Everything is happening for you!

Happy New Moon in Taurus! How are you doing? How are you coping during this time? How is your spirit?
All people on earth are currently experiencing an intense initiation. Initiation is a process which can be described as a series of challenges that a soul must overcome to develop itself and raise its consciousness. The path to enlightenment is through struggle and continuous application of oneself to overcome said struggle. If only we were taught the truth about life from an early age!

The main point to understand is that these challenges, difficulties and obstacles are all put on our path FOR us, to help us grow. Think of the Universe as a loving parent who sees you and understands what you need to reach your highest potential, and then they give you a set of lessons that you must learn so you can move to the next level. Once we learn the lesson(s), we can advance on the path and we can experience greater joy as we come more fully into alignment with the light of our Soul. And these lessons keep showing up because growth is continuous. We will be learning till the day we leave this body. How cool is that?

Now understand that this is happening collectively. Meaning that all of us are undergoing this initiation together so that we can move humanity itself to the next level. If we continue to do what we did, we will get what we got. The old “normal” was not balanced, sustainable, healthy or aligned with truth. We are now in Satya Yuga – a time period which translates to The Age of Truth or The Age of Enlightenment. This is our destiny…. to birth a new world where all of us are free, sovereign beings who are co-creators of Heaven on Earth.

We suffer if our perception is that “the world is against us” or “we are being punished” or “it’s never going to end” or “I can’t do this, it’s too hard” or any of these false, limiting beliefs. Once you understand that you are loved, revered, and held in the highest regard by the Universe and all the Beings of Light surrounding us, you will begin to see yourself through their eyes. We are all sacred beings, we are all souls on this path to enlightenment. You may be reading this in your bathrobe with your hair a mess and dishes in the sink, cat boxes to clean and debt to pay thinking, “I do not feel like a sacred being”, lol, oh but you are!

Everything that is happening in your life is FOR you! That is how loved you are! You are blessed and loved unconditionally. It is once you begin really knowing this and living it that your frequency broadcasts this message out to the universe that you will begin to change what you are manifesting in your world. But it’s really hard to do that when you keep getting knocked over the head with a two by four.

I went through a 10 year initiation that was so challenging it nearly ended my life. But it didn’t, eventually it made me much stronger and helped me to truly own my power and for that I’m eternally grateful. You can’t buy that kind of gift at a store. Some people experience life-threatening diseases that they must heal from. For others, there are relationships that test them to the core. There are many ways the Universe can work with us to challenge us. Long term financial struggle is another difficulty that can cause hopelessness. All of these difficulties can bring up feelings of victimhood. Why is this happening to me? When will my life turn around? When will I be happy? “What did I do to deserve this?” “Why has God abandoned me?” This is when you have to remember what the truth is, that the cycle you are in is designed specifically for you by your own Soul for your Soul’s growth. Just having that awareness alone will empower you to understand that you are the one creating this so you can evolve and advance to the next level on the spiritual path. All souls are doing this! But not all souls have the awareness that they are creating their own lessons.

Life is a game and you are the (co)creator of the game. If you think you can win the game and you want it really bad and you keep changing how you play so that you can learn how to win…. then you’re on the right track! If you think you can never win and that you have only ever lost and you are a failure… I advise you to think again! It is never too late. You can always learn to be the Master of your fate and step into your destiny by winning at the game of life! Life loves you, the Universe loves you and when you love yourself you are stepping up to claim your abundance. We are all abundant children of God. We are all winners. We just have to keep playing the game till we learn how to love and appreciate all of it, the hardships, the difficulties, the lessons, the struggle and the blessings, the abundance, the union with our souls and with God.

So when you look out at the world in the current state that it is, I offer that you look through the eyes of your soul to see that everyone is being challenged to rise. We are rising up to a level we’ve never been to before on this planet. And before the rise comes the fall. It is all in perfect order. It is all happening exactly as planned. Trust the process. If your life is falling apart I want you to celebrate! Even if you don’t feel like it, raise a glass to the Universe and say out loud, “I trust that this is all part of the Divine Plan of my unfolding into a better life. I am deeply grateful for my life and for everything that I am experiencing. I set my intention to create Heaven on Earth!” The more you offer your gratitude up, even in the darkest hours, the more you will allow divine grace to flow in. The Universe responds to frequency and vibration. Keep yours high by practicing gratitude. Even when it sucks. Especially when it sucks!
When I lost everything and everyone, when I felt a complete failure, misunderstood, persecuted, abandoned, unloved, broken, hopeless and I’d given up, that is when there was nothing left to do but surrender. I said to the Universe, “I can’t do this on my own. I can’t do this at all. Here, you do this, I’m so very tired and I don’t know how to make it work. Thank you.” Then I stopped trying to control my life and started listening and learning what was being shown to me as a new way of living. Surrender means that I let go and let the Universe move me. The light and force of the Universe is omnipotent and once you learn to harness the power through your own heart is when you really begin to create the dream. That dream is unfolding now, 10 years later, after the fall, by the Grace of God. Praise God! And so it is for all of us. When we travel down to the depths of hell, only then can we rise up to the heights of heaven to claim the glory of our Divine inheritance.

So whatever you are doing today, remember you are not just a body, a mind or your feelings. You are not just a mother, or nurse or teacher, you are not just a person, you are a Sacred being of Light, a Divine Soul and you are profoundly and deeply loved. Remember who you are! Keep going! It is all for you! YOU ARE LOVED!