The Lionsgate Portal

You may not realize that you are in the middle of a high vibrational energy influx of Light that is helping everyone on this planet shift into higher consciousness. The Lion’s Gate Portal opened on July 26 and closes on August 14th. This happens every year and is an opportunity for each and every one of us to awaken more fully into being our true selves, Divine Beings of Light!
“In order to understand what Lionsgate is all about, it is important to understand what the three cosmic players (Earth, Sun and Sirius) are all doing. For the Lionsgate Portal to be activated, the Sun has to align with the star, Sirius which is bigger and brighter than our own Sun. Sirius is known as the Spiritual Sun, and is believed to hold knowledge and wisdom from higher Divine realms. When the Sun and Sirius meet during this period, their energies intensify and Earth is able to receive “light energy” from both of these celestial bodies.Our Sun is already warm and nourishing enough and delivers the energy of life, but imagine what happens when it combines its powers with Sirius.If we think of this symbolically, it is like planet Earth is being bathed with two of the most powerful lights in the sky. This light energy can enhance spiritual awakenings, bring about new insights or a new awareness and it can also help to raise the consciousness of the planet. It is this highly activated and spiritually advanced energy from these stars that help to activate the portal and send an influx of higher vibrational energy for us to use. The Sun, being in the constellation of Leo which is symbolised by the Lion, is why this star portal is referred to as Lionsgate. We all need to remove the energetic “pollution” from our bodies. This Lionsgate is going to be very healing and cleansing, as long as we allow this energy to filter in. A partial lunar eclipse falls just one day before the Lionsgate portal on August 7th in the sign of Aquarius, and we are all going to be called on to let go, heal and release so we can receive the new.”  (reference: Tanaaz, Forever Conscious)
What this time means is that we have a chance to move our consciousness to the next level, to gain more awareness of who we are and what we desire to create and manifest in our lives. We are now in a very different “new” energy on the earth. We can change more quickly now than ever before, accelerated transformation is available to us. These past five years have been about clearing out the old, dark, stuck patterns of the past that have driven our behaviors from a place of the unconscious. It is hard work but if you have been doing your deep soul level work to clear out the old, then you will feel yourself aligning with the new at a rapid rate.
Remind yourself that you and everybody else is changing all the time. The one constant in life is change. We often make the mistake of categorizing people based on our experiences with them from the past, but by doing this we do ourselves and them a great disservice because we aren’t allowing for the new in them to be realized when we label people and stick them in a box.
To change oneself takes awareness; being aware of what one’s patterns are that aren’t serving them and then excavating the root of the pattern over time to heal the underlying wound. This requires a deep desire and willingness to change. Of course there are many people out there who don’t see what they do isn’t working, or if they see it, they don’t want to do anything about it and they become stuck and will often blame others for their problems. So often people aren’t willing to go back into the original wound because it is too painful to face, so they keep it buried way down below and it continues to fester and fuel unwanted situations over and over again causing great distress. But there are many who are working hard at addressing their unconscious, limited behaviors that usually stem from trauma they’ve experienced at some point in their lives. Keep at it! It can be very challenging and yes, painful to do this, but you’ve got to continually assess your life by taking an honest inventory of what is showing up every day. The important aspect of this hard work is to not judge yourself as you go through this. We are in Earth School and we are here to learn and we learn by making mistakes, by seeing what goes wrong and addressing it. The last thing we need to do is beat ourselves up for learning!  Make the correction without inflicting self-punishment.

To change oneself, beyond the psychological aspect, is the spiritual opportunity which the Lion’s Gate offers is to activate one’s 3rd eye, bestowing greater spiritual sight into the dimensions beyond the physical plane. This means we can increase our intuition and go beyond the mind’s limited perception into the Super Conscious realms where our “all knowing” wisdom lies. To access even a 10th of our super consciousness is a great gift. Be open to let go of old beliefs that aren’t working for you! An open mind is a direct highway to advancing on your path. People hold onto beliefs because they are frightened of letting go of what they “know” to be the truth, lest it cast them into a wavering state of uncertainty where their very mental foundation becomes fragile and unsupportive. Believe me, I have seen the direct results of an ever changing mind and it can feel like insanity at times, but it leads to a place with fewer limitations on oneself as we expand our understanding of the possibilities of our existence and align with greater truth.
The solar plexus chakra will also receive an upgrade to activate one’s personal power center as it is aligned with the will of the Source or the Universe. Feel more confident in your ability to manifest whatever you need in this world!  Call in the abundance and support that is there, waiting for you to tap into it and say, “Everything I desire in The World is available to me!”
All this can happen by being open and allowing yourself to receive the greater vibrations of light energy that are streaming onto the earth and all its inhabitants at this time.  Receive the Light and move into a place of greater harmonious flow with the Oneness of all that is. On August 8th the highest frequencies will be flowing in to upgrade your life in ways that you may have only dreamed about.
The Light is what offers us FREEDOM, freedom from the old, outdated self, freedom from the limiting constructs of the mind, freedom from energetic misalignments that hold us back, freedom from the old, stagnant self, freedom to be the light beings that we are and to live a life that is creative, joyful and grand.