The Fall of the Patriarchy, The Rise of the Divine Feminine

These are powerful times. As we observe the “Me Too” movement unfolding around us and all of the allegations coming to light, we can recognize that we are watching the fall of the patriarchal society that has dominated and repressed the feminine and minorities for so long. The power and control model of the Patriarchal Society is beginning to dissolve. The patriarchy has ruled with fear to divide and conquer. The ensuing fear has resulted in divided nations, homes and minds. Greed has brought about a great imbalance in financial distribution and while a few horde the majority of the wealth, poverty affects the masses. This is not the design for the human race, there is enough for all the beings on earth to live healthy, abundant lives.
The fall of the patriarchy is a great and exciting time for those who have suffered from this oppression and abuse to watch as the walls crumble and the perpetrators and predators are exposed and charged with their crimes they have been getting away with. Justice is being served and there is much more that needs to happen. Those in the financial world and the governments and the educational systems, the legal systems and in every system that has abused its power need to be held accountable.
As Jupiter transits Scorpio, much that has been hidden in the darkness is being revealed. The Light is shining into the darkest recesses of all that has been the “status quo”, all the secrets are coming out and the truth is being shown. The dismantling of this old, outdated model is necessary to pave the way for the Rise of the Divine Feminine who is birthing the New Earth energies of grace, harmony, wisdom, abundance, peace, equality, justice and love.
During my sessions, I receive information from Guides, Angels and Ascended Masters through my Higher Self as I channel energy. The messages I have been receiving are that the new earth energy is much Lighter, it is not so heavy with burdens and lower vibrational emotions such as shame and guilt, blame and power struggles. These are the energies we are currently clearing as the great rebalancing of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies take place.
The Divine Feminine is to be revered and cherished, not dominated and controlled. When she is honored and respected, she will bloom like a rose and her magical healing elixir will unfold. Rebalancing needs to take place on both sides.
Now is a time of great healing for the feminine as her many voices are being heard. As her accusations are being validated. This is what she has waited for for so long, to be heard, seen, respected and valued. When a woman is abused but no one takes her seriously, when she is dismissed and even blamed, then the message she is being told is that she does not matter, she does not have worth.The feminine has been worthy all along. But in order to control her, she has been told that she is less than, she has been kept down, oppressed because man has feared her feminine power. Her voice matters and her experience must be honored. That is what we are seeing now.
It is also a time of healing for the masculine. A great disservice has been done to the masculine in all these years when boys were raised and told not to cry or show their feelings. When feelings are not allowed, they are pushed way down deep inside. These repressed feelings create shadow aspects that are hidden in the subconscious mind. When men explode in rages of anger and violence, their shadow aspects are expressing, all of the rage of not being seen, heard, understood and validated from a very young age are acting out in a negative way. We must teach boys from a young age that all of their feelings are ok to have, whatever they are. See them, hear them, and pay attention to their feelings. Validate their experience so that they may learn to trust. It is in this deeper communication and intimacy that we truly learn to understand one another. And it is only through understanding one another that we can truly love each other. This is one example of the way that harmony between man and woman will once again be restored on the earth plane, through balancing.
In his book, “True Love”, Thich Nhat Hanh writes, “Training is needed to love properly and to be able to give happiness and joy, you must practice deep looking directed toward the person you love. Because if you do not understand this person, you cannot love properly. Understanding is the essence of love. If you cannot understand, you cannot love. That is the message of the Buddha. If a husband, for example, does not understand his wife’s deepest troubles, her deepest aspirations, if he does not understand her suffering, he will not be able to love her in the right way. Without understanding, love is an impossible thing.”
How many times have you heard a man say that he doesn’t understand women? Then how can he love her? And the same is true for women not understanding men. If men can feel and women can be powerful, then we can correct the imbalance.
For the most part, men in Western society have been raised not to feel. How can a human being be human if he denys his own feelings? Feelings are the language of the heart, of Spirit. If he does not share his feelings, he is only living half a life. He is living from his head while his heart has no outlet for beautiful love-based expression. He is not less of a man because he feels, he is a whole man. Every person on the planet thinks and feels. There is an entire male culture on this planet of degrading and objectifying women that has been in place for far too long. This is the culture I grew up in. Somehow is was just transmitted to me that I was secondary to the man. Of course, not all men do this, but almost all men overlook this behavior.
Now is the time to realign to the true design of men and women living together showing mutual respect and honor toward one another.
The Divine Feminine seeks to heal the earth, to restore her. Beautiful and whole, Mother Earth is a living, breathing organism, she is the source of our very life! We are living upon her and she nourishes and feeds us. She has been raped of her minerals, and mined of her gold, polluted and mistreated. Acres of concrete have been layed upon her pores so that she cannot breath. Chemicals have been dumped into her waters and flesh. Her atmosphere has been compromised. Her lungs, (reefs and forests) have been damaged. This is our home. You would never see a bee polluting its hive because they know that their home sustains them. The entire colony of bees works to maintain the highest and best hive for themselves and their Queen. They all work together for the highest good of all. That is what humans need to learn to do. Work together for the Highest Good of All. That is why the Divine Feminine is now returning to lead the way into wholeness for all. She is bringing us back to Nature.
“Humans have peace, prosperity, spirit and knowledge when connected to Nature. The older matriarchal cultures were balanced and harmonic. The patriarchal cultures were ambitious, contentious and aggressive.
Around 5,000 years ago there was equality in Khemit (Kempt/Kemet) with temples to the Divine Mother – Hathor. The initiation into the higher knowledge was not for everyone and kept secret for the elite – priests, priestesses, scholars and initiates. These initiations were tests and trials to raise consciousness in both the sacred feminine and sacred masculine – in harmonic balance – in the purest form, to balance the left and right brain function, which opens to the sacred divine dimensions. (Patriarchy involves history, linear time, dogma, laws, rationality, waking reality and science. Matriarchy involves eternity, cycles of time, rituals, magic, altered states, arts, divination.)” Dr. ABD’EL HAKIM AWYAN, Wisdom Keeper of the Ancient Egyptian Mysteries.
There is so much wisdom for us to recover from the ancient cultures that knew how to harness the natural energies to raise consciousness and create peace. We can do this. We must first seek the truth, learn how to manage our own energy, then work together to create a world where we are all working for the highest good of all. We do this by raising our consciousness. We can create alternative solutions to our longstanding problems such as fossil fuel and utilize zero point energy. We can alter every broken system that is currently in place and make it work for us instead of against us. We must wrest our power back from the patriarchal rule. The Divine Feminine is returning, rejoice!