Creating a New Self-Image for the New You

Self-image is how you see yourself. This may be how you see yourself physically or your opinion of who and what you are. How we see ourselves creates a vibration or frequency that determines what we will attract to us and create for ourselves in our life.
“Self-image is the mental picture, generally of a kind that is quite resistant to change, that depicts not only details that are potentially available to objective investigation by others (height, weight, hair color, etc.), but also items that have been learned by that person about themself, either from personal experiences or by internalizing the judgments of others. A simple definition of a person’s self-image is their answer to the question “What do you believe people think about you?”~ Wikipedia
Have you ever stopped to examine the thoughts and images that you have about yourself and who you think you are? This image may change from year to year depending on what happens in your life; if you are experiencing health issues, you may begin to see yourself as weak or sick, which affects your whole being. Or if your health declines, you may become determined to get to the root of the issue, heal yourself and you may see yourself as indestructible and determined, as well as strong. It all depends on your response to the issue that arises and your attitude. Other factors that may influence your self-image are your aging process, your financial status, your work and purpose in the world, where you live, as well as your relationship status, whether you’re a new mom, single or divorced. The externals of our world are always changing. What we ideally need to create is an internal self image that is consistently positive, loving, feels good and is in harmony with the world and everything in it.
Take a moment and write down in your journal or on a piece of paper all of the positive thoughts and ideas you have about who you are. Respond also to the question, “What do you believe people think about you?”
Now write down any negative thoughts you have about who you are and what you are experiencing in your life as well as what you believe others think of you.
We can always change our self-image, we just need to be aware of what it is. Be honest as you write everything down, even if it feels uncomfortable.
How to Create a New Self Image
It’s time to create a new self image! The right self-image is critical to your success. Now that you have written down both the positive and negative aspects of who you think you are and how you see yourself, I want you to make a big X over the paragraph or sentences of all of the negative words you wrote down about you. Write the opposite of what you wrote as being your negative qualities. Complete your list so that everything is positive. Now add to your list all the qualities that you want to develop. Think of the amazing role models in your life or the people whom you admire and their attributes, and add those to your list. Once your list is complete, take a blank piece of paper and with a magic marker, write down all the qualities in a list and tape it to your wall. I have 40 positive qualities on my list. Feel free to add to it as you think of more. I have the word human up there to state that even though sometimes I get frustrated, angry or irritable, or other uncomfortable emotions that I express, I am human and it’s ok! For the next 3 weeks or 21 days, say out loud, “I AM” and then read all the attributes on the list.
Along with this list, create a visualization of yourself as you would like to be, this new person you are becoming. See how you are dressed, that your eyes are full of light, and you are smiling, see yourself as embodying all of those qualities on your list. Perhaps you can visualize specific scenes, such as yourself speaking on a stage, or bicycling on a mountain trail, or signing a book you wrote for a long line of people, or swimming in the ocean, or whatever it is that you want to be doing or creating in your life. Visualize those images over and over again for 21 days and keep going with it.
Positive self-talk is another factor to transforming your self image. When you speak about yourself to others, if you notice that you put yourself down or if you speak negative words about yourself, say out loud, “Cancel, clear, delete” and then say positive words about yourself. Continue this practice and you will notice a change. Along these lines, it’s also a great practice to speak only positive words about others.
Self-care is how you treat yourself. Do you have a fitness routine? Are you getting into nature regularly? Do you take classes and courses in what interests you? Do you treat yourself as you would like to be treated? Begin to pour love onto yourself and buy yourself those flowers, new sheets, get your hair done beautifully, plan that long hike with a friend, book that cruise, take that photo class, learn to make jewelry, study Spanish, buy that rug, take guitar lessons, do that 30 day detox program, dine out with friends and invest in yourself. As you treat yourself like a Queen or King, you will feel your confidence growing. As you support and encourage your Self, you will feel the love you crave.
Just keep going. Keep doing it. Transformation takes time. Bigger transformations take more time. Creating a new you takes a strong desire to experience something different that you have in the past. You must be at that place where you are so done with the old patterns that you are willing to change like never before and not in a desperate way, but in a determined way. You know the life you want is right there, within reach, and you CAN do it!
Our Higher Self and God sees us as magnificent and beautiful beings who are already perfect without any judgement on our actions and behavior. When we stop judging ourselves and move into a place of self-acceptance, accepting all of who we are, we can get over the self-hatred and shame and just work on improving ourselves continuously with love and support.
So who do you want to be? Take care not to limit yourself. You can be a humanitarian and a teacher and a cook and a world-traveller and a painter. There is so much available to us! Enjoy this process of becoming, add to it, love yourself through all of it. Be bold and creative, make adjustments as needed. Be playful and compassionate. You deserve the very best that life has to offer, because you are a beautiful light in a body that has come to earth to experience whatever you want. Become the Queen and King that you are, magnificent and regal.
Blessings on your path!