and kids, you overcook the salmon and end up going to bed early with a headache. Sound familiar?

How can we change this outcome? We need to stay connected to the knowingness that our Spirit offers us that no matter what happens on the outside, that our worth is immeasurable! So when that person calls to cancel the appointment and that negative thought begins to form we say, “I know who I am and I am a valuable being, I trust in the Universe and I know that everything is in Divine and perfect order.” This thought feels good and makes us smile on the inside, our heart responds by expanding. Feelings of self-love wash over us and we feel our self supporting our self. Then when the parking ticket shows up we laugh and say, “Silly me, next time I’ll be more careful!” and we continue to love ourselves and know that all these little things can be taken care of easily and that we needn’t worry because our lives truly are blessed and we really are loved and the more we feed those thoughts the more they will show up in our lives.

One of my heros, Dr. Wayne Dyer recently passed and I just watched his movie, The Shift last night. It’s a little corny, but good. Here’s a link to it. Hay House, Wayne’s Publishing company, are showing it for free in memory of Wayne for a week. One of his themes was living an inspired life, a life from Spirit, not from ego. The ego works really hard to keep us enslaved in victim thinking so that we feel small and worthless. It’s just a matter of recognizing when the ego mind is active and then with our awareness, choosing the thought that comes from the Higher Mind of Spirit or from the heart. It’s a practice that all of us need to be working with every day. But we CAN do it and the more of us on this planet that continue to choose the good thoughts, the more we can help everyone else to also choose the best thoughts. He also talks about leading a life based on the question, “How Can I Serve?” When we turn the focus off of ourselves and onto how we can help others, God comes through us and miracles occur. Watch for the scene in the movie that talks about his miracle. I have experienced miracles in my own life and I agree with what he says.

We are in the midst of a great healing on the planet, each of us is being worked on to align to our best and highest selves for the benefit of all. The illusion is that we are “going through the wringer” and yes, it’s hard work and tough, but work with the energies and know that you are loved and once the wringing is complete you will see what lies underneath all of it and that is….love. It’s all being done for our highest good by a Divine Energy that loves us. Let that thought wash over you and heal your hearts.

Blessings of love,

Beth Wright
Spirit Works