Working With the Beings of Light

I work with the Beings of Light in my vibrational healing sessions as well as in my daily life, sometimes calling on Angels to help with certain tasks or to assist if a friend is in need.  These Beings of Light act as our Guides and assist us with creating our Life by helping us with specific tasks, such as finding a new home, helping us in our relationships and clearing dark or negative energies. Anyone can request their help, but you need to ask them as they won’t act unless called upon.
Each of us is surrounded by a team of Light Beings, which may include Spirit Guides, Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Master Teachers, Master Healers, Nature Spirits and Animal Guides.  You are never alone.  Doesn’t that give you a warm feeling to know that you are accompanied by loving beings that want the very best for you at all times?
angel guide
To work with the Beings of Light you begin by washing yourself in white light, visualize or imagine a white light energy coming down from the Creator onto the top of your crown and all around your body. This will cleanse your energy field and open you up to connecting to being in other dimensions.  Once you have washed yourself in white light, you may invoke a specific Light Being for a specific purpose.
Archangel Michael can be called upon to help with clearing lower energies either around you or in your home. Archangel Michael carries his Sword of Truth to cut energetic cords that are connected from person to person. His main function is to rid the earth and its inhabitants of the toxins associated with fear. He will vacuum away negative fearful energy from your aura and will also help to cut the cords in any unhealthy relationships. Call him when you need him. The Beings of Light are here to help us and serve us so don’t be shy or worried that you are calling on them too much, they love to assist.  Always say thank you and release them with love and gratitude.  Archangel Gabriel can be called upon to help with communication such as writing, and when you call upon Gabriel, you can ask for inspiration and guardianship in the information that flows through your pen onto paper. Archangel Metatron can be invoked for integrating higher spiritual lessons.  [source, Doreen Virtue’s “Archangels & Ascended Masters]
I like to call upon Mother Mary when my heart is hurting and I often will ask her to hold my heart in her hands or I will do this for my clients to bring love to their heart and soothe the sadness.  When someone is in need of great compassion for themselves or if they are lacking in compassion, I will invoke the Goddess Quan Yin to help them either with knowing they are loved or helping them see through their eyes with compassion for others, so that they learn that we are all one and we all deserve understanding and empathy in our difficult times.  When someone is struggling to forgive another, I call upon Master Jesus to help them to look at the unforgiveness they hold in their hearts and how it is affecting them, so that they may learn this great lesson and heal their hearts.  I also work with Green Tara to help people with wisdom and protection as well as abundance. I call upon Isis to help women with to become stronger  and empowered as well as to balance home & family life.  I call upon St. Germaine and his Violet Flame to help people clear karmic debris in their energy fields so that they may move forward in their lives more easily, and not be mired down by the karmic debts that they have accrued.  I call upon Ganesha to help with removing obstacles in people’s lives, but only if it is for their highest good as those obstacles may be helping them to grow internally in wonderful ways. There are many more Beings to know and to work with, these are a few examples.
angelWe all have the right to call upon these Light Beings, they are our heavenly helpers and there is no one that is “not allowed” to work with them.  It is just a matter of knowing who to call for what purposes. Of course we must maintain our Highest integrity and ask only for the Highest and the best. We cannot interfere with the will of another and so word your requests carefully.
I started to become familiar with the Light Beings during the course of vibrational healing sessions in which I channel high frequency light through me into the chakras and subtle bodies of people to help remove blocks in their energy field so that they may return to their natural state with a healthy energy body and awaken to their Higher Selves.  During hours of sessions with my eyes closed, channeling light, I began to see faces, detect energies and get messages from these Beings to help the person who had come to see me for healing.  You will know you are connecting with them when you hear only the Highest Loving messages, they can have a sense of humor but are never disrespectful or judgmental.   They have patience and understanding that most humans do not possess and are here to help us, not judge us.
You may also feel their presence as a Higher frequency. I often will hear a high pitched ringing in my ears when a message is being brought through in the form of a thought dropping into my consciousness or if they are trying to get my attention if someone is saying something that I really need to be paying attention to that will impact my life directly. I see sparks of color around all the time, blue, purple, white, gold and pink, so I know that I’m surrounded by these beings. It brings me great comfort and joy to know that they are around me. I talk to them as if I can see them and they are my friends. I laugh with them often at the little absurdities and my own silliness when I make mistakes.  I ask them for help in making the right choices. I ask them for a lot of help!  This Spring I had quite a few friends dealing with surgeries, court hearings and difficult events. I was calling on the Angels day and night to go be by their side during surgery or court dates to assist to guide the Doctor’s hands or to help with positive outcomes in these situations.
You too can call upon Angels for these purposes, you simply need to believe that your actions and prayers are being heard and answered.  The Beings of Light are very very real and they are here to help us. I urge you to work with them.  Many blessings on your journey of discovery!