The Process of Transforming into the New Self

We are in an amazing time on earth where we are witnessing the biggest shift that humanity has ever experienced. This shift is in consciousness, our awareness of the truth and what is needed to make the changes that will bring us into greater alignment with the truth. We are becoming a higher version of ourselves both individually and collectively. This is happening now so we can create a new reality for ourselves and the planet. In order to make this shift we have to LET GO of who we once were.

How do we let go of our old self? Remember when you changed schools, or moved house, or changed jobs, or changed partners, or bought a new vehicle? The same can be done with our personality, our beliefs, our perceptions, our behaviors, our bodies, and our attitudes. We can up-level ourself simply by choosing a higher option and practicing it over and over until it becomes our new way of being. The change we are seeking is not just in the material, it is in the energetic field, the subtle layers of energy. So it’s important to connect to that part of us that is eternal. Connect with our soul and Higher Self and our I AM Presence, our God Self. This is where the truth of our being resides and as we connect with it, it is transmitted to us.

Rather than forcing, pushing and striving to make the changes happen, which is very much the old energy of the patriarchal paradigm, we surrender and align to the highest truth by being fully present in our heart center, which is the way of the Divine Feminine, the new paradigm. Patience and self-compassion is required. Going slowly allows everything to be integrated.

As you notice yourself changing, drop any expectations of it happening all at once, and embrace this process of deep inner change. The process has its own wisdom. You can’t imagine seeing a tree go from an acorn to an oak tree overnight. And so it goes with humans, we integrate changes over time which gives them a solid foundation for further growth in the years to come. We must consistently show up for ourselves until the new behavior, attitude or change takes place. In other words, giving up is not an option!

Gregg Braden talks about when we are manifesting something, to think about what you want and to feel as if you already have it. This is what Jesus taught, to think and feel as if what you are manifesting, or who you are becoming already exists. (According to Braden, these teachings were edited out of the Bible) The thoughts of the mind and the feelings of the heart combine in the mind/heart field to create the new reality.

Below are just some of the steps in the process we can implement to create our New Self.

The Process of Change

Clearing the Old

Many have already completed this phase. The clearing is when our body and mind takes us back to the old trauma, the old story, the old memories. They arise so we can consciously address, process and clear them. This process can take months or years. Be patient and persistent. Work with it. It’s coming up for you, not to torture you, (although it can feel like torture and it is quite exhausting work, I won’t lie). Just continue to show up for yourself and give yourself what you need, which is your attention, understanding and presence. All of yourself, the inner child, the inner critic, the inner demon, all of the shadow aspects of you need your love and understanding. “Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.” ~ Martin Luther King Look closely to see where you are still holding onto anger, hate, jealousy, shame, judgment, criticism, despair, helplessness, hopelessness, unworthiness, and love those parts of you that are feeling that way. Sit with those feelings, say yes to them, offer your understanding and then they will begin to shift. It’s when we repress or avoid those unpleasant feelings that they persist.

Meditation to Create Heart / Brain Coherence

Spend time daily meditating to connect to Source or truth. So many people say to me, “I can’t stop my mind, so meditating doesn’t work for me.” My response is this. If you really really want something, you will find a way to do it.

This process of meditating is taught by Gregg Braden and Dr. Joe Dispenza to create heart / brain coherence which produces gamma waves in the brain, and connect with the powerful heart field. Once this gamma state is activated and the heart and brain light up in unison, it can alter your physiology to heal you at all levels and raise your consciousness to God consciousness. This is how we become Gods and Goddesses that we were originally designed to be. It’s a practice. I’m doing it right now and it’s working.

  1. Meditate sitting up in the morning or lay down at night when you are relaxed and your mind is relaxed (you may want to listen to a short guided meditation first to relax your body and mind). I have done this at 3am when waking up from sleep, so lying down does work.
  2. Set your intention to connect with God and your God Self. Focus your inner awareness at the third eye with your eyes closed and stay focused on that spot and breathe. As thoughts come in, release them with all of your focus on that one spot as you continue to breathe and focus, breathe and focus. You may notice rings of violet light moving out in concentric circles, just continue to breathe and focus.
  3. Touch your thumb and first two fingers onto your heart chakra and create the feeling of gratitude, appreciation, compassion and or love. Send that feeling up to the brain. After some minutes of concentration, things will begin to shift. Once you break through you may feel the violet energy totally envelope you. This indicates that you are now in the Universal force field. This is where to spend time on a daily basis, to receive the transmission of energy from source. It will literally charge you up, like a battery. People who are working with Dr. Joe Dispenza are experiencing healing at a deep level and raising their consciousness to unity or God consciousness. Anyone can do it.


Spend time visualizing that which you want to create. What do you want? A new living situation, a new job, a new partner, more prosperity, a world where we all feel safe and free living in peace and harmony? What does that look like in your life and most importantly, how does it feel to have it? This is also best done with your eyes closed in a relaxed position. As you visualize it and feel it, you are bringing it into being. Remember, practice it consistently and stick with it! Don’t abandon yourself or your dreams. Dr. Joe Dispenza speaks about how we are “becoming”. He talks about believing that it’s possible, behaving as if it has already happened, and becoming the new version of you by attracting the new events, people and opportunities to you. You literally embody the new you, that is how you “become”.


When something happens that you have been wanting, a chance meeting or a new opportunity, a phone call, or a connection, it’s important to recognize it, and give it the acknowledgement and attention that it deserves. This is your new life showing up. It may happen slowly and intermittently, but be aware that it’s happening and give it its due recognition. It’s the small stepping stones that lead us on our path to where we are going. Acknowledge each small stone with deep gratitude and appreciation until the next one appears. Count the blessings, focus on what is going right and grow that energy. Train your mind to look forward to create the new.

Practice Gratitude

“The attitude of gratitude”, as Caroline Myss likes to say, really is a way of life. Gratitude is a lifestyle. When we cultivate deep appreciation for ourselves, the Universe and everything in our life, even when we are going through the hard times, we emit a certain frequency from our heart field that radiates outward. Living from our hearts is the way of the New Earth human. Yes, we have to use our minds, but the profound wisdom of our ancient heart leads the way. And a grateful heart knows that life feels better when you are happy with what you have in front of you and who you are right now, in this moment. Bless your precious self. Life is messy, and we are here to love ourselves through all of it, from chaos to order. The more self-love and appreciation you give yourself, the better you will feel, which will fuel your transformation.

Spiritual Practice

When we practice yoga, tai chi, Qi Gong, walk in the woods, meditate, or pray to God, we are engaging in spiritual practices. This is the base line for our life. These practices act to ground, center and align us to the Creator. What do you practice on a daily basis that keeps you connected to your North Star? What gives you guidance? If you don’t have a spiritual practice yet in place, I highly suggest to find something that connects you to the Creator that feels good to you, whatever it is, and do it regularly. This is what will nourish us throughout our life. This is our life line to Source.

There is nothing we can be doing that is more important than our own individual transformation. It is the best thing we can offer to ourselves, humanity and the planet herself. Give it your dedication, your devotion and your all. As each one of us makes this shift, we raise the frequency of the collective energy. This is when we will see the massive transformation of humanity that will liberate us. It is so exciting and it requires all of us. We have to show up 100% and stick with it! I’ve been doing this since 2002, yes, 20 years of this work… In the old days I would have shamed myself for not being an exalted Guru by now, but the new me knows better, lol. I do the work for the sake of the work, because it needs to be done and that’s it and then I let go, or surrender. That’s all we can really do. Surrender and love ourselves and each other even in the midst of great unrest and division. Forgive ourselves and each other for our trespasses and keep going.

God / Goddess is all powerful and can make anything happen. What God wants is for us to be happy, grateful, free, healthy, abundant and filled with love. God wants us to create this for ourselves and take care of one another. We are here to love ourselves and each other. And this is how it is coming about, through massive unrest, difficulty and adversity. God uses the darkness to amplify the Light. It is our great awakening. It is all for us. We are so loved. A new world is being birthed, and we are here to participate in and witness it all unfold! How amazing is that?