Connect to Source & The Earth

How are you doing? Are you taking the time to connect into yourself and to your Higher Self through your breath and meditation? Are you taking excellent care of your body? Are you getting enough rest? Are you loving yourself? All of yourself? Are you practicing patience and compassion with yourself and checking in to see what your needs are and then giving that to yourself?

In these intense times, self-care is of primary importance. Our physical bodies are being upgraded through the energetic light codes streaming in from the Spiritual Sun. Our DNA is being worked on. We are transforming our bodies in the ascension process and it can make us feel very tired, drained and irritable at times. We are also clearing our karma, and old energy from our cellular memory. You may also be feeling extremely sensitive and feeling grief as we let go of so much and face loss and the deep pain that comes with that. Be kind, patient and loving toward yourself on your journey. Love all parts of yourself, especially the insecure, lonely and frightened aspect of you. This is a long process, it has been happening for years now and everyone is in a different phase. The pandemic is a pattern interrupt, meaning all of our known ways of operating in the world have changed. I urge you to see this time as ultimately beneficial and to work with the energies to move into the flow.

This is the time for all of the children on Earth to unite, to come together as one under the same sun and moon. The purpose of this great shift is to create Heaven on Earth for the next cycle of life on this planet, the Golden Age. Understand that this upheaval is happening for you and for all of us. When you feel your mind going into fear, ground yourself to the earth to discharge the fearful energy and draw up the nurturing energy of Mother Earth. She will hold you in her loving energy and support you. Go to her daily. Sit with her. Her healing frequencies will calm your body.

There are two main energy channels to focus on that will uphold you in this time of deep transition. The first is grounding to the heart, or core of Mother Earth. Earth is our mother, our bodies are made from the physical substance of the Earth, which is called matter. Mater in Latin is “Mother”. She gives us everything we need, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat and she shelters us. She literally supports our every step. Mother Earth is a living, breathing organism that is alive and she has ascended into a higher dimension. We are all along for the ride!

Connecting with the Earth supports your health, energizes your being, and empowers creative living. I recommend connecting to her energy channel daily. Focus on your feet and your tailbone and then close your eyes and send your energy down into the earth, past the tree roots, the layers of soil, the bedrock, the underground streams and caverns and deep into the molten core of her being, her heart. Breathe deeply as you focus on sending and anchoring your energy down into her. As you breathe in, you breathe in her nourishment, visualize the energy as reddish pink, spiraling up like a river of energy into your feet and legs, tailbone and the perineum. Keep inhaling her energy up and exhaling any nervous tension from your body down into her, which she will transmute. Do this exercise for 5-10 minutes until you feel that you have connected fully to her heart center and you can feel the energy coming into your body. It will feel really good, like you are filling up. Any frenetic thoughts will calm and you will feel grounded and supported. Say out loud, “I AM one with the Heart of Mother Earth.” Each I AM statement you speak out loud is made into a reality through the sound creation emitted from your voice. You are speaking your reality into existence through your words. This is true for all of the words you speak.

The next major energy channel to work with is connecting to the heart of the Universe or the Great Central Sun, the spiritual sun. From your Crown chakra on the top of your head, send your energy up into the Universe, through the Earth’s atmosphere, into space, through the stars, galaxies and keep going until you feel that you are connecting to the very heart of the Universe. You do this by stating your intention, “I am connecting with the heart of the Universe.” Once you feel that you are there, say out loud, “I AM one with the Heart of the Universe.” You will feel a higher frequency enter into your energy field and your being. You will feel the lightness of being. Now connect both the earth energy and the Universal energy into your heart center where they will intertwine. Breathe here for about 20 deep breaths.

These two main energy channels supply your body and energy field with the vital life force energy it needs to evolve. These tubes of light or energy spirals feed you. When you feel anxious or fearful, your root chakra is blocked, so you need the grounding exercise. When you feel depressed, your crown chakra is blocked, so practice the Universal energy exercise. Spend 10-15 minutes a day doing this exercise and you will notice a difference! The more you practice, the larger the spirals will become and you will experience greater well-being.

It takes so much to stay balanced in these times. Just keeping a positive mental attitude can sometimes be challenging. Take excellent care of yourself and spend time with those that you love. We will triumph through this.