Rebirth of the Heart

I recently experienced a joyous rebirth of my heart. 

As Venus retrogrades through Leo, till September 3rd, we are asked to re-evaluate our relationships, values and finances. It’s a good time to look at who matters to us and how we want to spend our money. 

Often, in these retrograde periods, people from our past may come back into our lives. I did a liver and parasite cleanse the first two weeks of August which wiped me out. On the morning of August 17, I woke up feeling much lighter. I noticed my heart had lost its heaviness. Something just felt different, I felt better. I suddenly had a very strong desire to right the wrongs of the past.

This influence inspired me to reach out and reconnect with the people I walked away from during the time of deep inner work and transformation over the past 6 years and the pandemic. Those years in the chrysallis were vital to my healing and transformation. It suddenly became very clear what I had to do to clean things up in my relationships.

In a whirlwind of activity, I sent emails, text messages and cards to people apologizing and acknowledging where my actions may have harmed them or letting them know that I love and appreciate them. For some I wished them well without inviting a conversation and for others I requested to speak with them. I was surprised at the positive responses I received. Some people needed to be released, but not all of them. 

It appeared that all of this activity was being directed by my heart. I was being asked to put things back into balance. It was judgment day. I acted swiftly and decisively. Relationships that had been out of alignment for years suddenly were reorganized within a day. Within a week, the slate was cleaned and there was no one I was at odds with. I just suddenly let go of any old hurt and resentment. It was a miracle. My heart was free from the chains! I realized I was taking my power back. Now I had more room to love. 

I became aware that this re-birth of my heart was the return of the Divine Feminine within. All of us have the divine feminine and divine masculine within us. My divine feminine had been deeply wounded and I had been working on healing her for years. This was a lot of work – I revisited old stories and traumas from my entire life and healed the part of me that was stuck in those endless loops of trauma. I felt everything and sat with that part of me who needed to express the anger or sadness, all the while affirming that her feelings were valid, while building her up and letting her know I love her unconditionally. All this clearing work, self-love and inner healing lead to the rebirth of my heart. This is what it takes – consistent and constant dedication to loving oneself. 

I could feel that my heart had been fully restored. So much love was streaming through my heart. The doorway to being love was now open! 

Our heart’s intelligence is the greatest intelligence in the Universe because it’s connected to the Universal One heart. The most powerful force in the Universe is love which flows through our hearts. The electromagnetic field of the heart is 5000 times stronger than the electromagnetic field of the brain. That’s how powerful our hearts are. When we have a healed, open heart we have a super power! Love is how we heal. 

I had the understanding that any harmful behavior on my part only stemmed from the feeling of being rejected, abandoned or disconnected from my own heart. Once I was able to heal my heart, I could step more fully into my truth, with a strong sense of inner security. By loving myself more deeply I gained the ability to love others more deeply. I was free from the shackles that had imprisoned me. It was all my own doing and now it was being undone. It was an intensely liberating process.

Our relationship with the world is rooted in our relationship with ourself. Once we accept ourself, with our flaws and shadows and learn to love ourselves unconditionally, without abandoning ourself, we can offer that to others. This is what we came here to do. To learn to love ourselves and others unconditionally in the way that God loves us. 

Check in now with your heart and ask it how is it feeling? What messages does it have for you? Does it still harbor old pain? What needs to be let go of? Where do you still need to make peace with your past? Does your heart need to weep? Does it want you to have more fun? Does it need you to be still and listen? Does it want you to reach out to someone you are estranged from and make amends? Listen…. 

All our relations, the earth, the sky, the animals and plants, the seen and unseen benefit from a person who has healed their heart. This healing will change your life forever.