Listening to our Heart’s Guidance

We are just coming through some super intense eclipse energy that is designed to bring us more into alignment on our path. Be aware of what is leaving your life, it may be an old way of looking at things, an old way of being, or actual people, jobs or situations that you have successfully outgrown. Whatever it is, thank it, bless it and honor it for the time that you had together and then let go with love.

As we shed the skin of the past, and further open our hearts, the path is made clear to us. I want to share a little story about how spirit works…

In January of this year, I traveled with a friend to Costa Rica for the first time. When I got there, I liked it well enough, but wasn’t crazy about it. When a friend from the states texted me, I said, “It’s kind of hot and muggy, but it’s nice to be here.” That was my initial reaction. I got sick on the second day and what I thought was a cold turned out to be Covid. I tested positive 10 days after the symptoms started. My traveling companion had a cold before the trip that was lingering and she had tested negative for covid, so I just assumed I picked up her cold because it really was mild and felt like a common cold/flu. We had to get tested before flying home and that’s when I found out it was Covid. So I was ordered to stay down there and quarantine for the next 10 days. My friend had to return to the states for work. 

After she left, I spent time on the beach alone, just being in nature for the next 10 days. I had already been there 11 days. I had no agenda, no people I knew, no work to be done. I simply had to rest and just be. This is when the magic began to happen.

I just surrendered and dropped into each day. I had my routine of morning yoga and meditation, the beach, then lunch and naps and reading, followed by sunset at the beach and dinner. I felt a deep unwinding taking place within me and a profound release as I disconnected from the frenetic energy of the states. Costa Rica is a heart-centered country, unlike the U.S., and that energy was palpable. It wasn’t something I noticed right away. I had to drop in to my heart to see it from my heart and not with my physical eyes. This is the key. 

Around day number seven of quarantine, I was sitting in the ocean, in the part that was protected by an outcropping of rocks, so it was very calm, like a lagoon. I had just walked a mile or so down the beach, engaging with the mollusks and playing in the waves, and I plopped down in the ocean in the morning sun to watch the pelicans fly by in a long line of about 50-60 birds. I offered my gratitude to the elementals, the spirits of the water, air, land and fire. I thanked them all for taking care of mother earth, and keeping her healthy and balanced. I connected with mother earth and poured my love onto her, my deep appreciation of her bounty and beauty, her abundance. And in that moment of deep gratitude and connection, I felt my heart open so wide, and felt my whole being merge with the earth, the water, the sky and the sun. I couldn’t tell where my body ended and where the ocean began. It was all just one. I felt unity consciousness, pure love emanating from my entire being. It was sublime. That is when I received my message that this was my home. My heart told me, it was so clear. This place has everything I love. The beach, the jungle, nature, animals, it just feels good to my body, mind, spirit and soul. This is the place I had been seeking my whole life. And I just knew my truth.

When we learn to listen to our heart and see with our heart to feel from our heart and act from our heart, then we are following our highest path. When we see through our physical eyes, and make our choices from our head, we can often be deceived. We are asked to look deeper by dropping into our bodies and feeling into the situation, person, opportunity or place that presents itself to us. How does it make us feel? Does it feel safe? Does it feel nourishing? Does it feel good and loving? These are the questions to ask when making a decision… about anything. 

For a long time, the blue butterfly had been my totem. And then, while traveling there, to my delight, I found out that the blue butterfly is a prominent symbol of Costa Rica. It was as if this little blue butterfly was showing up to guide me to the place I was meant to be! Follow the signs…

Honestly, I’ve spent my life making choices from my head from a place of fear and I know where that leads. So now I’m doing something different. I’m making choices from my heart and creating from love. I believe this is the shift humanity is undergoing collectively. It took me a long time to even hear my heart. I was always focusing from messages at my third eye.When our mind is still our intuition can serve us through our third eye in meditation. But the guidance really comes through the heart in the body.

Our hearts speak quietly. We have to really drop in and ground ourselves in the present moment to hear what messages they have for us. When we are so busy with our day to day tasks and routines, it can be challenging for us to hear their guidance. Sometimes the Universe will intervene and provide a time out for us so we can really connect. But as we are making this paradigm shift to create heaven on earth, we really want to change our lifestyle so that we are always in communication with our hearts. 

What can you do to change your life right now so that you are more grounded and present in the moment? What are the things you know aren’t nourishing you? How can you replace them with nurturing substances, places and people? Your heart is so patient. It holds so much wisdom. Your heart is your ultimate guide and will always steer you to your highest and best path. Listen. 

Blessings on your path!