How to Love and Accept all of Our Self

It’s mid-summer in the northern hemisphere, a time when the fireflies are lighting up our summer nights, the hummingbirds are bringing joy into our life and the butterflies are reminding us to take things lightly.

Yet, with all of this uplifting energy, many are experiencing great challenges in their lives. We are in a time of deep planetary transformation, and the fastest way to change a person is to put them through very difficult experiences. We don’t tend to change when we are happy and comfortable… so just remember that it’s all happening for us.

So, what do we need to change? Well, we need to change our perspective and gain greater awareness of who we truly are, for starters. We also need to change the way we see ourselves, each other, our place in the world and the world itself. All of this change is happening so that we can come into union with one another, all of nature and God and create a new world. It’s a new world known as Heaven on Earth, or the New Earth.

When we look around we can see that we are far from being united with one another. In fact, division is at its peak. Can you ever remember a time in your life when we were so divided? Me neither. People are much easier to control when they are divided. Once we unite… we are unstoppable!

In order to be united with one another, we have to accept each other’s differences. There is strength in diversity. And before we can truly accept other’s differences, we have to accept and love all of our self. That means loving every aspect of ourself, the parts of us we don’t like and the parts of us that are hurting. Most people don’t realize that they have different aspects of their self. When you think about your self as a baby, a child, a teen, a young adult, a 30 year old, your 40-year old self, etc. these are just some of the different aspects of you.

We also have our shadow aspects – those parts of us we don’t like, the parts of us we deny. And when something challenging happened in your life that caused trauma or pain, an aspect of you can be stuck in the past. That means it hasn’t been integrated into your whole self. It causes a fragmentation which requires healing and integration. It doesn’t even have to be a big trauma like rape or abuse, it can be something like being rejected, yet it can still have a big impact on you if you haven’t fully processed it. The fragmented parts of you stuck in the past can be crying out for your attention through addictions or self-sabotage. So pay attention to any aspects of you who are trying to get your attention, because they just want to be seen, heard and understood. They have a valuable message for you.

Ask yourself; are you blaming yourself for something you did in the past? Are you holding onto guilt? Do you need to forgive your self? There is so much talk about forgiving others, but quite often the one we need to forgive is ourself.

Allow me to illustrate this for you. Perhaps you did something in the past that you just can’t quite get over. Maybe you let someone mistreat you and you can’t believe that you did that. Perhaps you never spoke up and stood up for yourself. This lead to a blocked base chakra (energy center) or throat chakra and a pattern of letting people treat you however they want without being able to use your words to take care of your self. This is just one example that may or may not apply to you, so take some time to examine your own issue(s).

The way to heal this and any division within, is to go inward and connect to that part of you that allowed her self to be treated poorly by others. See her, feel her and understand her. Hug her. Love her. Tell her you are so sorry that she went through this and that you are here for her. Tell her that she deserves the best and listen to whatever she wants to share with you. She has a message for you. Listen to the message and then promise that you will do what she is asking you to do. Once the exchange is complete and forgiveness has taken place and understanding has happened, you can ask her if she’s ready to merge with you. If she says yes, hug her and wait for her to energetically merge into you so that integration can take place. When this happens, you will feel more whole. This is a valuable process of reconnection on the inner plane.

Once you make this deep connection and integrate those aspects of your self that have been divided from your core self, you will feel more whole. Some say we are already whole, which is true, but we need to re-attach those lost parts of us so we can feel that wholeness. When each one of us learns to love and accept all of ourself, we can more easily love and accept others. Oftentimes we look for others to give us the love, respect and acceptance when really, it is our inner aspects asking us for us to give it to ourselves. Once you do this, you will no longer be seeking it so desperately from others. Your own love for yourself is the greatest gift you can give you. It is the journey home to our own heart.

We are powerful creators and we can turn everything into love. Where once you may have perceived that people are against you or that the world is an awful place, when you experience this wholeness and know that everything is love, then the world you see reflects this new awareness. Once you adapt a new view of the world and a new understanding of who you truly are, you will create a different reality. This is how we become empowered! This is how we become creators!

In Love and Truth,

Beth Wright

Spirit Works

P.S. If you are experiencing any recurring patterns that you haven’t been able to change or noticing you are self-sabotaging, please reach out to me 315-352-3352. I specialize in this and can work with you over the phone for one or multiple sessions that can help you to move forward by reconnecting you to those lost parts of you. I’ve helped many through this process. It is the journey from being a victim to becoming a creator. This is the shift we are making on the planet. It is time to step into our Creator Selves and create a new reality!