Opening Your Sacred Space – The Morning Ritual

The full moon of April 28th was a potent one. Its energy heralded a turning point for all of us in 2018, whose first four months helped us untie knots to free ourselves up from that which entangles us and keeps us tied to the past. From January to April was a time to see what needed to be put out to the curb and released from our lives in order to make room for the incredibly creative time of something new and completely different to take shape within our life’s ever changing landscape.
When we create, we tap into the energy of the Divine, or Creative Source of all that is. When we are in our creative flow, we lose track of time as we forget about our self, we are immersed in the river of Creator energy that feels joyful, productive and much larger than us.
Every morning you can tap into this creative energy by opening up a sacred space, where you connect with your Higher Being, Mother Father God, your celestial team and set your intentions for what you wish to create. Once you open to this sacred space, anything can happen, you become unlimited because you are accessing the energy of Source, which is in itself, unlimited by nature.
Here’s how to do it: Create an Altar – Have a dedicated area in your home for an altar. An altar is just a space, either a table top, a shelf, a mantle (I have mine on a fireplace mantle) where you can put objects that represent your sacred connection to the earth and the Universe or God. Place objects on the altar that represent all the 4 elements, Air, Fire, Water, Earth. For example, I have a feather for air, a box of matches and a candle for Fire, a dolphin for Water and Crystals for Earth. But you can get creative and put anything you want on your altar. I also have family photos to represent my Ancestors, mala beads to represent the Divine, a silver cup that was my mothers, an angel vase to hold flowers. a small brass Buddha, which all sit on a beaded tapestry. And I have cards with inspirational messages that I pick from time to time. Take you time choosing carefully the items you wish to place on your altar and keep the flowers fresh. You can say this space is the heart of your home, because it is a space dedicated to your Spirit, which resides in your heart.
Every morning when you rise, choose a time to open your sacred space to your day. (I carry out my bathroom duties and have a cup of tea first…) Then stand before your altar and light incense or a candle or both. Recite a prayer, placing your palms together at your heart center. Within the prayer you are connecting to Source, setting your intention and expressing your gratitude. You can also ask for healing for loved ones or all of humanity. You are also asking for protection and guidance. Here you can state affirmations as well.
For example, “I connect with and invoke (call in) my Higher Self, the Divine Mother and Father God, my Guides, Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Master Teachers, Master Healers and Nature Spirits. I connect to All that is. Wash me in white light and clear my energy field of any lower energies. My intention for today is to walk with a peaceful heart and to be loving to all I meet. I ask that you please guide my thoughts, words and actions. Thank you for this day and the many blessings on my path. Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu. (Which means, “May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.” I ask for the Highest Guidance and Protection to come through. It is easy for me to hear my guidance, my Higher Being flows effortlessly through me. Thank you.”
You can change your intentions daily, as you wish, you can create new affirmations, depending on what you are working to strengthen within your being. And if you don’t have an altar and it doesn’t appeal to you, then just connect and say your prayer.
The morning ritual of opening your sacred space is a game changer because it connects you with all the power of the Universe to create that which your heart truly desires. Setting intentions are where we access that power. Honoring your heart and your Light is essential to living a heart-centered life that feels good. This ritual will help to ground you into the present moment and remind you of who you truly are, a magnificent being of Light!
That can be your entire morning spiritual practice or you can then go onto do yoga, chant, meditate, breath work, walk the dog, dance or whatever else helps you stay centered within your spiritual heart. In these days of chaos on earth, we need our sacred practices to assist in grounding and centering us.
Honor Your Light, because you are a beautiful light being that deserves the very best from life. Disappointments and hardship will befall us all, but the Light is resilient and the more we focus on the Light, the more it will grow. The Light is Love and Truth.