Healing Anxiety

Anxiety is at an all time high in the world. Many people who come to see me in my healing practice are suffering from anxiety. As an energy healer, I am happy to tell you there is a way out. By healing the base chakra (energy center), the earth star chakra and opening the deeper earth channel, the anxiety can be cleared. I have spoken on this subject before, but I feel it necessary to share the information again because of its importance and relevance to the current times. Anti-anxiety meds only act as a band-aid. We have to work with the source of the problem.

There are many components to healing and balancing our root, or base chakra. But first I will explain the important role our earth channel plays in our overall health. We as a people have become disconnected from the earth. There was once a time where humans lived upon the earth and cultivated a symbiotic relationship with her. We slept on her ground and gazed up at her stars at night. We plowed the fields and touched the soil with our bare hands. We knew the phases of the moon and the movement of the tides. We knew the plants, the trees and the animals. We had an intimate relationship with Earth. We walked with our bare feet on the ground or with leather soles on our shoes that conducted the energy from the earth into our body. We grew our own food and were connected to the food we planted, watered and harvested. We were connected.

The earth emits electromagnetic energy that our body needs to absorb to be healthy. When we walk around in rubber soled shoes, we block that energy from coming into our feet which feeds our body. When we move from our house to a car to an office, to a store, to the gym, to a restaurant and back to the house; we are existing primarily in an artificial, man-made environment. That’s why a day at the beach feels so good. Not only are we getting super-charged by the sun and the positive ions of the water, we are merging with the elements of the earth, which heals us. Touching our bare skin on the earth daily is vital to being a fully charged human being.

Below our feet is a deep earth channel that needs to be open to receive the magnetic energy coming up from the heart of mother earth. We each have a grounding cord that connects our light body (energy field) to the new earth grids and the heart of the earth. Many people’s cords are not connected, their earth star isn’t open, and their earth channel and root chakra is blocked. This is what causes anxiety. When a person is not receiving that earth energy, they come out of their body and move into their heads and operate from that space of the mind alone, disconnected from their hearts. This is an epidemic. When our earth channel is blocked we come out of the present moment where all the power resides.

When we live and create from our ego mind, we create from fear. To resolve this issue, we must open the these earth energy centers and get back into the body and the heart space so that we can feel everything. Our heart is our guide to living our highest and best life from our spirit and soul as we can feel what feels right and what feels wrong. If we are not in touch with our heart and are making decisions from our logical mind, we will control every move and this is when we will run our ship aground. When the heart is leading us, we allow the energy of the Universe to move us. This is when we are lead to the greatest possible outcome available. The Creator has a grand plan for us… but if we block that plan through control, we may never experience our highest potential. We have to surrender.

Healing our root chakra is imperative to creating a strong foundation within ourselves. Some people have an open and balanced base chakra and that’s wonderful. This shows up as being grounded, centered, secure within oneself, having a strong sense of self and good boundaries. The healed root chakra person knows what belongs to them and what belongs to others. They stay in their lane. These people are magnetic because they know who they are and they live their life according to their own values. They can honor other people who have different opinions from their own. They allow others to be themselves because they have learned how to accept all of themselves, including their own flaws and they can do this with others. They have strong life-force energy and healthy bodies because they are receiving the nurturing energy of the earth.

The root chakra is developed from the time we are in our mother’s womb to the age of seven. If any traumatic situations happened in those years and the individual responded to that trauma from a place a fear, there will be blocks in the root chakra that need to be cleared. Blocks are stuck energy, which is usually a stuck emotion from that time of the trauma. In my practice, I take people back to that time and work through the trauma. I help them take back their power and reconnect with their younger self that is stuck and needs their love and attention. Usually the younger self needs to express something that they never got the chance to express and the older self goes back to support them through it. Then I get them to take their power back from whomever they gave it to at the time. Next there is the option for the younger self to merge with the current self to create integration. This process is powerful and it works. I know because I have done it myself.

A person whose root chakra needs healing is quite often a people pleaser. They put everyone else first and themselves last. They are not centered and they give themselves away. They tend to be swayed easily by other’s opinions and suggestions because their foundation is weak. They have poor boundaries and a weak sense of self. And they have anxiety because their roots are not firmly grounded to the support system of mother earth.

Empaths fall into this category and I’m not sure why that is yet – I’m still researching this subject. At this time on earth, the empaths are healing their base chakras and developing a strong sense of self so they can better serve humanity as the healers of the world. It’s awesome to witness.

A balanced root chakra will extend its roots all the way down into the deepest layers of the earth and draw up the nourishment and support that the earth provides. When a person has this grounded energy, nothing can knock them out of their center. Grounding provides clarity for the mind. That’s why we always make better decisions when we are grounded, because we can feel what’s best for us and intuit the correct path.

We also have a Heaven Channel that consists of 2 chakras and a galactic cord. When this channel is blocked we experience depression. Stay tuned as I will discuss this in my next newsletter.

A remedy to start healing your anxiety is to spend a minimum of three days immersed in nature. Take a trip and go to a place where there are no people, sleep on the earth away from the harmful EMF’s that we are surrounded by on a daily basis. Completely unplug from technology. Cook your food over a fire. Connect to the stars. This is a great reset.

Beyond that, a person must work through their trauma and childhood issues and make choices that will heal the root chakra. It’s a process that takes time. I healed mine and it has made all the difference in the world. I used to race through life, always hurried and rushing, my feet barely touching the ground. I have learned to move slowly upon the earth, to breathe and feel every step of my life. We can reach the highest heights when we are firmly planted and nourished through our deep roots. When our earth channel is open and the earth chakras are healed, we trust ourselves and the process of life. We take one step at a time and allow the path to unfold before us.

If any of this resonates with you, please call me. As an advanced energy healer, I can help you open and balance these vital earth centers, help you get off the meds and take your power back.

You are worth it. Do the work, get the gold. The gold is creating a life from love, free of fear, to experience Heaven on Earth.