We Are Creators!

Happy Spring everyone! The most beautiful energies are upon us and there is so much Light being sent to our Earth for regeneration and renewal of our planet and all the beings who live here. Have you been feeling it? Lately, I’ve been seeing posts and articles that resonate with these regenerating energies, there are beautiful fields of wildflowers blooming on the mountain sides in California, where once there was only brown, dying grass after the fires that devastated so much of the state. There are acres of wildflowers blooming in Texas after floods that swamped the lands. Species of turtles and owls that were thought to be extinct have suddenly reappeared. Mother Earth is giving us hope through signs that our own lives can be restored and that re-birth and abundance is available to us.

Whatever we have gone through, endured and suffered can be healed. Our hearts can be mended, broken relationships can be reestablished, our bank accounts restored, our faith in humanity uplifted. We can grow new bodies if we need to do that! (See my book recommendation below). Whatever you have been going through that has tested you over a long period of time can shift. The energies support our transformation right now! So allow your mind and thoughts to support the shift for you. Let go of the thoughts that may be keeping you stuck in a pattern that you feel will never change. That your life circumstances will never get better and you are doomed to suffer whatever it is you are suffering. It is just not true. “Bad things happen to good people” all of the time. We can’t stay stuck in the past forever, we are meant to let the past go and live our lives in the present moment so we don’t miss the gifts that the Universe is trying to give us. Align your thoughts with the truth that your issue can and will transform and be healed. Expect support and even miracles!

I recently watched the movie Meru, which tells the story of 3 mountain climbers whose quest is to climb to the top of the Shark’s Fin route in the Himalayas in India on the Meru Peak. No one has ever reached the summit of this peak. Their first attempt is long and arduous and they have to turn back 100 yards from the summit after a 4 day storm hinders their success. They vow to try again at a later date. What happens next is fascinating to me. Each man endures his own personal struggle. One man has a skiing accident and breaks open his skull and 2 vertebrae are damaged. He spends the next year rebuilding his body. Another man is caught in a heavy duty avalanche and survives without a scratch, but it shakes him to his core both mentally and emotionally. He spends the next year re-evaluating his life and repairing his psyche. The third man loses his climbing partner to an accident and then finds another climbing partner who then dies in an avalanche. These deaths affect him deeply and he spends the next year in an intense grieving period, also questioning his own path.

They each experience their own unique challenges and in the process of facing their fears, they emerge on the other side stronger and more determined than ever. Even though the man who is injured could potentially suffer a stroke in the high altitudes, they all decide to attempt the climb again and they set a date. Lo and behold, they make it to the summit in a sublime ascent. It’s amazing to me, the grit and determination these men had and what it took for them to overcome all they had faced and how beautifully they worked together to reach their goals and summit a mountain no one had been able to conquer before. This is an example of true grace after hardship.

It is the same for any of us, no matter what you have been experiencing personally; whether it is a disease, chronic back pain, the death of a loved one, a betrayal, financial ruin, an accident, losing your home, losing your job or a combination of the above. You can reach your summit. It takes a change of heart, the right mind set, steadfast belief in yourself and your Higher Self, faith that the Universe is conspiring in your favor, trust and surrendering yourself to the flow. It takes facing your shadow self and your deepest fears about who you are and your place in this world, overcoming those fears and trusting in the uncertainty of what lies ahead. It takes a firm and sure decision to create your best life no matter what has happened in the past.

Two years ago I experienced a big set back when the man I married turned out to be abusive and I had to flee my home and I was left with debt to repay. In a 4 month window, I lost everything including my dog who was shot by a neighbor. I lost my dream, my dog, my husband, friends and my hope. I nearly lost my life on the last night with him. I had severe PTSD from his narcissistic gas lighting, his pathological lying and the abuse. It took me months to work through all that had transpired. I didn’t know what was real and what was a lie. I wasn’t myself, I was severely traumatized and I felt like I was on the edge of losing my mind.

While this was happening, my friend was sending me money which was supporting me while I wasn’t working. I was so messed up in the head. She did not ask to be repaid, so that I could be stress-free. It was such an incredible gift and blessing. I could not have done it without her. My gratitude was and still is immense. Meanwhile, old addictions resurfaced and I would take 2 steps forward and 3 steps back. Slowly, over time, I began to heal all that was broken within me. I later learned that what I went through with my husband was a karmic clearing. I had harmed him in a previous lifetime and I was just receiving back what I had given out in another life. Once I left him, I specifically did not seek vengeance because I did not want to incur more karma and have to go through that again in the next life! So now my slate is clean. It has been nearly 2 years and I have become more stable within my own center. I have learned even deeper truths about discernment, humility, responsibility, forgiveness and I’ve discovered how strong I really am. I’m believing in myself and trusting the Universe again. I am now learning about regeneration! And I now pray for him every day that he is healed and learns how to give and receive love.
That’s my story. I look around me and I see what everyone else is going through whether it’s losing a parent to pancreatic cancer, contracting Lyme Disease, losing a child to suicide, or living with debilitating chronic pain. People have lost their homes to fires, been deceived by con artists and everyone is suffering in some way or another. We are all being given an opportunity to transform ourselves!

We are incredibly powerful beings! We can do anything we put our minds to. That saying exists for a reason because if we set our minds to do something, we can accomplish any feat. First we change our hearts and then we can program our mind by telling it what we want it to think. I recently have been talking to my body and asking it to heal and it has been responding to my requests. Every night before I go to sleep I ask my body to do one specific thing such as realign my spine, or heal my knee or produce more DMT molecules, or boost the serotonin levels in my brain. We have the power to create these shifts within ourselves. Believe it! We are creators, and creators have the power to transform. The Universe is electro-magnetic and whatever you feed with your energy, you charge and manifest in the physical world.
Whatever it is in your life that has caused you to feel helpless and hopeless, or depressed and anxious, know that you can heal from it and something magnificent is on its way to you. Diamonds are formed with a tremendous amount of heat and pressure. Become the diamond that you are. Believe it is all happening for you, no matter how heartbreaking or exhausting it is. The transformation and transmutation will occur. You are loved, you are powerful, you are creators!