Cultivating Your Inner World

In this time of major change on the planet, it’s important to take time to cultivate your inner world. Your inner world is the foundation from where you create your life, it is connected to your soul and spirit’s deepest desires and purpose.  Although it is not tangible, your inner world exists only inside of your Self, it encompasses all of your dreams and creative longings, all of the experiences you wish to have and it is connected to everything in the Universe, it is pure consciousness. It is the place where you find your equilibrium, where you are centered and grounded within your True Self. It is your place of power, your connection to Source and where you can manage your energy and the vibration and frequency which you are sending out to the Universe. This is how we create, with our thoughts, visions, words and actions. When we tend to our inner world, we feel fulfilled and whole, the natural feeling that bubbles up from this well spring is joy and contentment. Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. Spend time building your inner world and your outer world will flourish, like a garden that you tend to, sweetly nourishing the bulbs and seedlings day after day which become luscious, rich and beautiful flowers.
In this society through the media we are taught to consume, we are taught to find our pleasure from external sources. Most people find temporary pleasure through the five senses; eating, drinking, smoking, shopping, sex or you name it, what brings you pleasure? To do any of these things is normal, everyone eats and has sex and buys things, it’s when these activities become addictions that are controlling our behavior that it becomes a problem. It is only when we seek out pleasure from these external sources alone that we will suffer. Addictions are false pleasures, and they do not add meaning to our lives, most of these addictions end up taking our power from us. True and lasting pleasure comes from working on oneself. Whether it is cultivating your craft, learning a new skill, embarking on a new course of study, improving your physical body through training or practices, meditating, writing, journaling, reading, spending time in nature, or creating art or music. When we spend our energy in this way, we see results in our lives that are meaningful and fill us up from the inside. The same can be said for the work we do with our children, spending hours of time with them to help them learn and grow. We can apply this to any relationship we have where we invest our hearts, time and energy that produces a truly intimate connection to another human being or pet where we are sharing our selves and our love. We can feel the difference between what is truly meaningful in our lives and that which is false pleasure. We may embark on the false pleasure anyway, most everyone has an addiction big or small, but do not be fooled by it, be aware of its true nature.
There is a difference between the people who create from their inner world and those who merely consume from the external world to fill themselves up. There are many people who don’t know how to connect to the beautiful light of their spirit inside of them. Without the connection to Spirit, life has no meaning. In a meaningless life, a person is just going through the motions, there is no connection, just a void. People will consume to try and fill that void. But it is in the beautiful center of your heart that you will find the joy and happiness you seek. Everything from the outside carries meaning only when it touches your heart. External consumption can only fill you temporarily, it will leave you feeling strangely empty and disconnected. To feel connected you must spend time and build from inside of your Self.
The conscious mind with its never ending stream of thoughts overrides our inner world of consciousness. For the conscious mind, the outside world tends to occupy our attention and does not let us venture inward and experience our consciousness. It is only when the mind becomes quiet and silent that we become aware of this consciousness, this inner world. We have to carve time out to connect to that place of pure consciousness. We can do it in dreamtime, when our conscious mind disconnects and our Higher mind takes over. And we can do it in meditation, which is a beautiful vehicle for navigating our inner world. In the stillness of meditation, we quiet the conscious mind and connect with our Higher mind and Higher Self. This is the place where we can connect to our inner power, our connection to God Source. This is where we can come every day to change our vibration and energy. When our energy is aligned with God Source, we feel powerful, happy, free, mentally strong, confident, we have a positive attitude and we are setting our self up for success in our outer world.
We can all learn how to master our own energy.  Let me show you how to change your energy with this visualization exercise… Think of the ideal life that you would like to create, if you like, take out a piece of paper and write down your answers to create your vision… Now take three deep breaths, and take your awareness into your heart center, right in the center of your chest. Imagine or visualize a beautiful bright light flickering there and with every breath, the light grows bigger. Keep breathing until you feel your whole body relax. Now see the light radiating out in all directions and affirm that you are connected to your Spirit. I want you to imagine your ideal life exactly as you would like it to be, it may be how you are right now if you are happy, or it may be a different version of your life. Some aspects may remain the same and some may be different. Whatever your ideal life means to you, just take a few moments to visualize the perfect existence for you. Notice who you are with, what you are doing for work, and play, where you live and with whom? What are your favorite ways to spend your time and energy? How much money do you have? What do you look like in your body and appearance, what is your state of health? How do you feel?  Now that you have done this, imagine what that feels like in your body, feel the actual emotions of being in love, fulfilled, abundant, accomplished, engaged, peaceful and connected and whatever else you have dreamed up for yourself. Feel all of these feelings as very real and very powerful. Keep the breath flowing in your body. See your ideal life and bless it from your heart, feel it as already existing. Create the highest and best for yourself, without limitations. Good. Now how does your energy feel? Does it feel different than before you started the exercise? If the answer if no, then spend more time breathing, connecting and making your vision real within you. If the answer is yes, then you can see how the thoughts and visions you have created have affected your energy. What you think controls your energy. If you think negative thoughts, your vibration will be low. Once you think positively, you will feel your frequency rise. The key is to keep your vibration high on a consistent basis. This is one way you can change your energy to raise your vibration and build your inner world. By spending active time engaging in visualization to create the life you truly want to live, you are owning your power and taking charge of the direction you want to move your life in. This takes time, energy and a commitment to practice, but is well worth the effort.
Your inner world is also the place where you can come to gain insight about yourself and how you operate in the world, uncover your true feelings, meet your shadow self, connect with your inner child. It is the place where you can learn to forgive yourself and others. Where you can learn to let go of the past and choose to grow into your new self. The more awareness you have about who you are, why you behave in the way you do, what motivates you, what inspires you, the more control you will have over how you shape your life going forward. And ultimately, the more you connect with  your Higher Self and merge with the oneness and love of your Divinity, you will surrender to your True Self, and peace will be known.
The inner plane is where you can balance your chakras by bringing in light to these energy centers, to cleanse and rebalance them. In this place you can connect with your Guides, Angels and teachers from the celestial realms to help you with whatever it is you wish to understand at a deeper level and to transform within yourself. There is so much to be discovered in this Universe inside of You. And it’s free. You don’t need to buy a ticket!
The joy is always in the work, do the work and you come to know true pleasure. Journey inward, and come to know the True Self. Let your True Self build your sacred and beautiful life from the inside out.


We all have our dreams in this world, and we have visions of who we wish to be. The dream may include; what we do for a living, our purpose, who surrounds us in both our personal living space as well as our community, and where we are living. And we may look at who we are today and be happy with ourselves, but at the same time, we may desire something different than what we are currently experiencing. What does it take to change, to transform and to become the person you have always wanted to be? Metamorphosis means a profound and complete change in form. What does a metamorphosis entail?
A metamorphosis means inhabiting a new form that you have never experienced before. A true metamorphosis can take a long time, it is a lengthy process that requires many factors to shift both internally and externally to create a new you. We are constantly experiencing change and there are cycles within cycles.  A metamorphosis occurs when who we presented ourselves to the world and who we knew ourselves to be became something different than what it once was, when new layers are added onto the existing version of yourself.  One could say we are in a constant state of change, but there are distinct periods in our lives where we notice the difference of who we once were and who we have become.
The metamorphosis begins with a vision of who you wish to be based on your values, morals, desires and the calling which resonates deep within your soul. The metamorphosis is linked inextricably with our soul’s destiny. The vision that we hold is what our soul is calling forth and the journey to get there may wind through many fascinating and colorful pathways. And there are scary parts to the metamorphosis, where we need to let go of who we are in order to become the new version of ourselves. When we release the old self, it takes a while for the new form to actualize, sometimes years, and this can feel very uncertain and frightening because we are somewhat formless, and it may be that the people we once connected with and the places we once frequented are changing along with the body we inhabit or the clothes we adorn ourselves with and the thoughts that are occurring and we don’t recognize ourselves and it feels a little bit like stumbling through the dark without orientation. It may feel at times as if there is no light house guiding us safely through the wild waters, as if the very light itself has been obstructed. But yet, you must trust it, this deep process that your soul is creating. You must honor the process and buttress the faith, even if it is the size of the proverbial mustard seed, because that tiny amount of faith will carry you along until you burst out the other side into the bright new beginning of the new phase of your new life as the new you just as a butterfly unfurls from it’s darkened chrysalis; trite but apt.
A major key to this change is to let go, to surrender the old self. There is a river of energy that runs through all of life and when you let go and jump into this river, this source energy, it will lead you to a place beyond your wildest dreams.  Anais Nin said, “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” Letting go takes courage. We so often want to control everything because we are trying to keep ourselves safe. But it is the courageous person who lets go and risks it all who wins big in life. Play small and you will stay small. If we feed our fears, we will contract. We must be willing to face our fears, to face our pain and to heal the wounds from the past that are keeping us stuck in the patterns of our old self. We must be willing to feel this pain until we can transmute it into love. If we can’t look at our fears and deal with them, then we are telling the Universe that we are willing to settle for less. We are telling the Universe that we are not willing to reach for our Highest potential and that we don’t have the courage to become our highest and best self.
Source, or the power that is greater than us, the Divine Mother Father God, loves us more than we can fathom. We are the very creations of God and the love is grand and all enveloping. Knowing this, is it really unbelievable that the life that is designed for us is a glorious tribute to the Creator himself. We must play our part and heed the impulses that bubble up from the well within, then act upon them. It is our duty to listen to the guidance that is whispered in our ears by our angels and even when we don’t know where it will lead, we must follow that guidance. Something small may lead to something bigger, something you may not want to do at first may be the stepping stone for the big break you have been praying for.
If there are areas in our life that are underdeveloped, the things we have a hard time dealing with, don’t really understand and try to avoid at all costs because it just seems “too hard” or it baffles us, then at some point along the journey, we will be asked to deal with these matters and attend to whatever it is that we have been avoiding. We will be asked to deal with our shadow, or the unconscious material that sabotages our development. This is another key to our metamorphosis. Because if we are asking the Universe to give us more, to help us get to the next level of our self, then we need to fill in the gaps that have been missing or neglected, basically, we need to do the work. Shadow work is not fun, but extremely necessary! And the work we do is what creates a well-rounded, whole and awesome individual with a plethora of gifts that we can offer the world! Don’t be afraid of the shadow.
Our life path either expands or contracts, just like our heart beat. At times we will feel small
and closed off; when this happens, recognize these times as germination periods, when we are birthing the new us. When we expand it is when the germination cycle gives birth to the new self. This happens over and over, death and rebirth. Celebrate both the darkness of the seeding process as well as the light-filled glory of full bloom, both have equal significance. The end result of these transformational cycles is to help us realize our greatest potential…. even when it feels uncomfortable or painful, know that it is all for your highest good.  It is always for your highest good, because you are LOVED by a Loving Universe. Look through the illusion and know this to be true. Blessings on your journey.