What the World needs now is Love Sweet Love

These are dark days here on planet earth and it is incredibly challenging to be a witness to all the suffering. The horror unfolding on the Gaza strip, wild fires in Argentina, hurricanes in Mexico, floods in Libya and wars in Israel, Palestine and the Ukraine. Millions of people are displaced from their homes. The fall of the old world is intensifying and many souls are choosing to leave. And there’s more to come.

When we leave our bodies, we cross over to the other side where we are held in unconditional love and pure bliss, finally free of the earthly challenges. But while we are down here we have to deal with the darkness and the struggle is real. It is normal to feel despair, sadness and grief in these times.

So what do we do with these big emotions? We feel them fully, without reaching for something to numb them. We sit with our grief, pain and sadness and allow it to express through us. These emotions are energy in motion – they just want to move on through. We don’t have to harbor them or live in that space, we can just let the energy flow and then keep going. It also helps to move our bodies. Wave our arms around, jump up and down, shake the hips, roll the head, yell, skip, hop, dance, groove – basically any form of movement to support the release of the emotions from the body. It feels so good! Put some music on and let loose!

It’s in times like these where practicing faith and trust in God helps us to stay in our center. The more we can allow ourselves to relax into our bodies, knowing that we are safe and cared for by the Universe, the more we can allow the magic of life to flow through us.

In the past few weeks, I have been shedding so many tears. The grief is tremendous. I began to become quite anxious. But Spirit wanted to show me that despite how horrific things are in the world, my work is to remain peaceful, shine the light, stay in the space of love in my heart, be trusting and lift others up. Spirit wanted me to know that I’m always taken care of.

Here’s how spirit has shown me that I’m supported recently:

I was hiking in the hills one day and I found two, brand new bungie cords on the path. So I picked them up and at the end of the hike, I put them in the back of my car. A week later, I went for a hike with a friend and I was driving. When I got off the thruway, my muffler detached on one end and was hanging off, dragging on the road. The salt had rusted the bottom of the car over the years. I pulled over and my friend looked and said he could attach it with a couple of bungie cords. And I just happened to have them in my car. Perfect. So grateful! This is how Spirit works. They know everything that is going to happen and will help us to get through every challenge and difficulty that arises.

Yesterday, I was driving home from an appointment and was worrying about money because of the cost of everything these days. I was quite anxious, and right as I drove onto the highway, a bald eagle flew over my car with a fish in its talons. It was a spectacular sight! I knew instantly that there was nothing to worry about and sure enough, the funds I needed came through at just the right time. Later in the evening, my roommate ordered Chinese food and threw me his fortune cookie. I opened it and it said “No need to worry! You will always have everything that you need.” Ok! Can it get any clearer?

We are always supported on our path. When we feel safe, we can stay centered in our open heart. The root chakra is the energy center that needs to be open and relaxed for us to feel safe. It is connected to our hearts. It’s the root of the lotus flower that, when firmly planted in the earth, sends the nutrients up the stem of the flower, which allows the petals (heart chakra) to open wide and bloom in beautiful splendor.

In these changing times of major deconstruction of the old world, do your best to stay centered in your heart. It is also so important now to forgive anyone whom you’ve been at odds with. My own spirit team has been guiding me to make amends with people from my past who I had fallings out with so that my heart can be cleaned of old hurts. It doesn’t mean we have to be best friends, it just means it’s time to heal the rift and let go of the heaviness of the hurt. When our hearts are clean, we can shine so much brighter. Old hurts and disappointments only create blocks to love.

The eclipses are here… tomorrow, October 14 and 28. And Pluto, the planet of transformation stationed direct on the 10/10 portal. These are powerful times!

I keep seeing glorious sunrises and sunsets. Usually when I see these it indicates that an ending and a new beginning is coming. Whatever it is, it’s going to be big.

We’ve got to heal the divisiveness in this country and with each other. It’s time to lay down our swords and forgive one another for whatever our trespasses have been. Healthy union is the only way forward. It’s time to forgive. It’s time for love!

As each of us heals our heart and offers love to one another, the world is filled with more love. This is what we need, more love!

So if you need to forgive someone, what are you waiting for? Love is the most valuable thing on earth. And truth! Let’s make the choice to let love win. Choose love!