Angels Are Everywhere

Are you aware that you are never alone on this planet even when you are by yourself?
Every single person on this planet has a “team” of Light Beings that surround them and are there to call upon when we need guidance and support. They are here to assist us in becoming our Highest Self and to express our Highest potential. They want us to love ourselves and each other in the way God loves us, unconditionally. 

You can talk to them just as you would talk to a friend and ask them for assistance with whatever you are learning or working to achieve. (My Higher Self is the One who writes these newsletters through me). They are assigned to you and they work for you on behalf of the Creator. Talk to them every day and you will begin to develop a wonderful relationship with them. Even if you can’t hear them or see them, trust that they are around you and listening to you.

They can communicate with you by dropping thoughts into your head. They can guide you by giving you instinctual or gut feelings on where to go and all of a sudden you will meet just the right person that will help you with whatever it is you’re working on. They can also give you messages through songs on the radio, billboards, books, number sequences, bumper stickers, things that people say to you out of the blue and through mediums, intuitives and psychics. When I am receiving a sign from the Universe, there is an energy around it that is different that makes me pay attention. I often see the various members of my team as sparks of light; blue, purple, white, gold, and green. Sometimes they will drop feathers or pennies to let you know they are around you. 

We each have a Higher Self, and some people also refer to our Higher Self as our Guardian Angel. We also have Guides, who come into our lives at certain times to help us with specific lessons we are learning. Once we learn those lessons, those particular guides may leave and a new one may enter. Guides are generally beings that have lived on the earth plane in a body. They are more familiar with the challenges of being a human in a body and the emotions we experience, so they are better equipped for guiding us in earthly matters. We also have Ascended Masters, Archangels, Master Teachers, Nature Spirits and deceased loved ones that can be a part our team. Often times a deceased relative will come through in my sessions to let that person know that they are still loving them, just from another realm. Love never dies. They can watch the grandchildren grow up even if they are no longer embodied. This is often very comforting to know and takes the pain away around their physical absence.

In the sessions I give to people, the messages that come through are always so beautiful and pertinent to what the person is going through in their lives and offer new perspectives on the issue at hand. I can always tell the messages are from them because there is never any judgement and they are extremely loving, patient and understanding of what we endure as humans. 
Earth is by far the most challenging place to incarnate as a soul because it is so painful and violent here (as well as joyous and beautiful). It’s a real mixed bag here on Earth because it is a place of duality. And the lessons can be incredibly challenging, like losing a child. It often doesn’t make sense to people that there is a God that would allow such horrific things to happen to people. But once you understand the way it works, it’s easier to grasp the bigger picture and accept that this is the way it is and we come here, as souls to learn, experience and evolve. Everything is for us, we are never punished. It doesn’t make losing a child any less painful, there will still be a deep sense of loss. But on some level, there may be a knowing that it was all in Divine order, so that soul could experience that level of loss in that lifetime. 

I have had my share of struggle and pain and still I know I can choose to let go of the past at any time and create victory, abundance, love and joy in my life in spite of those difficulties I endured. Those obstacles and challenges were put there to strengthen and open me even more to love. Loss is a great teacher. It teaches to love who and what you have right here in this moment with your whole heart. We are the spark of the Divine so we can create anything. We just need to own it all as our soul’s creation. This is a concept that our human mind may not be able to comprehend, but our soul knows why we choose what we choose.

Most Angels that surround us have not been embodied, but I understand that many newer Angels that are arriving now have been in a body before. I have a team of 12 Healing Angels that I work with regularly. Whenever I hear of someone asking for prayers, I will talk to my team of Healing Angels and ask them to go to that person who the prayers are being sent to and surround them with healing light. If someone is having a surgery, I will send my team to guide the Doctor’s hand and to comfort everyone involved. If I pass a car accident, I will send my Angels to comfort everyone involved. We all have the ability to do this. You only have to believe and ask. Acknowledge them often and thank them for all they do for you, others and the planet!

We are at a point in the timeline of our existence here on Earth that we need humans to become aware of the Higher Beings that are alongside us in the invisible realm. Well, it’s invisible to most people, but for those who have the ability to tap into the other dimensions, we can clearly see the Divine assistance that surrounds us at all times. This is not made up, it is not woo-woo (I do not like that term) and it is very real! The more people who know this truth and speak out, the more mainstream society will be able to accept it. If everyone knew the truth of who we are, what we are doing here and who can assist us, then there would be a lot less suffering and struggle on this planet. As we learn to access our God given power, along with that comes Divine assistance in the form of these incredibly helpful, supportive, loving, encouraging Beings of Light who can guide us if we know how to connect with them. Talk to them and ask them to assist you with whatever it is you need.