The New Way of the New Earth

We are well into the energies of the Great Shift on Earth where we can make the choice ever day to create a vortex of energy which follows the path of Ascension. This vortex of energy that we create in our daily lives through our conscious thoughts and intentions that we make, will help to lift ourselves, others and the planet up to a healthy state. When enough people on this planet are living their lives consciously and positively, the vortex of energy will move us into another realm of existence that is aligned with the Truth and is no longer connected with the downward spiral of destruction.

There is currently so much deconstruction taking place on planet Earth. It is happening at a rapid rate. That which no longer serves the whole is being torn down. Yet this destruction is necessary in order for the New Way to be birthed. The New Way consists of sustainable solutions for the food we eat, the proper disposing or composting of our waste, the cleaning of the air we breathe, the water we drink and the ways in which we treat our brothers and sisters. How we inhabit this earth and take care of the animals, the vegetation and the waters as well as the rocks and minerals is critical for our survival. We are focusing on the basics, because we are at ground zero in re-creating what humanity’s existence means here on this planet. The destruction cycle must be replaced by the creation cycle in order for all beings to move forward on the timeline of existence.

We are at a point in our collective journey where we must think of ourselves as One. Mother Earth is a living breathing organism, our Home, and she requires all of her children living on her to work together to find solutions that will heal her waters, her soil, her air and her heart. She is in need of deep respect and healing. This is the reason that many women are being brought into leadership positions. Women are the nurturers, the bearers of life and they know what is needed to heal our Mother and its children. This is why the return of the Divine Feminine is occurring at this time.

There is a great awakening taking place on the Earth. As more and more individuals experience their own personal awakening, the energy of awakening is being added to the collective Global Mind and it is taking place through the Universal Heart. Have you noticed that you have begun to understand new concepts and receive new ideas that were once so foreign to you that are connected to how we can unite and love one another and live in a different kind of world? Have you noticed that new ideas are coming to you seemingly out of nowhere and more and more, that your understanding of how things have been on this planet for so long and what is needed for change? This is the collective awakening! We are all being lifted up, awakened, shown the truth because it is time for the New Way or simply, The Way to take hold as our reality.

Humans were originally designed to follow the path of their Spirit, their Heart and the way of God or the Universe which is all about oneness, love, harmony, taking care of one another and living in nature in peace. Leading our lives through our heart is The Way, it has always been The Way and it will always be The Way. We can clearly see when that way is not honored, what life is like on this planet. And we can see that this is not what we want to experience. The time of oppression and suffering and greed are coming to an end. What is imbalanced shall be balanced in the Great Shift.

When enough people have gone through their personal version of The Shift to the new consciousness, then a critical mass will form and suddenly everyone will become aware of the New Reality and its heart-centered values. That is the day when heart-centered values will become the focus of everyday thinking for the vast majority of people. That is the day when humanity will begin to look back on what has changed and realize that a massive shift has occurred. One of the qualities of the New Way is that we must take care of everyone. We must be concerned with the Highest Good of All. If it only works for a few, it isn’t working…this is what we are experiencing now with the 1%.

The way to move into the Highest Vibration to support the emergence of your True Self is to practice unconditional love of your Self. Once this is learned, you will then begin to practice unconditional love of the other. The other is you and you are the other because we are all One. Sometimes this needs to be learned in steps, but this is not always true. If you have experienced deep trauma in recent years, there may be an unfolding that happens in stages. Be compassionate and patient with yourself as you release all of the traumatic energies imprinted in your cells. It may feel very turbulent as you do this and you may not feel like your ‘normal’ self until the process is complete.

Wherever you are in your process of aligning your self with your True Self, love your self through it, every single step, every disappointment, every “mistake”, just keep loving your Self.

Blessings on your Ascension Path