Light Codes in the Portal of Eclipses

Every Spring we open to a fresh start, the bud begins to open to the Light.  This Spring is truly a long awaited new beginning, having just come through 3 of the most intense years, since 2012.  March 20th marked the Spring Equinox, a Solar Eclipse and the New Moon in Aries.   And now… time to open to the Light.
The past 3 years has been an important time of clearing of karmic blocks and harmful patterns that we needed to shift.  The clearing came in the form of continuous and prolonged obstacles and challenges from the external to adjust the internal.  If you’ve done the work, you will be feeling some relief in the cosmic energy. If you haven’t done the work, it will still be there, waiting for your acknowledgement that something needs to change and you’re the only one who can make that change. The choice is yours. Perhaps you have finally received some clarity on exactly what needs to change. We all need to do the work because once we make the shift within ourselves, the outer will change and we will see this reflected in the world we live in.
This last solar eclipse we each received another blast of coded information seeded within our Light bodies and our pineal gland in our physical bodies to align us with our Highest purpose to create the new paradigm on planet earth.  Light carries information in the form of coding, meaning new “programs” are downloaded into our individual Light bodies as well as the planet herself. The information within the light is designed to awaken, inspire, regenerate and expand all of who you are and your purpose on this planet.
The time between eclipses is especially potent as a re-calibration occurs within your being. It’s advised to stay grounded and centered in your heart during this time as the effects of this energetic influence are quite powerful and can cause you to move out of your center unless you intentionally direct your consciousness. Eat well, stay oxygenated with exercise and get plenty of rest during this time as you integrate the new energies.  Meditation is important during this time to still the mind.
The lunar eclipse in Libra will happen on April 4th and will close the portal between the eclipses. Easter Sunday is the following day, April 5th and is the time of renewal and rebirth. This will be a time of balance and harmony within yourselves and with one another as the integration process completes.
I must admit, I never know what my newsletter will be about until I sit down in front of the computer, connect with my Higher Self and begin to write.  All this information was coming through about light codes and I thought to myself, “Oh, that’s interesting.”  So it must be valuable information for all of us if this is what’s coming through. LOL!
All of the Light codes being sent to us are to help us remember and awaken to our True Selves, our Divine Selves. We may feel like little insignificant specks of dust in this vast cosmos, especially when we are dealing with the third dimensional issues of Earth Life. But the Truth is that we are Divine Beings of Light, the same light that is made up of the Sun, Moon and Stars. Claim your Divinity!
We are all Divine, and we must see each other as Divine. If we judge and continue to see the other (or ourselves) as less than, or perceive only the lack in our world, we are not seeing through our Divine Eyes. When we witness the atrocities and acts of hatred committed by others, we must see each of those persons as Divine too.  This is incomprehensible for some people.  Do you think Judas was not a Divine Being?  He played his role to perfection in this dualistic world. Opposites exist here on Earth which serve to teach souls lessons for growth, evolution and eventually ascension. Judas’ actions resulted in Jesus’ rebirth and eternal Light presiding over all of humanity
as it was written in the Stars.
This Easter, look through the eyes of your Divinity, through the eyes in your Heart and hold one another in Love as you are held in Love by the Beings of Light who surround this planet and reign over the Galaxy.