Balance is Key

Balance is the key to good health and a happy life. Balance is something we don’t realize the importance of until it is lost. We all know what it feels like when we are out of balance. That’s why we must guard our health like a treasure!

“The Yin and Yang symbol reminds us that everything in life contains two opposites, and to maintain balance, we need to find a way to work harmoniously with both sides.” There is light in the dark and dark in the light and to hold the tension of two opposites is an art.

When we come out of balance in our body, we also come out of balance in our mind and emotions as they are all interconnected. When I am out of balance, I’m not able to access the higher consciousness and awareness to live and create my best life. It’s like living in a lower reality which doesn’t support growth.

However, once the body is balanced, it’s like a fine tuned Stradivarius – now you’re playing on a whole other level! This is when you can go quantum. This is the year to go quantum and break through the barrier to live as your highest self and create your dream life.

To maintain balance of the body, mind and spirit, it’s imperative that we implement certain practices in our lives. Some of those practices are:

  • Healthy Eating and Drinking – limit your intake of toxins and make sure you detox regularly. Choose a diet that complements your body type. A healthy diet is key for a high vibration. Everyone is different, know what works best for you.
  • Supplements – If you have come out of balance, there are supplements that can support you in regaining your health. See below for my recommendations on healing your gut microbiome for a healthy body and mind.
  • Mineralized Water – I recently started drinking mineralized water. When our body is low on trace minerals, we may experience fatigue, brain fog, and a compromised immune system. Here is the link to order Lithia Springs Water
  • Exercise – No matter what your age is, getting your heart rate up, strengthening your core and stretching is needed to maintain a healthy, active body. Mix it up and have fun. Find the different types of movement you love to do and do them regularly until you leave the planet. It’s only when we stop moving that we get old!
  • Yoga, Tai Chi or Qi Gong – These practices incorporate energy and the breath. They help us to connect to our body, mind and spirit and integrate them into wholeness.
  • Meditation This is when you “plug in” to the Universe. Sit, breathe, ground and connect. If you need a guided meditation to help you, click here BALANCING MEDITATION When we spend time inside ourselves, connecting to the Universe within, we recharge our spirit and grow our light.
  • Time in Nature – Nature is the supreme healer. When we receive the electro-magenetic energy of the earth, it cleanses our energy field and connects us to Mother Earth, which is vital for our well-being. Get some fresh air.
  • Rest – Lots of rest is needed to integrate. When we sleep, our body heals. Avoid overworking and burnout – this is the old way of the toxic masculine. The Divine Feminine knows that rest is key to creating the new earth.
  • Feel – Allow every emotion that bubbles up be expressed in a healthy way. Repressing emotions creates energy blocks which turn into physical blocks over time. If you haven’t processed old emotions, sit quietly by yourself and re-visit a memory that still visits you. Go into the memory and feel everything. Allow it to move out and clear any way it wants to.

Now more than ever we need to stay balanced because the amount of light pouring onto our planet for this mass awakening and re-birth is changing our bodies at a cellular level. The frequency of the new earth supports us in up-leveling our bodies and our lives. We are ascending!

Whatever you are experiencing in your body that may be detrimental, just know you can heal. Treat yourself with loving care, cultivate patience, let go of the way you think it should be and live in the now moment.

Grow your light! We are becoming our God Self. Create the life you want to live and let go of anything that no longer serves you. Now is the time to make your personal shift. You can do it!