We Are Creators!

Happy Spring everyone! The most beautiful energies are upon us and there is so much Light being sent to our Earth for regeneration and renewal of our planet and all the beings who live here. Have you been feeling it? Lately, I’ve been seeing posts and articles that resonate with these regenerating energies, there are beautiful fields of wildflowers blooming on the mountain sides in California, where once there was only brown, dying grass after the fires that devastated so much of the state. There are acres of wildflowers blooming in Texas after floods that swamped the lands. Species of turtles and owls that were thought to be extinct have suddenly reappeared. Mother Earth is giving us hope through signs that our own lives can be restored and that re-birth and abundance is available to us.

Whatever we have gone through, endured and suffered can be healed. Our hearts can be mended, broken relationships can be reestablished, our bank accounts restored, our faith in humanity uplifted. We can grow new bodies if we need to do that! (See my book recommendation below). Whatever you have been going through that has tested you over a long period of time can shift. The energies support our transformation right now! So allow your mind and thoughts to support the shift for you. Let go of the thoughts that may be keeping you stuck in a pattern that you feel will never change. That your life circumstances will never get better and you are doomed to suffer whatever it is you are suffering. It is just not true. “Bad things happen to good people” all of the time. We can’t stay stuck in the past forever, we are meant to let the past go and live our lives in the present moment so we don’t miss the gifts that the Universe is trying to give us. Align your thoughts with the truth that your issue can and will transform and be healed. Expect support and even miracles!

I recently watched the movie Meru, which tells the story of 3 mountain climbers whose quest is to climb to the top of the Shark’s Fin route in the Himalayas in India on the Meru Peak. No one has ever reached the summit of this peak. Their first attempt is long and arduous and they have to turn back 100 yards from the summit after a 4 day storm hinders their success. They vow to try again at a later date. What happens next is fascinating to me. Each man endures his own personal struggle. One man has a skiing accident and breaks open his skull and 2 vertebrae are damaged. He spends the next year rebuilding his body. Another man is caught in a heavy duty avalanche and survives without a scratch, but it shakes him to his core both mentally and emotionally. He spends the next year re-evaluating his life and repairing his psyche. The third man loses his climbing partner to an accident and then finds another climbing partner who then dies in an avalanche. These deaths affect him deeply and he spends the next year in an intense grieving period, also questioning his own path.

They each experience their own unique challenges and in the process of facing their fears, they emerge on the other side stronger and more determined than ever. Even though the man who is injured could potentially suffer a stroke in the high altitudes, they all decide to attempt the climb again and they set a date. Lo and behold, they make it to the summit in a sublime ascent. It’s amazing to me, the grit and determination these men had and what it took for them to overcome all they had faced and how beautifully they worked together to reach their goals and summit a mountain no one had been able to conquer before. This is an example of true grace after hardship.

It is the same for any of us, no matter what you have been experiencing personally; whether it is a disease, chronic back pain, the death of a loved one, a betrayal, financial ruin, an accident, losing your home, losing your job or a combination of the above. You can reach your summit. It takes a change of heart, the right mind set, steadfast belief in yourself and your Higher Self, faith that the Universe is conspiring in your favor, trust and surrendering yourself to the flow. It takes facing your shadow self and your deepest fears about who you are and your place in this world, overcoming those fears and trusting in the uncertainty of what lies ahead. It takes a firm and sure decision to create your best life no matter what has happened in the past.

Two years ago I experienced a big set back when the man I married turned out to be abusive and I had to flee my home and I was left with debt to repay. In a 4 month window, I lost everything including my dog who was shot by a neighbor. I lost my dream, my dog, my husband, friends and my hope. I nearly lost my life on the last night with him. I had severe PTSD from his narcissistic gas lighting, his pathological lying and the abuse. It took me months to work through all that had transpired. I didn’t know what was real and what was a lie. I wasn’t myself, I was severely traumatized and I felt like I was on the edge of losing my mind.

While this was happening, my friend was sending me money which was supporting me while I wasn’t working. I was so messed up in the head. She did not ask to be repaid, so that I could be stress-free. It was such an incredible gift and blessing. I could not have done it without her. My gratitude was and still is immense. Meanwhile, old addictions resurfaced and I would take 2 steps forward and 3 steps back. Slowly, over time, I began to heal all that was broken within me. I later learned that what I went through with my husband was a karmic clearing. I had harmed him in a previous lifetime and I was just receiving back what I had given out in another life. Once I left him, I specifically did not seek vengeance because I did not want to incur more karma and have to go through that again in the next life! So now my slate is clean. It has been nearly 2 years and I have become more stable within my own center. I have learned even deeper truths about discernment, humility, responsibility, forgiveness and I’ve discovered how strong I really am. I’m believing in myself and trusting the Universe again. I am now learning about regeneration! And I now pray for him every day that he is healed and learns how to give and receive love.
That’s my story. I look around me and I see what everyone else is going through whether it’s losing a parent to pancreatic cancer, contracting Lyme Disease, losing a child to suicide, or living with debilitating chronic pain. People have lost their homes to fires, been deceived by con artists and everyone is suffering in some way or another. We are all being given an opportunity to transform ourselves!

We are incredibly powerful beings! We can do anything we put our minds to. That saying exists for a reason because if we set our minds to do something, we can accomplish any feat. First we change our hearts and then we can program our mind by telling it what we want it to think. I recently have been talking to my body and asking it to heal and it has been responding to my requests. Every night before I go to sleep I ask my body to do one specific thing such as realign my spine, or heal my knee or produce more DMT molecules, or boost the serotonin levels in my brain. We have the power to create these shifts within ourselves. Believe it! We are creators, and creators have the power to transform. The Universe is electro-magnetic and whatever you feed with your energy, you charge and manifest in the physical world.
Whatever it is in your life that has caused you to feel helpless and hopeless, or depressed and anxious, know that you can heal from it and something magnificent is on its way to you. Diamonds are formed with a tremendous amount of heat and pressure. Become the diamond that you are. Believe it is all happening for you, no matter how heartbreaking or exhausting it is. The transformation and transmutation will occur. You are loved, you are powerful, you are creators!

Honor Your Process to Living Your Best Life

We are well into 2019 and the energies feel good! Many of us are in a process of rebirthing into a new version of ourselves. While we are in a physical body, we are constantly in a state of evolution which involves the death and rebirth cycle. There are periods of rest, which is an invaluable stage, but then we move into flow again once we enter our next growing phase. The new version of who we are becoming is our Higher, or Best Self.

There’s a lot that needs to happen to merge with our Higher Self. We must first do the work to clear out what is in our shadow closet. The shadow self is comprised of the parts of us that we deny because we don’t like those aspects of ourselves and we don’t want anyone to know they are there and we lock them away in a closet. But wholeness consists of accepting all of ourselves, even the parts we don’t like… To release the shadow into the light to become whole, we must first be aware of which aspects of ourselves we hide away from ourselves and others. This requires awareness and honesty. It is best shown to you through others. The next step is to learn to love those parts of ourselves and integrate them into our personality. This step takes radical self-acceptance and forgiveness. The process doesn’t have a timeline, it requires your willingness, attention and desire to change. It is in this process that we learn to love ourselves, ALL of ourselves.

As you integrate all parts of yourself, you will be neutralizing lower energies such as shame, blame, guilt, self-hatred, regret, doubt and fear. All of the lower emotions that were attached to those parts of yourself that you hid, will now be released and freed up from your energy field and your body. How you once felt about yourself on a subconscious level will change and you will adopt a better self image. Once those lower emotions are eliminated from your cells and energy field, you can hold more Light and feel more JOY. Joy is a higher feeling which we may need some time getting used to feeling, especially if we are used to being sad or miserable or looking for the next problem to fix. At some point, you can stop looking for what to fix about yourself, because the majority of the misaligned thoughts, perceptions and memories will have been realigned with the truth of who you are. The truth is; you are a beautiful soul, full of love, inhabiting this body in this lifetime, doing your best and you are deeply loved. Any perceived mistakes you have made were only ever to help you learn and grow. We are here to learn to love and to help one another. Remember, we are meant to enjoy our life on earth!

As your light body begins to hold more light as you feel these higher feelings, you will begin to vibrate at a higher frequency. You may notice that the same friends you’ve had for years suddenly fall away. If your frequencies are no longer a match, certain people will bounce out of your energy field and life. Do not fight this process, honor your new frequency and let those people go. Allow new people who match your vibration come into your life. There will be a lot of these shifts in relationships happening this year. Do not cling to the past, step into the new. It is so natural to want to grieve what we once had, allow time for this and then welcome the new. The new earth energies support our faster transitions between the past and the present. Meaning, it will be easier for us to let go. These vibrational shifts also apply to work environments and living spaces.

One way to allow for smoother transitions is to continue to bring your awareness into the present moment. If you find your mind wanting to ruminate on the past, gently guide your thoughts back into the now and focus your mind on what is your highest priority for attaining peace in this moment. Keep training your mind to be in the present moment. The present moment is always the point of power where we CREATE. As you continue to learn how to do this, you will be practicing your creation skills. There is no greater power that humanity has been given than Creating from Love. There are so many avenues for creating; birthing a child, a painting, a book, a dance, a meal, an outdoor adventure, a retreat, music, building a house, knitting a sweater, teaching a class, telling a story, and on and on. The Universe has unlimited options for creating.

Humanity is at the point of transitioning from victim consciousness into Creator Consciousness. This is when we, as a collective, take our God given power back! We are doing this by altering our inner world. As we adjust our dial and realign any misaligned frequencies in accordance with the truth, we create the Grand Shift. This is a huge project that is overseen by God. Imagine the amount of suffering that has to take place for one person to pry their overly conditioned mind open enough to see the Light of the truth and then surrender to it and learn to trust in the Higher Power. It takes a lot. And there are 7 billion of us doing this. That’s a big project. The Shift is from leading through one’s head/ego into the Heart/Spirit. The Heart is the master, the head is the obedient servant. Do you see the enormity of this? Be understanding, compassionate and patient with yourself and others as we attend to this Divinely guided process.

If you are experiencing the challenging feelings of the transition phase, immersed in the sea of mystery, do not give up hope, for your new self, your best self is waiting to greet you on the shore ahead. He/ She is full of love for you, wants only the best for you and is full of Golden Light. The journey may seem long and arduous and some days are easier than others, but success comes after failure, the highest heights are reached after the greatest ruin. Experiencing these opposites creates the depth within a human being who, through alchemy, is becoming his/her Divine Self embodied. Each individual must balance the energies of heaven and earth as well as the masculine and the feminine. By doing this, one balances the alignment of the cross that represents the Divine human and allows a point of entry of Light through the heart, the center point of the cross. A light activation. Listen, pay attention, surrender to this truth.

This is life, we are all in it, let’s love ourselves and each other through it. Let’s offer more understanding and less judgment. Treat the other as you wish to be treated. The other is you. If you want to be loved, then love.
Many blessings on your path.

In Love & Truth,

Elizabeth Wright

The New Way of the New Earth

We are well into the energies of the Great Shift on Earth where we can make the choice ever day to create a vortex of energy which follows the path of Ascension. This vortex of energy that we create in our daily lives through our conscious thoughts and intentions that we make, will help to lift ourselves, others and the planet up to a healthy state. When enough people on this planet are living their lives consciously and positively, the vortex of energy will move us into another realm of existence that is aligned with the Truth and is no longer connected with the downward spiral of destruction.

There is currently so much deconstruction taking place on planet Earth. It is happening at a rapid rate. That which no longer serves the whole is being torn down. Yet this destruction is necessary in order for the New Way to be birthed. The New Way consists of sustainable solutions for the food we eat, the proper disposing or composting of our waste, the cleaning of the air we breathe, the water we drink and the ways in which we treat our brothers and sisters. How we inhabit this earth and take care of the animals, the vegetation and the waters as well as the rocks and minerals is critical for our survival. We are focusing on the basics, because we are at ground zero in re-creating what humanity’s existence means here on this planet. The destruction cycle must be replaced by the creation cycle in order for all beings to move forward on the timeline of existence.

We are at a point in our collective journey where we must think of ourselves as One. Mother Earth is a living breathing organism, our Home, and she requires all of her children living on her to work together to find solutions that will heal her waters, her soil, her air and her heart. She is in need of deep respect and healing. This is the reason that many women are being brought into leadership positions. Women are the nurturers, the bearers of life and they know what is needed to heal our Mother and its children. This is why the return of the Divine Feminine is occurring at this time.

There is a great awakening taking place on the Earth. As more and more individuals experience their own personal awakening, the energy of awakening is being added to the collective Global Mind and it is taking place through the Universal Heart. Have you noticed that you have begun to understand new concepts and receive new ideas that were once so foreign to you that are connected to how we can unite and love one another and live in a different kind of world? Have you noticed that new ideas are coming to you seemingly out of nowhere and more and more, that your understanding of how things have been on this planet for so long and what is needed for change? This is the collective awakening! We are all being lifted up, awakened, shown the truth because it is time for the New Way or simply, The Way to take hold as our reality.

Humans were originally designed to follow the path of their Spirit, their Heart and the way of God or the Universe which is all about oneness, love, harmony, taking care of one another and living in nature in peace. Leading our lives through our heart is The Way, it has always been The Way and it will always be The Way. We can clearly see when that way is not honored, what life is like on this planet. And we can see that this is not what we want to experience. The time of oppression and suffering and greed are coming to an end. What is imbalanced shall be balanced in the Great Shift.

When enough people have gone through their personal version of The Shift to the new consciousness, then a critical mass will form and suddenly everyone will become aware of the New Reality and its heart-centered values. That is the day when heart-centered values will become the focus of everyday thinking for the vast majority of people. That is the day when humanity will begin to look back on what has changed and realize that a massive shift has occurred. One of the qualities of the New Way is that we must take care of everyone. We must be concerned with the Highest Good of All. If it only works for a few, it isn’t working…this is what we are experiencing now with the 1%.

The way to move into the Highest Vibration to support the emergence of your True Self is to practice unconditional love of your Self. Once this is learned, you will then begin to practice unconditional love of the other. The other is you and you are the other because we are all One. Sometimes this needs to be learned in steps, but this is not always true. If you have experienced deep trauma in recent years, there may be an unfolding that happens in stages. Be compassionate and patient with yourself as you release all of the traumatic energies imprinted in your cells. It may feel very turbulent as you do this and you may not feel like your ‘normal’ self until the process is complete.

Wherever you are in your process of aligning your self with your True Self, love your self through it, every single step, every disappointment, every “mistake”, just keep loving your Self.

Blessings on your Ascension Path

Surrender to the Flow

When we experience challenges or difficulties in our lives, we may wonder how we got where we are when our intended destination was completely different than where we ended up. But rather than wallow in self pity, it’s imperative to look at our life and realize that our loving God parents (as in Mother / Father God) are just polishing our rough edges off so that we may shine brighter and rise higher than we ever imagined we could.
There is a flow in the Universe, a river of Supreme energy, which undulates, spirals, twists and turns in a perfect and harmonious path. Just like a river of running water, we can immerse our being into it and flow effortlessly along with its natural force. This river is the primordial Light which comes directly from Source energy and has it’s own intelligence and is comprised of Love.
The main way that humans resist this flow is by having an idea of how their lives should be and setting their minds to a narrow script of how those things should come about. This controlling mindset blocks the flow and sets up “resistance” within our cells. The antidote to trying to control every little thing because we are fearful…is to surrender to the flow of what God’s design is for your life. And remember, God’s design is always better than your own! Times a gazillion!
How do you determine what is your will and what is God’s will? If something is not aligned with God’s will for you, it will continue to cause problems in your life if you stay with it or pursue it. This could be a personal, romantic or business relationship, a career path or job, a place where you are living or working, just to name a few. For example; a friend of mine knows when it’s time to release the place where she practices her healing  because something unusual happens and she has learned how to read the signs. One time there was a mold infestation in her office and another time, there was a flood. Both of these incidents were signs that it was time to move on and into a better space, which is exactly what happened. The first space was good for her for 6 years, then she was in the second space for 6 months and now she’s loving her new space.  She wasn’t stuck on a certain time frame, she just went with the flow.  This is a reminder that nothing is permanent, everything changes. We don’t need to hold on, we can invite change and understand that something better is waiting for us if we just trust in the flow of where we are being moved to next. God’s will for you becomes evident when you let go of what you’re clinging to. Always check to see if you are holding onto something out of fear. If you are fearful, then you are not creating your life from a place of love.
If you are resisting letting something go or changing then you will just continue to butt up against the same obstacle over and over and maybe it will show up in a different form of difficulty, but it will be the same obstacle. Sometimes, if the resistance to the flow is too great, you will get a Universal smack down to understand that it’s time to change. I think we all know what this is like…not fun. Learning to let go easily and gracefully is the key! Life really is about learning to let go, over and over. The older we get, the more we know this to be true. And it’s ok.
A great way to practice surrender is through the yoga pose, savasana, or corpse pose. Lie down on your back, with your arms and legs out-stretched like a starfish on the ground, yoga mat, or earth. Allow your entire body to relax completely. Close your eyes and breathe. Attune your body and senses to the river of light energy that is flowing all through and around you.  Imagine that you are floating within it and it is carrying you, as if you are on a magic carpet ride, through time and space. Now understand this river of energy you are floating in wants to take you somewhere wonderful. Allow yourself to float along in the energy, trusting that you will be taken to just the right place. Breathe, relax, let go, trust, believe and allow yourself to receive what is coming in to your life. Of course, we don’t say yes to everything that shows up, we need to practice discernment. But do say yes to what feels good in our hearts when we check in with ourselves. Sure, change can be a little scary because we don’t know where we are going and what it’s going to be like when we get there, but that’s where trust and faith come in. Trust in the design that God/Goddess has for your life.
Peace out. Peace in…

Creating a New Self-Image for the New You

Self-image is how you see yourself. This may be how you see yourself physically or your opinion of who and what you are. How we see ourselves creates a vibration or frequency that determines what we will attract to us and create for ourselves in our life.
“Self-image is the mental picture, generally of a kind that is quite resistant to change, that depicts not only details that are potentially available to objective investigation by others (height, weight, hair color, etc.), but also items that have been learned by that person about themself, either from personal experiences or by internalizing the judgments of others. A simple definition of a person’s self-image is their answer to the question “What do you believe people think about you?”~ Wikipedia
Have you ever stopped to examine the thoughts and images that you have about yourself and who you think you are? This image may change from year to year depending on what happens in your life; if you are experiencing health issues, you may begin to see yourself as weak or sick, which affects your whole being. Or if your health declines, you may become determined to get to the root of the issue, heal yourself and you may see yourself as indestructible and determined, as well as strong. It all depends on your response to the issue that arises and your attitude. Other factors that may influence your self-image are your aging process, your financial status, your work and purpose in the world, where you live, as well as your relationship status, whether you’re a new mom, single or divorced. The externals of our world are always changing. What we ideally need to create is an internal self image that is consistently positive, loving, feels good and is in harmony with the world and everything in it.
Take a moment and write down in your journal or on a piece of paper all of the positive thoughts and ideas you have about who you are. Respond also to the question, “What do you believe people think about you?”
Now write down any negative thoughts you have about who you are and what you are experiencing in your life as well as what you believe others think of you.
We can always change our self-image, we just need to be aware of what it is. Be honest as you write everything down, even if it feels uncomfortable.
How to Create a New Self Image
It’s time to create a new self image! The right self-image is critical to your success. Now that you have written down both the positive and negative aspects of who you think you are and how you see yourself, I want you to make a big X over the paragraph or sentences of all of the negative words you wrote down about you. Write the opposite of what you wrote as being your negative qualities. Complete your list so that everything is positive. Now add to your list all the qualities that you want to develop. Think of the amazing role models in your life or the people whom you admire and their attributes, and add those to your list. Once your list is complete, take a blank piece of paper and with a magic marker, write down all the qualities in a list and tape it to your wall. I have 40 positive qualities on my list. Feel free to add to it as you think of more. I have the word human up there to state that even though sometimes I get frustrated, angry or irritable, or other uncomfortable emotions that I express, I am human and it’s ok! For the next 3 weeks or 21 days, say out loud, “I AM” and then read all the attributes on the list.
Along with this list, create a visualization of yourself as you would like to be, this new person you are becoming. See how you are dressed, that your eyes are full of light, and you are smiling, see yourself as embodying all of those qualities on your list. Perhaps you can visualize specific scenes, such as yourself speaking on a stage, or bicycling on a mountain trail, or signing a book you wrote for a long line of people, or swimming in the ocean, or whatever it is that you want to be doing or creating in your life. Visualize those images over and over again for 21 days and keep going with it.
Positive self-talk is another factor to transforming your self image. When you speak about yourself to others, if you notice that you put yourself down or if you speak negative words about yourself, say out loud, “Cancel, clear, delete” and then say positive words about yourself. Continue this practice and you will notice a change. Along these lines, it’s also a great practice to speak only positive words about others.
Self-care is how you treat yourself. Do you have a fitness routine? Are you getting into nature regularly? Do you take classes and courses in what interests you? Do you treat yourself as you would like to be treated? Begin to pour love onto yourself and buy yourself those flowers, new sheets, get your hair done beautifully, plan that long hike with a friend, book that cruise, take that photo class, learn to make jewelry, study Spanish, buy that rug, take guitar lessons, do that 30 day detox program, dine out with friends and invest in yourself. As you treat yourself like a Queen or King, you will feel your confidence growing. As you support and encourage your Self, you will feel the love you crave.
Just keep going. Keep doing it. Transformation takes time. Bigger transformations take more time. Creating a new you takes a strong desire to experience something different that you have in the past. You must be at that place where you are so done with the old patterns that you are willing to change like never before and not in a desperate way, but in a determined way. You know the life you want is right there, within reach, and you CAN do it!
Our Higher Self and God sees us as magnificent and beautiful beings who are already perfect without any judgement on our actions and behavior. When we stop judging ourselves and move into a place of self-acceptance, accepting all of who we are, we can get over the self-hatred and shame and just work on improving ourselves continuously with love and support.
So who do you want to be? Take care not to limit yourself. You can be a humanitarian and a teacher and a cook and a world-traveller and a painter. There is so much available to us! Enjoy this process of becoming, add to it, love yourself through all of it. Be bold and creative, make adjustments as needed. Be playful and compassionate. You deserve the very best that life has to offer, because you are a beautiful light in a body that has come to earth to experience whatever you want. Become the Queen and King that you are, magnificent and regal.
Blessings on your path!

Life Cycles & Oneness Consciousness

In all of life on earth there exists cycles of nature. The human life is no exception. We start out as little seeds in the dark (the womb), we have a period of gestation until we are ready for our next phase. The little seed grows in the dark, undergoing a time of struggle as it pushes its way up toward the light. Then the little seedling’s head pops out of the dark soil and the sun shines upon the little green bud. There, once the light draws it upward, growing its roots and stalk, and shines on its leaves, it begins to grow and grow until a flower opens, unfurling its precious petals one at a time until it realizes its full potential and blossoms into all its glorious wonder. After its time in the sun, the petals dry up and fall, one at a time, back to the earth, as does the entire plant, when it reaches the end of its cycle of life, it experiences the death. During the death cycle, its essence returns to whence it came from and a new beginning emerges out of the ethers, into the soil and the cycle begins again.
We humans experience many death and rebirth cycles in our lifetime. Where are you in your cycle? Although the death cycle feels the least enjoyable, it is a necessary part of our process. Think of each cycle as an opportunity to move up another circle of a spiral that opens into wider and wider circles. This is the pattern of human evolution. It is necessary for an old part of us to die so that a new us can be born. You may mourn that old you that you no longer are, your youthful self, your single self, your mother self, there are many stages that we move through in this journey of life. Let us look forward to the reinvention of ourselves on every level through each of these cycles. Just as we mourn what we feel we have lost or are losing, we can welcome what we are to become. Take a woman who finds out she is pregnant and begins to feel the loss of her freedom, which is a natural part of being a single woman. She can mourn the loss of her single self but will welcome her blossoming into full motherhood and moving beyond caring for herself alone. Now she who was once one, divides and becomes two. She will never be the same again.
Life is a beautiful and challenging design all at once. Fast forward and now the same woman who 18 years later has raised her child, when the child leaves home, she feels that pang in her heart at the emptiness of the nest, yet now she has regained her freedom when she is older and knows the value of how she can fill those hours with her own soul’s longing of how it wants to express itself. It is her time now and whatever creative endeavor she chooses is hers to decide. We can always reinvent ourselves. Where once we were a corporate staffer, now we can become an artist. Most people get stuck into one way of being and they don’t want to change or they don’t know how. Life always gives you that choice of becoming who your soul urges you to be in its many layers of varied expression. The process can be scary and it can be beautiful. Honor where you are in the cycle of life and death. Even at 70 you can experience a rebirth and made like new, the choice is yours.
Each new phase energetically lifts you upward on your Ascension path into greater awareness. Simply surrender to the flow of the Divine river of Life. With greater awareness comes alignment with Divine consciousness, where we come to “know” our true selves and move beyond the mind and the body and into the oneness of being. It is natural for us to be in the more egocentric state when we are young and beautiful. But if you look at the grand design of the human lifetime, as we age, we are asked to cast off the ego mind and let go of the attachment to the beauty of the body, in its perfection and begin to see through the eyes of our heart, knowing that we are beautiful no matter if the body is perfectly formed or if it is wrinkled and the shape is different. Parts that were once firm are sagging and the vibrant color of the skin fades. The flower never judges its wilting leaves and laments at the loss of its perfect petals, so why should we? The focus no longer has to be on what it once was, it is natural for us to move beyond our self, and come to care not about the body beautiful, or concern ourselves as much with materialistic matters, but care more for the spirit, the essence of the soul in the body and to make sure that all of our brothers and sisters are cared for, not just our selves. We are all connected through our spirit, our hearts by the One Universal heart.
There comes a time in our life cycle when, if we cultivate it, we have concern that all of us, the entire population of the planet, including our precious animals, insects, minerals, plants and Mother Earth are cared for because we come to know the oneness of our existence. We understand the interdependence and interconnectedness of all of life as a harmonious web of life, woven together with a needle of grace and thread of perfection. This time of caring for all of life beyond our self is the embodiment of the 7th chakra, the Crown chakra, or Sahasrara, which translates to a thousand petals (of light). It is at the 49 year mark that this chakra for the spiritual aspirant, or anyone who serves God, becomes fully developed. We can become attuned to the needs of the One Family under the One Sun and Moon on this Earth. We come to realize that we are all the same as each other, no matter our race, our sex, our preferences, we are each other. What I do to you, is the same as what I do to me and vice versa.
In each lifetime, as the wheel turns, we come back as someone we have not been before, experiencing new circumstances, lessons and blessings, so that we can come to know all of it.  If I had murdered in one lifetime, I may experience being killed at the hand of my victim in the next. If I ruled as a selfish king, hoarding all the gold to myself, in the next lifetime I may come back as a penniless slave under the rule of a wretched leader. If I chose a short lifetime and died as a baby, in the next I may live to be 105 years old. We all get to experience what it feels like to receive the consequences of our actions and come to know all sides of the coin.
If you were born with karma, which is most of us with the exception of some of the children being born now, you will have to clear it in this lifetime or the next to move up to the next level on your evolutionary pathway. And sometimes, that clearing can feel quite brutal and not seem to make much sense. Know this…once the karma is cleared, it is done, so do your best to dust yourself off and move forward, knowing that you now have a clean slate. Life is about letting go, so learning how to let go is a valuable gift! Just as the flower does not cling to the dried up petal, and releases it to the wind, so too must we release and surrender over and over, back into the flow of the river of life. To learn the art of letting go is to suffer less and less. And always, always practice gratitude for what you have now, right here, in this moment, even if it comes to your very last few breaths, thank you, thank you, thank you for this life….until you return to the essence of spirit.

And for those of you who are concerned and outraged with what the American government is doing and (has done for decades), know that the individuals who are responsible will be paying for every last decision and action they are making. What can we do besides vote them out? We can “Do all the good you can, To all the people you can, In all the ways you can, As long as ever you can.” ~ John Wesley

Opening Your Sacred Space – The Morning Ritual

The full moon of April 28th was a potent one. Its energy heralded a turning point for all of us in 2018, whose first four months helped us untie knots to free ourselves up from that which entangles us and keeps us tied to the past. From January to April was a time to see what needed to be put out to the curb and released from our lives in order to make room for the incredibly creative time of something new and completely different to take shape within our life’s ever changing landscape.
When we create, we tap into the energy of the Divine, or Creative Source of all that is. When we are in our creative flow, we lose track of time as we forget about our self, we are immersed in the river of Creator energy that feels joyful, productive and much larger than us.
Every morning you can tap into this creative energy by opening up a sacred space, where you connect with your Higher Being, Mother Father God, your celestial team and set your intentions for what you wish to create. Once you open to this sacred space, anything can happen, you become unlimited because you are accessing the energy of Source, which is in itself, unlimited by nature.
Here’s how to do it: Create an Altar – Have a dedicated area in your home for an altar. An altar is just a space, either a table top, a shelf, a mantle (I have mine on a fireplace mantle) where you can put objects that represent your sacred connection to the earth and the Universe or God. Place objects on the altar that represent all the 4 elements, Air, Fire, Water, Earth. For example, I have a feather for air, a box of matches and a candle for Fire, a dolphin for Water and Crystals for Earth. But you can get creative and put anything you want on your altar. I also have family photos to represent my Ancestors, mala beads to represent the Divine, a silver cup that was my mothers, an angel vase to hold flowers. a small brass Buddha, which all sit on a beaded tapestry. And I have cards with inspirational messages that I pick from time to time. Take you time choosing carefully the items you wish to place on your altar and keep the flowers fresh. You can say this space is the heart of your home, because it is a space dedicated to your Spirit, which resides in your heart.
Every morning when you rise, choose a time to open your sacred space to your day. (I carry out my bathroom duties and have a cup of tea first…) Then stand before your altar and light incense or a candle or both. Recite a prayer, placing your palms together at your heart center. Within the prayer you are connecting to Source, setting your intention and expressing your gratitude. You can also ask for healing for loved ones or all of humanity. You are also asking for protection and guidance. Here you can state affirmations as well.
For example, “I connect with and invoke (call in) my Higher Self, the Divine Mother and Father God, my Guides, Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Master Teachers, Master Healers and Nature Spirits. I connect to All that is. Wash me in white light and clear my energy field of any lower energies. My intention for today is to walk with a peaceful heart and to be loving to all I meet. I ask that you please guide my thoughts, words and actions. Thank you for this day and the many blessings on my path. Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu. (Which means, “May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.” I ask for the Highest Guidance and Protection to come through. It is easy for me to hear my guidance, my Higher Being flows effortlessly through me. Thank you.”
You can change your intentions daily, as you wish, you can create new affirmations, depending on what you are working to strengthen within your being. And if you don’t have an altar and it doesn’t appeal to you, then just connect and say your prayer.
The morning ritual of opening your sacred space is a game changer because it connects you with all the power of the Universe to create that which your heart truly desires. Setting intentions are where we access that power. Honoring your heart and your Light is essential to living a heart-centered life that feels good. This ritual will help to ground you into the present moment and remind you of who you truly are, a magnificent being of Light!
That can be your entire morning spiritual practice or you can then go onto do yoga, chant, meditate, breath work, walk the dog, dance or whatever else helps you stay centered within your spiritual heart. In these days of chaos on earth, we need our sacred practices to assist in grounding and centering us.
Honor Your Light, because you are a beautiful light being that deserves the very best from life. Disappointments and hardship will befall us all, but the Light is resilient and the more we focus on the Light, the more it will grow. The Light is Love and Truth.

Cultivating Your Inner World

In this time of major change on the planet, it’s important to take time to cultivate your inner world. Your inner world is the foundation from where you create your life, it is connected to your soul and spirit’s deepest desires and purpose.  Although it is not tangible, your inner world exists only inside of your Self, it encompasses all of your dreams and creative longings, all of the experiences you wish to have and it is connected to everything in the Universe, it is pure consciousness. It is the place where you find your equilibrium, where you are centered and grounded within your True Self. It is your place of power, your connection to Source and where you can manage your energy and the vibration and frequency which you are sending out to the Universe. This is how we create, with our thoughts, visions, words and actions. When we tend to our inner world, we feel fulfilled and whole, the natural feeling that bubbles up from this well spring is joy and contentment. Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. Spend time building your inner world and your outer world will flourish, like a garden that you tend to, sweetly nourishing the bulbs and seedlings day after day which become luscious, rich and beautiful flowers.
In this society through the media we are taught to consume, we are taught to find our pleasure from external sources. Most people find temporary pleasure through the five senses; eating, drinking, smoking, shopping, sex or you name it, what brings you pleasure? To do any of these things is normal, everyone eats and has sex and buys things, it’s when these activities become addictions that are controlling our behavior that it becomes a problem. It is only when we seek out pleasure from these external sources alone that we will suffer. Addictions are false pleasures, and they do not add meaning to our lives, most of these addictions end up taking our power from us. True and lasting pleasure comes from working on oneself. Whether it is cultivating your craft, learning a new skill, embarking on a new course of study, improving your physical body through training or practices, meditating, writing, journaling, reading, spending time in nature, or creating art or music. When we spend our energy in this way, we see results in our lives that are meaningful and fill us up from the inside. The same can be said for the work we do with our children, spending hours of time with them to help them learn and grow. We can apply this to any relationship we have where we invest our hearts, time and energy that produces a truly intimate connection to another human being or pet where we are sharing our selves and our love. We can feel the difference between what is truly meaningful in our lives and that which is false pleasure. We may embark on the false pleasure anyway, most everyone has an addiction big or small, but do not be fooled by it, be aware of its true nature.
There is a difference between the people who create from their inner world and those who merely consume from the external world to fill themselves up. There are many people who don’t know how to connect to the beautiful light of their spirit inside of them. Without the connection to Spirit, life has no meaning. In a meaningless life, a person is just going through the motions, there is no connection, just a void. People will consume to try and fill that void. But it is in the beautiful center of your heart that you will find the joy and happiness you seek. Everything from the outside carries meaning only when it touches your heart. External consumption can only fill you temporarily, it will leave you feeling strangely empty and disconnected. To feel connected you must spend time and build from inside of your Self.
The conscious mind with its never ending stream of thoughts overrides our inner world of consciousness. For the conscious mind, the outside world tends to occupy our attention and does not let us venture inward and experience our consciousness. It is only when the mind becomes quiet and silent that we become aware of this consciousness, this inner world. We have to carve time out to connect to that place of pure consciousness. We can do it in dreamtime, when our conscious mind disconnects and our Higher mind takes over. And we can do it in meditation, which is a beautiful vehicle for navigating our inner world. In the stillness of meditation, we quiet the conscious mind and connect with our Higher mind and Higher Self. This is the place where we can connect to our inner power, our connection to God Source. This is where we can come every day to change our vibration and energy. When our energy is aligned with God Source, we feel powerful, happy, free, mentally strong, confident, we have a positive attitude and we are setting our self up for success in our outer world.
We can all learn how to master our own energy.  Let me show you how to change your energy with this visualization exercise… Think of the ideal life that you would like to create, if you like, take out a piece of paper and write down your answers to create your vision… Now take three deep breaths, and take your awareness into your heart center, right in the center of your chest. Imagine or visualize a beautiful bright light flickering there and with every breath, the light grows bigger. Keep breathing until you feel your whole body relax. Now see the light radiating out in all directions and affirm that you are connected to your Spirit. I want you to imagine your ideal life exactly as you would like it to be, it may be how you are right now if you are happy, or it may be a different version of your life. Some aspects may remain the same and some may be different. Whatever your ideal life means to you, just take a few moments to visualize the perfect existence for you. Notice who you are with, what you are doing for work, and play, where you live and with whom? What are your favorite ways to spend your time and energy? How much money do you have? What do you look like in your body and appearance, what is your state of health? How do you feel?  Now that you have done this, imagine what that feels like in your body, feel the actual emotions of being in love, fulfilled, abundant, accomplished, engaged, peaceful and connected and whatever else you have dreamed up for yourself. Feel all of these feelings as very real and very powerful. Keep the breath flowing in your body. See your ideal life and bless it from your heart, feel it as already existing. Create the highest and best for yourself, without limitations. Good. Now how does your energy feel? Does it feel different than before you started the exercise? If the answer if no, then spend more time breathing, connecting and making your vision real within you. If the answer is yes, then you can see how the thoughts and visions you have created have affected your energy. What you think controls your energy. If you think negative thoughts, your vibration will be low. Once you think positively, you will feel your frequency rise. The key is to keep your vibration high on a consistent basis. This is one way you can change your energy to raise your vibration and build your inner world. By spending active time engaging in visualization to create the life you truly want to live, you are owning your power and taking charge of the direction you want to move your life in. This takes time, energy and a commitment to practice, but is well worth the effort.
Your inner world is also the place where you can come to gain insight about yourself and how you operate in the world, uncover your true feelings, meet your shadow self, connect with your inner child. It is the place where you can learn to forgive yourself and others. Where you can learn to let go of the past and choose to grow into your new self. The more awareness you have about who you are, why you behave in the way you do, what motivates you, what inspires you, the more control you will have over how you shape your life going forward. And ultimately, the more you connect with  your Higher Self and merge with the oneness and love of your Divinity, you will surrender to your True Self, and peace will be known.
The inner plane is where you can balance your chakras by bringing in light to these energy centers, to cleanse and rebalance them. In this place you can connect with your Guides, Angels and teachers from the celestial realms to help you with whatever it is you wish to understand at a deeper level and to transform within yourself. There is so much to be discovered in this Universe inside of You. And it’s free. You don’t need to buy a ticket!
The joy is always in the work, do the work and you come to know true pleasure. Journey inward, and come to know the True Self. Let your True Self build your sacred and beautiful life from the inside out.

2018…Charting A New Course

I know many people were happy to see the back end of 2017 and welcome the new year, bringing with it fresh HOPE. I barely know anyone who wasn’t affected by some serious challenges in 2017. Already the feeling of this year is much lighter. 2018 is a number 11 year.  In numerology the number 11 is a Master Number, as are 22 and 33, meaning it is of high vibrational frequency and works within the realms of creation. Master numbers possess great potential for learning and growth, and can bring major transformations in your life. Whereas 2017 was a number 1 year of new beginnings, with many people experiencing resets in the form of loss or change, now the transformation into what was lost gives way to our next creation.
                                        Painting by Vladimir Kush
I, like millions of others, watched Oprah Winfrey’s speech at the Golden Globes when she accepted her Cecil B. de Mille Lifetime Award. My soul was deeply touched as I witnessed the women in that room claim their power, spurred on by Oprah’s passionate stand for women who have had the courage to speak out against the powerful abusive male culture, declaring an end to the silence and a new day dawning on the horizen.  It’s amazing to be alive as a woman during this time, to see this monumental shift taking place after hundreds of years of repression and silence and submission. Now a tipping point has been reached, what has been building for so long, has finally broken free. Just like a dam bursting, allowing the waves of truth to gush forth, drenching the barren lands, so thirsty for what is right and good and true to take hold. I feel that this “Me too” movement will allow women’s voices, feelings, thoughts and ideas to be acknowledged as more credible and powerful and to be heard across all areas of life. The “Me Too” movement has followed on the heels of  the “Black Lives Matter” movement. No longer are the oppressed people of this earth;  women, African Americans, LGBT community, etc… going to sit down and take it. It is time for all our voices to be heard and acknowledged. It is a time for love to lead the way. Not to diminish the “Black Lives Matter” movement, but we all matter and we must start caring for all communities of people and accept people for who they are, and celebrate our differences.
Think of the flowers on this planet. There are so many different and beautiful flowers that God made. Some of my favorite flowers are roses, dahlias, zinnias, lilies, orchids, sunflowers, hyacinth, gladiola, peonies, begonias, African violets and there are so many more; daisies, daffodils, tulips, marigolds, iris, and on and on. Now, do we look at a flower and say, “I don’t like that dahlia because it does not look or smell like a rose! I want every flower to be a rose! Any flower that is not a rose is not a good flower. Only roses should be on this planet.” No, we appreciate the variety of colors, shapes, smells and textures, because they are all beautiful in their own way. God made all of those different types of flowers for us to appreciate and admire in the same way God made all different types of people. There are no two people exactly the same on this planet full of 7 billion people. How cool is that? We all have our different looks, shapes, colors, smells, languages, ideas, gifts, quirky habits, talents, voices, etc. Earth is one giant garden full of unique people who we can appreciate and marvel at as we come to know the different ways that each of us chooses to live our lives on this glorious planet.
I love to travel. When I was a little girl, I lived in India, surrounded by Indian women who wore beautiful silk saris, with jasmine flowers in their brown oiled hair, who preferred to walk barefoot, cook over an open flame outdoors and live a simpler life full of laughter.  The streets were teeming with families on bicycles, white cows, food stalls, sadhus, yogis, snakes in baskets, roadside temples with ochre colored paste for your forehead and elephant statues, and I came to know this marvelous place as India, with all of it’s raw beauty, delicious smells and ancient culture. Then I moved to Turkey when I was 4 and every day I would hear the call to prayer being broadcast from the speakers of the minarets of the Mosque near our home. I would see the rug weavers and copper pot makers and the men selling fresh, hot bread from a round tray they carried on their heads. The groups of men drinking very strong tea and smoking houkas in the coffee shops and the beautiful women with their heads adorned with scarves and traveling together. And lots of cats, cats everywhere, ok, that was a little weird…LOL!  And this place, I came to know and love as Turkey. So different than India but just as beautiful.  I was lucky to grow up as a child in these countries and experiencing the diversity first-hand. And my mother and father never said one bad word about anyone, they respected the people in these foreign lands and they taught me to respect them too. My father took hundreds of photos of all the interesting people and places and the world was a strange, mysterious and wonderful place, waiting to be explored.  Since then I have traveled to many other countries, lived for 11 years in Australia and spent time in several of the states of this country. Each has it’s own flavor and beauty, as well as challenges and energies.
I can’t imagine a planet where everywhere you went it was the same. We have enough of that happening with the homogenization of American stores like Pet Smart, TJ Maxx, Panera, McDonalds, Staples, Walmart, Target, Best Buy and more. I preferred the character and individuality of the personally owned stores rather than these large corporations that dominate creating a flavorless white-wash across this nation. You can’t even distinguish if you are in Toledo, OH, or Hoboken, NJ, the stores are all the same.
For the past year and a bit, we have had to watch our so-called Leader, The President of the United States, demonstrate a distinct lack of respect for women, minorities, the elderly, the poor, the disabled, foreigners, the environment, wild animals, domestic animals and basically everyone who is not in his immediate family. It has been ugly to say the least, although I’m not sure how much respect his wife gets either. His actions are not good, right and true. And it doesn’t feel good in our bodies, it is not harmonious, it is chaotic. We have had to stand by and witness this, day in and day out, like some horrible reality show gone wrong, and no one will fire the Producer, change out the cast and get the damn show off the air. It’s like our own American version of Clockwork Orange, where we are being forced to watch this horror show from our pried-open eyes. We have felt helpless at times, watching the horrific plot unfold and facing the reality that this man is not only inept, but dangerous. He does not appreciate diversity, he wants everyone to be the same, white, vanilla,  like him and he is basically saying he wants all the flowers on the planet to be the same flower. And that any flower that is not of his liking will be excluded, deported, fined, incarcerated or fired. It is diabolical, he has no true appreciation of life itself, because Life itself, by its very nature, is diverse. It is hardly believable as we see injustices taking place from the very group that are supposed to support and care for our people, our country. We can be the victims, or we can take charge as a people, to chart a new course for ourselves, and speak out as to what we will tolerate and what is utterly unacceptable. We, the people is a powerful phrase.
The new course we are charting has to include everyone, that means all of God’s children. Let’s allow everyone to be who they are and learn about and celebrate our differences. Let’s encourage the variety of flowers to grow in the garden of Mother Earth and value each other’s unique beauty. Let your voice be heard because no one is just like you. You are unique. Your voice matters. You matter. Speak out if you see something that is not right, take action and set in motion the wheels of change.  Get yourself to the voter’s box and cast your vote. This is how each of us can make a difference. There is one man and quite a few more powerful people at the top trying to strong arm us into swallowing an agenda that is not virtuous. But there are millions of us and if we each do our part, the sheer numbers will shift the tide into transforming our world into what we know to be right and true, where we honor and respect one another and allow each other to live our lives in peace. We must stand up for ourselves. We must take action, it is the only way. I am planning to march this year in the women’s march in Seneca Falls in New York. Last year during the march, I was in New Mexico with a very sick man who was intent on controlling me. I remember seeing the march on television and wishing I was there, marching arm in arm with my sisters about what truly mattered. Well, I broke free from the abusive man and now I can go to the march this year and you had better believe that I am going to be out there, freezing temperatures and all to let my voice be heard and stand up for what is right and good and true. The New day is indeed dawning and the light of the new dawn has never looked so bright.

Balancing the Light & Dark Within – Creator Consciousness


The world has become very unbalanced. As a global community, we are not living in a state of wholeness. Wholeness is defined as “the state of forming a complete and harmonious whole; unity” or “the state of being unbroken or undamaged”. Antonyms for wholeness are “illness, sickness, unhealthiness, unsoundness”. We are a sick society, broken and divided. We are too much in the dark, our light and dark aspects are imbalanced.

As human beings, we are comprised of Spirit, Heaven (Light) and Flesh, Earth (Dark). Light does not mean positive and dark does not mean negative, they simply represent opposites, or polarities. When we balance these polarities of both light and dark, we become “conscious” bringing more awareness to how we use our minds, to our behaviors and actions in the world and how our actions affect everything in the beautiful, intricate web of the world.

However, both the Light and the Dark aspects can become imbalanced, which leads to a negative expression of that nature. This will manifest as an external imbalance, in the larger world around us. The external world is a reflection of our internal world, which is why it’s so important for each of us to do our own work to be integrated and whole. There may be periods where we become imbalanced, where we live in this opposite for a while, so that we can move toward and learn what it truly means to be balanced, by first experiencing the imbalance.

A person who is imbalanced in their Light nature – too Light, is the Victim or the Bleeding Heart. They are needy, has constant guilt, is too meek, gets exploited/abused, feels helpless or hopeless and is too vulnerable. This is someone who has not realized their own power, value or worth. To balance this, a person must learn to stand up for themselves and come to understand their value and worth in order to harness and wield their power in a healthy way. They must learn not to become too self-sacrificing at their own expense. This individual needs to develop strong boundaries, not “leak” their energy and give their power away to others. They need to find their own “voice” and to exert their influence in the larger world around them, knowing that they are enough and that their voice matters. They must learn to use their new found power to transform the Victim into the Creator.

A person who is imbalanced in their dark nature and is too Dark, is The Abuser or Predator. One who is greedy, over-indulges in addictive behavior, is controlling, violent, overly-competitive, jealous, homophobic, racist, ruthless, and lacks an inner world. This is someone who misuses their power in order to get what they want at all costs and at the expense of others. They are disconnected from their own hearts and Spirit. To balance this, the individual must learn humility, compassion, respect, kindness, caring, seek to understand the other, assume responsibility for their own actions rather than blame, connect with their own hearts and connect with Mother Earth and the web of all life. They need to seek to become a Creator that loves life rather than a Destroyer, that annihilates everything in its path.

As you can see in the news in the U.S.A., some of the Abusers / Predators are being outed. However, the American government seems to be exempt from their predatorial behavior as they run rampant over the American people, enacting laws that serve the greedy few while the masses are left out in the cold. This cycle of Predator/Victim has been in place in the world for a very long time. Cast your mind back to the Kingdoms and the serfs in the Medieval era. It is really no different from those days. Remember, it is always darkest before the dawn. What is needed now, is for each individual to balance their dark and light nature, as well as their feminine and masculine energies, to overcome fear and to step into our Creator Consciousness. To honor the Divine Self within and use our free will to create something Beautiful from a place of love.

The Creator knows his/her power as a Master who walks on the earth, a Divine Being of Light in Human form. The Creator creates from a place of love, respect and compassion for all living beings, the environment and knows its connection to the great Spirit. The Creator works within the Laws of the Universe and is not victim to what is happening in the world, rather, they are harnessing their God-given power which was bestowed upon them, with intention, to create harmony and justice using free will.

To know balance, one can whole-heartedly ask the Universe this question, “What do I need to let go of to correct this imbalance?” In other words, “Where am I resisting? And what do I need to stop resisting for balance to be restored?” Resistance is fear, so whatever you fear you are resisting, which continues to draw that which you fear, toward you. For example, a person who is a victim is afraid of their own power, which they seek from others. The victim can let go of seeking power from outside of themselves. Once they cease to seek power from external sources, and look within themselves for the resources they seek, they will come to know the power that is within them, their own inner God-Self and the balance will be corrected.

God created the Universe and there are certain Spiritual Laws for us to abide by in order to live in harmony. When we understand, obey and respect these spiritual laws, we will know peace. That takes 7 billion souls doing this simultaneously. With this perspective, it becomes clear why we need to wake up, do the work and help each other. This subject is worthy of a book, which I’m planning on writing…

Once we become balanced and whole, and walk on the Earth as a Creator (not The Creator), it doesn’t matter what is happening around us, we can hold our center and make choices that support this balance. This is the goal… Balance and wholeness, love and harmony, creation and health. Balance equals harmony. Harmony equals Peace. And Peace is freedom. We all want to be free, liberated from that which binds us.