Honor Your Process to Living Your Best Life

We are well into 2019 and the energies feel good! Many of us are in a process of rebirthing into a new version of ourselves. While we are in a physical body, we are constantly in a state of evolution which involves the death and rebirth cycle. There are periods of rest, which is an invaluable stage, but then we move into flow again once we enter our next growing phase. The new version of who we are becoming is our Higher, or Best Self.

There’s a lot that needs to happen to merge with our Higher Self. We must first do the work to clear out what is in our shadow closet. The shadow self is comprised of the parts of us that we deny because we don’t like those aspects of ourselves and we don’t want anyone to know they are there and we lock them away in a closet. But wholeness consists of accepting all of ourselves, even the parts we don’t like… To release the shadow into the light to become whole, we must first be aware of which aspects of ourselves we hide away from ourselves and others. This requires awareness and honesty. It is best shown to you through others. The next step is to learn to love those parts of ourselves and integrate them into our personality. This step takes radical self-acceptance and forgiveness. The process doesn’t have a timeline, it requires your willingness, attention and desire to change. It is in this process that we learn to love ourselves, ALL of ourselves.

As you integrate all parts of yourself, you will be neutralizing lower energies such as shame, blame, guilt, self-hatred, regret, doubt and fear. All of the lower emotions that were attached to those parts of yourself that you hid, will now be released and freed up from your energy field and your body. How you once felt about yourself on a subconscious level will change and you will adopt a better self image. Once those lower emotions are eliminated from your cells and energy field, you can hold more Light and feel more JOY. Joy is a higher feeling which we may need some time getting used to feeling, especially if we are used to being sad or miserable or looking for the next problem to fix. At some point, you can stop looking for what to fix about yourself, because the majority of the misaligned thoughts, perceptions and memories will have been realigned with the truth of who you are. The truth is; you are a beautiful soul, full of love, inhabiting this body in this lifetime, doing your best and you are deeply loved. Any perceived mistakes you have made were only ever to help you learn and grow. We are here to learn to love and to help one another. Remember, we are meant to enjoy our life on earth!

As your light body begins to hold more light as you feel these higher feelings, you will begin to vibrate at a higher frequency. You may notice that the same friends you’ve had for years suddenly fall away. If your frequencies are no longer a match, certain people will bounce out of your energy field and life. Do not fight this process, honor your new frequency and let those people go. Allow new people who match your vibration come into your life. There will be a lot of these shifts in relationships happening this year. Do not cling to the past, step into the new. It is so natural to want to grieve what we once had, allow time for this and then welcome the new. The new earth energies support our faster transitions between the past and the present. Meaning, it will be easier for us to let go. These vibrational shifts also apply to work environments and living spaces.

One way to allow for smoother transitions is to continue to bring your awareness into the present moment. If you find your mind wanting to ruminate on the past, gently guide your thoughts back into the now and focus your mind on what is your highest priority for attaining peace in this moment. Keep training your mind to be in the present moment. The present moment is always the point of power where we CREATE. As you continue to learn how to do this, you will be practicing your creation skills. There is no greater power that humanity has been given than Creating from Love. There are so many avenues for creating; birthing a child, a painting, a book, a dance, a meal, an outdoor adventure, a retreat, music, building a house, knitting a sweater, teaching a class, telling a story, and on and on. The Universe has unlimited options for creating.

Humanity is at the point of transitioning from victim consciousness into Creator Consciousness. This is when we, as a collective, take our God given power back! We are doing this by altering our inner world. As we adjust our dial and realign any misaligned frequencies in accordance with the truth, we create the Grand Shift. This is a huge project that is overseen by God. Imagine the amount of suffering that has to take place for one person to pry their overly conditioned mind open enough to see the Light of the truth and then surrender to it and learn to trust in the Higher Power. It takes a lot. And there are 7 billion of us doing this. That’s a big project. The Shift is from leading through one’s head/ego into the Heart/Spirit. The Heart is the master, the head is the obedient servant. Do you see the enormity of this? Be understanding, compassionate and patient with yourself and others as we attend to this Divinely guided process.

If you are experiencing the challenging feelings of the transition phase, immersed in the sea of mystery, do not give up hope, for your new self, your best self is waiting to greet you on the shore ahead. He/ She is full of love for you, wants only the best for you and is full of Golden Light. The journey may seem long and arduous and some days are easier than others, but success comes after failure, the highest heights are reached after the greatest ruin. Experiencing these opposites creates the depth within a human being who, through alchemy, is becoming his/her Divine Self embodied. Each individual must balance the energies of heaven and earth as well as the masculine and the feminine. By doing this, one balances the alignment of the cross that represents the Divine human and allows a point of entry of Light through the heart, the center point of the cross. A light activation. Listen, pay attention, surrender to this truth.

This is life, we are all in it, let’s love ourselves and each other through it. Let’s offer more understanding and less judgment. Treat the other as you wish to be treated. The other is you. If you want to be loved, then love.
Many blessings on your path.

In Love & Truth,

Elizabeth Wright