Grounding and Manifestation

The New Earth is upon us and the Divine feminine is leading the way. Each of us holds the Divine masculine and the Divine feminine within us, so this applies to everyone. In these changing times, we can make a choice to stop worrying, stop feeding the fear and drop into our beautiful, expansive heart. We can embody our inner Divine feminine by learning to surrender our control and let the Universe guide us to our greatest destiny. We can choose the highest possible reality for ourselves every day. The point of power always lies in the present moment. When we are grounded in the moment, we have access to all our power. It is from here that we can draw to us the highest and best reality with ease and grace.

So how do we do that? What does it look and feel like to be living from our Divine Feminine Self? How do we manifest the life we know we deserve?

The feminine is rooted deep down into the heart of mother earth and this is where she draws her magnetic energy from. She is grounded and centered in herself, she is secure and knows who she is. She is abundant – she is the embodiment of the earth mother – the one who knows she has everything she needs, always, and is bountiful, just like the earth. She walks upon the earth slowly, without rushing, her footsteps rooted in faith. She is patient and knows that every seed she plants will bloom in just the right time. Her heart is full of love for herself, and this makes it easy for her to love others. She is in love with all of life, she understands that everything is a reflection of her relationship with herself and the Creator. She trusts herself and she trusts life. She is generous, knowing that serving others is the highest form of love. She is solid, like the earth and flowing, like the ocean. She is happy and free. She believes in herself and her purpose. She values and appreciates herself. She is love.

When the body is balanced, positive feelings naturally arise within. The physical body informs the emotional body which is connected to the mental body and spiritual body. When we bring all of these bodies into a harmonious whole, we begin to emit a super positive frequency. Humans are made up of energy – light and sound. We are constantly broadcasting a frequency out to the Universe whether it is positive or negative depends on the state of all of these bodies individually and collectively. Being healthy and grounded sends out a super positive frequency which creates our reality. We receive light from the heavens into our energy field and body and anchor into the earth. If we are not properly grounded, the light energy can’t channel down to the earth and scatters within us, which creates chaos in our lives. That’s one reason it’s so important to ground ourselves and balance the earth element within our bodies. I spent most of my life being ungrounded, so I consider myself an expert in this! What a difference it makes when we are properly grounded. Some people need to work on it every single day, for other’s it comes naturally. When you are grounded, you can really listen and hear what the Universe is whispering to you. You can also hear and tune into other people more easily. When a person is not grounded, they tend to be self-absorbed because they can’t see out of their own little bubble, their energy is so scattered. So grounding is key to being a healthy, balanced individual in mind, body and emotion.


The stomach, spleen, and pancreas are the organs which are governed by the earth element. When this system is out of balance, a person feels anxious and worried. With an imbalanced earth element, a person feels ungrounded and finds it difficult to focus and concentrate. The intellect is negatively affected and the feeling of being stuck and unable to move forward dominates. To balance the earth element in the body, it’s advised to eat a lot of warm, nurturing foods, like soups and stews made with root vegetables and some protein. Avoid ingesting too much cold and raw foods as well as caffeine, alcohol and sugar, which will feed the imbalance. Drink warm liquids. Limiting screen time is recommended and spending more time in nature, with our bare feet on the earth will help us ground as well. Mindful eating is essential to balance this system, so if you are one of those people who eats on the run, or standing at the counter or in front of a screen or in your car… make a point to sit down without any distractions and eat your food slowly, chewing every bite as you breathe, connecting to the life force of the food. It is vitally important that we nourish ourselves to create harmony within these organs to stay centered. Once we are properly grounded in the body, we can trust more easily, because the worry is no longer prominent. The mental body balances itself and there is a different quality to the mind and thoughts. I am convinced that a lot of people with mental imbalances are suffering from this because of their dietary habits. If you resonate with this, I suggest you find an acupuncturist, nutritionist or Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner to help you balance it.

Our root chakra (energy center) is located at the tailbone and perineum. This chakra has a grounding cord that connects to the center, or the heart of mother earth. It’s essential that we keep it anchored there to feed the earth energy into our energy field and body. If this chakra is out of balance, we feel anxious and fearful because we are disconnected from our original mother. These days with the phones, so many people are ungrounded and disconnected from the earth. It’s a global issue. Be sure to unplug from technology and plug back into the earth. It’s one of the keys to good health – especially mental health. If our heads are stuck in the screens all the time, all of the energy is going into our head and we pull up out of our base chakra and become ungrounded. The root chakra and the heart chakra are connected, so when our root chakra is closed, our heart chakra will become unbalanced as well. When both are open, we can live from our heart and soul energy rather than our minds. The root chakra is also governed by the adrenal glands. We want to nurture and support the adrenal glands so make sure you aren’t overtaxing them with too much caffeine or stress.

I can feel when my earth element is out of balance, because I will feel rushed, and uptight, like I’m trying to force things to happen – there’s a sense of trying to control the situation rather than just surrendering and engaging with life from the heart in a playful way. I also feel so spaced-out and can’t move forward because I’m not living in the present moment, where all of our power resides. It becomes exhausting and the tendency is to want to give up.

When the earth element is balanced I feel so empowered because I’m rooted in the present moment. I’m able to relax and breathe with the Universe in every moment, find my rhythm and flow and it feels good. This is how we manifest with ease, by being connected in the moment, in pure presence, trusting and working in tandem with Spirit, who is always conspiring to help us create our best life. Our life can become a dance.

Dancing with life feels so good. Just picture a butterfly flitting from flower to flower. We can create our life from above, sending the signal out from our heart, and then bringing it down to earth in manifestation with ease and grace. From Heaven to Earth; from subtle energy into matter. It doesn’t have to be hard. We don’t have to struggle. Dream, play, laugh, exude gratitude. Stay centered. Choose the magical path of your beautiful heart!