Surrender to the Flow

When we experience challenges or difficulties in our lives, we may wonder how we got where we are when our intended destination was completely different than where we ended up. But rather than wallow in self pity, it’s imperative to look at our life and realize that our loving God parents (as in Mother / Father God) are just polishing our rough edges off so that we may shine brighter and rise higher than we ever imagined we could.
There is a flow in the Universe, a river of Supreme energy, which undulates, spirals, twists and turns in a perfect and harmonious path. Just like a river of running water, we can immerse our being into it and flow effortlessly along with its natural force. This river is the primordial Light which comes directly from Source energy and has it’s own intelligence and is comprised of Love.
The main way that humans resist this flow is by having an idea of how their lives should be and setting their minds to a narrow script of how those things should come about. This controlling mindset blocks the flow and sets up “resistance” within our cells. The antidote to trying to control every little thing because we are fearful…is to surrender to the flow of what God’s design is for your life. And remember, God’s design is always better than your own! Times a gazillion!
How do you determine what is your will and what is God’s will? If something is not aligned with God’s will for you, it will continue to cause problems in your life if you stay with it or pursue it. This could be a personal, romantic or business relationship, a career path or job, a place where you are living or working, just to name a few. For example; a friend of mine knows when it’s time to release the place where she practices her healing  because something unusual happens and she has learned how to read the signs. One time there was a mold infestation in her office and another time, there was a flood. Both of these incidents were signs that it was time to move on and into a better space, which is exactly what happened. The first space was good for her for 6 years, then she was in the second space for 6 months and now she’s loving her new space.  She wasn’t stuck on a certain time frame, she just went with the flow.  This is a reminder that nothing is permanent, everything changes. We don’t need to hold on, we can invite change and understand that something better is waiting for us if we just trust in the flow of where we are being moved to next. God’s will for you becomes evident when you let go of what you’re clinging to. Always check to see if you are holding onto something out of fear. If you are fearful, then you are not creating your life from a place of love.
If you are resisting letting something go or changing then you will just continue to butt up against the same obstacle over and over and maybe it will show up in a different form of difficulty, but it will be the same obstacle. Sometimes, if the resistance to the flow is too great, you will get a Universal smack down to understand that it’s time to change. I think we all know what this is like…not fun. Learning to let go easily and gracefully is the key! Life really is about learning to let go, over and over. The older we get, the more we know this to be true. And it’s ok.
A great way to practice surrender is through the yoga pose, savasana, or corpse pose. Lie down on your back, with your arms and legs out-stretched like a starfish on the ground, yoga mat, or earth. Allow your entire body to relax completely. Close your eyes and breathe. Attune your body and senses to the river of light energy that is flowing all through and around you.  Imagine that you are floating within it and it is carrying you, as if you are on a magic carpet ride, through time and space. Now understand this river of energy you are floating in wants to take you somewhere wonderful. Allow yourself to float along in the energy, trusting that you will be taken to just the right place. Breathe, relax, let go, trust, believe and allow yourself to receive what is coming in to your life. Of course, we don’t say yes to everything that shows up, we need to practice discernment. But do say yes to what feels good in our hearts when we check in with ourselves. Sure, change can be a little scary because we don’t know where we are going and what it’s going to be like when we get there, but that’s where trust and faith come in. Trust in the design that God/Goddess has for your life.
Peace out. Peace in…