The Truth of Who you Are – A Sacred Soul!

Three years ago, when I had a kundalini rising experience, I crossed over the veil between worlds and communed directly with God. He spoke directly to me and the message was so powerful, I’ll never forget what He said.

At the time, my self image was awful. I was judging myself for the poor choices I had made and for putting myself in harm’s way. There was an internal rift that was keeping me from moving forward. I had not yet forgiven myself for what I had created. I was being really hard on myself and it was extremely painful. My inner turmoil was affecting everything in my life negatively.  

During the ceremony when I left my body and conscious mind and traveled to the other side, God showed me a time in my life when I was being degraded by someone else. God said to me, “You are a sacred being. You are loved. Even here (in this scene) you are sacred and loved beyond measure.” God was saying to me that no matter what I had experienced – even at the lowest times in my life, God never judged me as being bad or less than. He was showing me that it was only my perception that was causing me to feel bad about myself. There were no words spoken, the message was transmitted telepathically. God conveyed that he loved me no matter what – in every moment, no matter what I did do or didn’t do. This is what unconditional love is. There cannot be love and judgment at the same time. 

This is not what most of us are taught. We are taught that if we do the right thing, we will be rewarded and if we do something wrong, we are bad and we have to do penance. This is a false teaching. 

Humans judge ourselves and each other in a way that causes harm. God never judges us that way. Never. God loves us the way a father loves his children – unconditionally. And through that teaching, I was shown that He wants us to love ourselves and each other unconditionally the way that Heaven loves us….without criticism and judgment, which can be crippling. It doesn’t give us license to do the wrong thing over and over without striving to be better, but when we fail, we don’t have to beat ourselves up, just learn from the experience. Judging only ever acts to separate, whereas accepting ourselves and others acts to unite. 

The truth is that we are sacred, eternal souls that are evolving over thousands of lifetimes. We come to earth to learn through mistakes. God knows this. That’s the design for us. There are many ways that a person can evolve, many scenarios that teach us about love and truth and what’s really important. This is how it is meant to be.. so if you’ve screwed up and made a lot of mistakes, you’ve had a lot of opportunities to learn and grow. Forgive yourself so you can move forward. There’s so much more to experience in the now moment. Life is a precious gift. 

When I say God and all of the beings of light in Heaven see us as sacred souls – they really see us as magnificent beings. They bow to us and honor us as we go through every trial and tribulation. So when you’re lying on the floor with snot running out of your nose because you’ve just been sobbing for hours, heaven is looking down on you with so much love and compassion.

Your soul has been in hundreds if not thousands of lifetimes and bodies. You have seen so much and died a thousand deaths. Over and over you find the courage to continue to evolve. As we all know, earthly life is no walk in the park. It is horrific and sublime at the same time. This is the planet of duality so we experience the darkness as well as the light. This is what makes it and us whole. The Yin and the Yang. 

Each one of us has a team of Light beings just for us. You have your Guardian Angel who is with you for life. You have other angels, guides, you may have Ascended Masters in your team depending on the level of your soul, you have deceased ancestors and they all show up just for you every day. That’s how special you are. Your development is their duty. When you talk to them, they listen and devise ways to help you with what you are asking and praying for. All of heaven is working for us so that we can learn to love ourselves and one another unconditionally. This is the path to freedom. 

Sometimes the darkness will be used to teach us. That is the way of earth. Because duality exists here, both the light and the dark work together to help us raise our awareness. Whatever comes your way, it is all for you. That is why we can never really say something is “good” or something is “bad”, because the “bad” thing can lead you to your greatest blessing. It is ALL for you. Your are so loved and revered. This is a teaching that will help you align to the truth of who you really are. 

Once you come to realize that you are a sacred and magnificent being that is loved unconditionally – you can begin to create a new self image. See yourself as beautiful, sacred, loving, adored, cherished (even with all of your flaws). Learn to love and accept all of yourself exactly as you are right now. Not in a month when you’ve lost 20 lbs, not in a year when you’ve made more money. Right now, just as you are.

Allow yourself to feel heaven’s love. Give this same unconditional love to yourself and see how your inner world transforms … then watch as your outer world transforms. Honor your dreams. Give yourself the life you know you deserve! Light a lamp of love for yourself and tend to it daily. You are so worthy and deserve the best. No matter what…