Claim Your God-given Power

Feeling safe has become a big issue for the people in this country. We are witnessing a lot of people with anxiety who are getting caught up in the fear cycle. Fear and anxiety have become a big problem with children (and adults) as we continue to be faced with mass shootings, racism, sexism, hackers, sex-trafficking, financial inequality as well as being ruled by a fascist government that is bullying, self-serving and lacks basic morals and ethics. This society is designed to keep people fearful, because fearful people are easier to control. This system is designed by a specific few, who are hoarding resources and power over the masses to serve themselves. Imagine if these systems were rearranged to support the people they serve, rather than take from them. Some countries do experience a positive cycle, meaning that their infrastructures and systems are healthy and supporting to the individuals that live there. Iceland, Sweden and Norway are a few countries that come to mind that appear to be a desirable place to live. This is not the case with America and there is a sinister agenda being played out to the detriment of it’s citizens and immigrants.

There is a solution, and that is for each of us to take our power back and not live in fear, but to live in trust and connection to the Universe and (God), knowing that we are powerful beings who cannot be controlled and manipulated by anyone. For true change to happen in this country, each individual needs to know who they are, know they are powerful and to exercise that power with their will in accordance with the Highest good of all. This is how transformation happens. This means that each individual transforms their own inner self and unites with each other to overturn and recreate this system so it works for us, not against us.

To be in your power you must firstly be living in the present moment and be connected to your own heart, spirit and the Source of creation. You must also have very strong boundaries and discernment so you know who to keep out of your circle and who to let in. You must know who you are and feel secure within yourself. You must be concerned with and give to the greater good, not just serve yourself, but serve others, this is true abundance. To be in your true power you spend time cultivating your inner world, or your connection to your Self, with a capital S, meaning your Higher Self, your direct connection to God or the Source of all Creation. To be in your power, you trust your self and the choices that you make. You make the right choices that keep you safe, healthy, joyful, connected, financially secure, and you make these choices consistently. You must also deal with your emotions and allow yourself to feel everything to process it properly. If you are repressing your emotions through addictions or avoidance, they will eventually come out through your shadow self. All of your feelings must be acknowledged and owned, embraced and loved by your core self. This is the integration of the shadow self work that is so necessary to becoming whole.

The opposite of owning your own power is being a victim. You are being a victim if you continue to complain about aspects of your life that you wish to change but you don’t actually take the steps to change them. A victim gives their power to others by seeing in others what they wish to be like and not developing those qualities or traits within themselves. You will not embrace your power if you are living in the past or future or living from your head only. You cannot fully be in your power if you are not connecting to Source energy, because that is where your true power emanates from, the Divine spark within you. The current system in this country produces and supports the victim mentality through fear. This system is a destructive cycle. Being a victim is being caught in the destructive cycle. To destruct something or someone is to cause total ruin and irreparable damage. The opposite of destruction is rebuilding, reclaiming, raising, restoring, protection, salvation. And the definition for creation is the act or process to bring something into existence.

Every single human being is a Divine being. We are spirits inhabiting flesh. God gave us certain rights which we can claim at anytime. Once we know who we are and claim our power, we can create anything we desire. The Universe supports our thoughts and beliefs that we consistently think. It is up to you to direct your thoughts positively toward yourself and others to create a reality that is loving and supportive, healthy and successful. These thoughts must be consistent and connected to positive feelings and visions. Practice visualizing what you wish to see manifest in your world over and over. Repetition is needed to reprogram the subconscious mind.

Abundance is our birthright. The Universe will support your financial needs and once you truly know this truth, that you are always taken care of, you will cease to worry about money. Recognizing that in the present moment, you are safe, secure, and have everything you need, will help you to stay grounded and centered. We create from the present moment. Of course, you have to take the necessary steps on the earth plane to create a system for the abundance to be delivered to you, in other words, you can’t just sit back and expect it to land in your lap, there needs to be a channel for the money to flow to you, such as a job, or business or service that you offer.

Anxiety and fear is a base chakra issue and is the result of stepping out of the present moment. When we look ahead to the future, and we can’t see how a problem will be solved, or where the money will come from for that or how that is going to even work out, for God’s sake, then we are not in the present moment and we are creating from fear. To counter this, become aware that you are completely supported and safe in this moment and then give thanks for everything you have. This practice of gratitude will transform the energy you are sending out to the Universe. By doing this you are telling the Universe you feel secure, safe and are feeling blessed. A good mantra is, “I AM Blessed and Grateful for my life, thank you, Creator.” Then send these blessings out to the world, visualize the planet earth and send the light out from your heart to everyone on the planet including the plants and animals, elementals and all of life. Once you are in this state of gratitude, set your intention for what you wish to create, by stating that intention out loud. This is how to harness your God given power. Now continue to work and play and rest and enjoy your life and then allow yourself to receive that which you have called to you from a state of peaceful relaxation.

There is another simple truth here, and that is that we are all born into these bodies and we are all going to die. When it is your time to go, nothing can stop it, but you cannot live your life as if you are dying, you must live while you are here no matter what pain and difficulty you are faced with, knowing you can survive it. When you see the faces of the random people who were murdered in the latest mass shooting, understand that it was their time to go. Their souls agreed to take part in that event to bring about change on the earth. Of course it’s terrible, and sad and horrific. But let’s not let their deaths be in vain, let’s create the change on this planet so that mass shootings do not occur. We do that by loving ourselves, claiming our power, connecting to Source and loving others. And enacting laws that stop the availability of weapons that can shoot multiple bullets to the public, and having strict background checks, amongst other obvious regulations.

God is more powerful than humans and the love that God has can be expressed through humans is greater than the hatred that comes through humans. Love wins. Own your power and be the loving human you were designed to be, knowing who you truly are and where your power comes from. Take total responsibility for your life, use your intuition and help others. Walk your talk.

Fear will get you no where you want to go. Kick fear to the curb. Trust is the antidote to fear.