Life Cycles & Oneness Consciousness

In all of life on earth there exists cycles of nature. The human life is no exception. We start out as little seeds in the dark (the womb), we have a period of gestation until we are ready for our next phase. The little seed grows in the dark, undergoing a time of struggle as it pushes its way up toward the light. Then the little seedling’s head pops out of the dark soil and the sun shines upon the little green bud. There, once the light draws it upward, growing its roots and stalk, and shines on its leaves, it begins to grow and grow until a flower opens, unfurling its precious petals one at a time until it realizes its full potential and blossoms into all its glorious wonder. After its time in the sun, the petals dry up and fall, one at a time, back to the earth, as does the entire plant, when it reaches the end of its cycle of life, it experiences the death. During the death cycle, its essence returns to whence it came from and a new beginning emerges out of the ethers, into the soil and the cycle begins again.
We humans experience many death and rebirth cycles in our lifetime. Where are you in your cycle? Although the death cycle feels the least enjoyable, it is a necessary part of our process. Think of each cycle as an opportunity to move up another circle of a spiral that opens into wider and wider circles. This is the pattern of human evolution. It is necessary for an old part of us to die so that a new us can be born. You may mourn that old you that you no longer are, your youthful self, your single self, your mother self, there are many stages that we move through in this journey of life. Let us look forward to the reinvention of ourselves on every level through each of these cycles. Just as we mourn what we feel we have lost or are losing, we can welcome what we are to become. Take a woman who finds out she is pregnant and begins to feel the loss of her freedom, which is a natural part of being a single woman. She can mourn the loss of her single self but will welcome her blossoming into full motherhood and moving beyond caring for herself alone. Now she who was once one, divides and becomes two. She will never be the same again.
Life is a beautiful and challenging design all at once. Fast forward and now the same woman who 18 years later has raised her child, when the child leaves home, she feels that pang in her heart at the emptiness of the nest, yet now she has regained her freedom when she is older and knows the value of how she can fill those hours with her own soul’s longing of how it wants to express itself. It is her time now and whatever creative endeavor she chooses is hers to decide. We can always reinvent ourselves. Where once we were a corporate staffer, now we can become an artist. Most people get stuck into one way of being and they don’t want to change or they don’t know how. Life always gives you that choice of becoming who your soul urges you to be in its many layers of varied expression. The process can be scary and it can be beautiful. Honor where you are in the cycle of life and death. Even at 70 you can experience a rebirth and made like new, the choice is yours.
Each new phase energetically lifts you upward on your Ascension path into greater awareness. Simply surrender to the flow of the Divine river of Life. With greater awareness comes alignment with Divine consciousness, where we come to “know” our true selves and move beyond the mind and the body and into the oneness of being. It is natural for us to be in the more egocentric state when we are young and beautiful. But if you look at the grand design of the human lifetime, as we age, we are asked to cast off the ego mind and let go of the attachment to the beauty of the body, in its perfection and begin to see through the eyes of our heart, knowing that we are beautiful no matter if the body is perfectly formed or if it is wrinkled and the shape is different. Parts that were once firm are sagging and the vibrant color of the skin fades. The flower never judges its wilting leaves and laments at the loss of its perfect petals, so why should we? The focus no longer has to be on what it once was, it is natural for us to move beyond our self, and come to care not about the body beautiful, or concern ourselves as much with materialistic matters, but care more for the spirit, the essence of the soul in the body and to make sure that all of our brothers and sisters are cared for, not just our selves. We are all connected through our spirit, our hearts by the One Universal heart.
There comes a time in our life cycle when, if we cultivate it, we have concern that all of us, the entire population of the planet, including our precious animals, insects, minerals, plants and Mother Earth are cared for because we come to know the oneness of our existence. We understand the interdependence and interconnectedness of all of life as a harmonious web of life, woven together with a needle of grace and thread of perfection. This time of caring for all of life beyond our self is the embodiment of the 7th chakra, the Crown chakra, or Sahasrara, which translates to a thousand petals (of light). It is at the 49 year mark that this chakra for the spiritual aspirant, or anyone who serves God, becomes fully developed. We can become attuned to the needs of the One Family under the One Sun and Moon on this Earth. We come to realize that we are all the same as each other, no matter our race, our sex, our preferences, we are each other. What I do to you, is the same as what I do to me and vice versa.
In each lifetime, as the wheel turns, we come back as someone we have not been before, experiencing new circumstances, lessons and blessings, so that we can come to know all of it.  If I had murdered in one lifetime, I may experience being killed at the hand of my victim in the next. If I ruled as a selfish king, hoarding all the gold to myself, in the next lifetime I may come back as a penniless slave under the rule of a wretched leader. If I chose a short lifetime and died as a baby, in the next I may live to be 105 years old. We all get to experience what it feels like to receive the consequences of our actions and come to know all sides of the coin.
If you were born with karma, which is most of us with the exception of some of the children being born now, you will have to clear it in this lifetime or the next to move up to the next level on your evolutionary pathway. And sometimes, that clearing can feel quite brutal and not seem to make much sense. Know this…once the karma is cleared, it is done, so do your best to dust yourself off and move forward, knowing that you now have a clean slate. Life is about letting go, so learning how to let go is a valuable gift! Just as the flower does not cling to the dried up petal, and releases it to the wind, so too must we release and surrender over and over, back into the flow of the river of life. To learn the art of letting go is to suffer less and less. And always, always practice gratitude for what you have now, right here, in this moment, even if it comes to your very last few breaths, thank you, thank you, thank you for this life….until you return to the essence of spirit.

And for those of you who are concerned and outraged with what the American government is doing and (has done for decades), know that the individuals who are responsible will be paying for every last decision and action they are making. What can we do besides vote them out? We can “Do all the good you can, To all the people you can, In all the ways you can, As long as ever you can.” ~ John Wesley