The Energies of 2015

A new year is nearly upon us!  What a year 2014 has been! I look back on the year and I’m amazed at what transpired.This has been a fast and busy year, at times overwhelming. Change is happening on a deep level everywhere we look. On the global scale, what appears to be descension into total chaos, is the continued crumbling of the weak foundations in preparation for the new world that is coming, the new world each of us has a part in creating. This is a process and it will take some time!  Look beyond the illusion and stay true to your Light. Do not dwell in the realm of fear for this is how the darkness seeks to control you…through fear.
Lotus chickI look back on my year in 2014 and some of the highlights that shine through are: hosting the Goddess Retreat in September, seeing my vision of creating a community of Goddesses come to fruition in a beautiful palace was a dream come true. Also in 2014 I became a co-host and Associate Producer for Transitions Radio Magazine, an offer that came out of the blue and landed in my lap. Another experience that came unexpectedly out of thin air was reading the lead part in a play about the Divine Feminine onstage with other actors in front of an audience, what a delight. Some dreams we create consciously, others our Higher Self gifts us in alignment with our destiny.  What do you dream of? What do you want to call in?
The new energies of 2015 have already been gathering. This year will be ripe for creativity!  All forms of the arts will be calling to you. What creative modality have you always wanted to try?  I have been wanting to paint and as it happens, I was given a plethora of art supplies for my birthday.  It doesn’t matter if what comes out on the canvas is perfect or even good, just the act of laying paint down with joy is the energy to connect with.  Allow the body to express what it holds in its cells, allow the energy of source to flow through you and splash onto the empty white canvas. Have you always wanted to try your hand at pottery, or making jewelry? This is the year to book that art class!
It will also be a year to prosper and know true abundance. Know that you deserve this abundance. Lately, money has been pouring in from all areas, it’s as if a dam has been released and I am opening my arms to receive it with gratitude.  2015 is an “8” year in numerology and 8 is the number of prosperity.  So give away whatever you aren’t using now to those in need and make space to receive the new.  Prosperity doesn’t have to mean acquiring more “stuff”, it can simply mean paying off your debts and helping those in need.  Perhaps you can travel to hike the Inca Trail in Peru or go sailing in Greece. What is your soul calling for?
Love is favored in this year, so work to release the disappointments from the past, let go of the grief blocking the love from entering your heart space and allow yourself to give the love that lies coiled in your heart. We don’t have to expect our future to look like our past so be open to being surprised by love!  Even if it scares you, let someone in this year.
It’s a year to get back to nature, a great time to learn how to grow your own vegetables.  I have been wanting to do this for forever and just have milkey waynever taken the time to do it.  This is the year I will put my hands into the rich, earthy soil of Gaia and get those seeds to germinate and grow real, live food for healthy consumption.  I can’t wait till Spring!  I also want to make friends with a horse this year and get to know these beautiful creatures up close.  What do you want to experience in nature this year?  Have you been wanting to learn to rock climb or grow orchids?  Do it!
In these last few days of 2014, write down everything you want to let go of from the past on a piece of paper, and burn it in your fire place or in your back yard. Watch the ashes disintegrate and farewell all that no longer serves you. Prepare for the new!
The next 33 Day Transformational Energy Circle begins January 1st (see below). This is the first round so if you have already done the circle once, wait for round 2. This circle can help you make important shifts and clear your blocks to help you thrive in 2015.
Wishing everyone a beautiful New Year! May you feel the Light of God/Goddess within you shining bright and leading your way on. The Light, the Love, the Truth conquers the fear and fills your heart with peace.